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All these Sons

Another documentary that ignores the Drug War?

by Ballard Quass, the Drug War Philosopher

April 25, 2022

t's disappointing that a documentary about Chicago gun violence would not even mention the social policy that caused it: namely the Drug War. At least that's the impression one gets from Jessica Kiang's six-paragraph review of the film in Variety, in which the word 'drugs' is not even mentioned.

Yet, as Heather Ann Thompson wrote in The Atlantic in 2014: "Without the War on Drugs, the level of gun violence that plagues so many poor inner-city neighborhoods today simply would not exist."

It's as if Americans (documentary makers included) have become so indoctrinated in the drug-war ideology of substance demonization that they now take the Drug War as a natural baseline and therefore ignore its out-sized role in causing social problems: first and foremost the prevalence of gun violence in poor inner-city environments.

Inner-city violence will never end if we continue to ignore the single-most important reason that it exists in the first place.

Brian might have added that Lisa Ling from CNN did the exact same thing. She created a whole documentary about violence in Chicago ("This is Life with Lisa Ling: Chicago's History of Violence") and never ONCE mentioned the DRUG WAR! NOT ONCE! Is Lisa getting kickbacks from the DEA to remain quiet about this? Has she not heard how liquor prohibition created the American Mafia out of whole cloth? Can she really not understand that prohibition causes violence?

Thankfully, there are a rare few in the media who recognize this glaringly obvious fact, like Heather Ann Thompson of the Atlantic, who wrote in 2014 that: "Without the War on Drugs, the level of gun violence that plagues so many poor inner-city neighborhoods today simply would not exist."

Incidentally, Brian's too self-effacing to mention this, but do you know what? He has queried Variety NINE TIMES about the failure of his comments to appear on their digital page, and they have never so much as acknowledged his email. I betcha that Variety is thinking: "Oh, dear, we can't let this guy's comments appear: he's gonna start calling our reviewers out when it comes to those exciting Drug War movies!"

Well, no fear, Brian, I've got your back. (Let me know if you're free Wednesday night for a nice dish of stromboli!)

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Prohibitionists have blood on their hands. People do not naturally die in the tens of thousands from opioid use, notwithstanding the lies of 19th-century missionaries in China. It takes bad drug policy to accomplish that.
The worst form of government is not communism, socialism or even unbridled capitalism. The worst form of government is a Christian Science Theocracy, in which the government controls how much you are allowed to think and feel in life.
Alexander Shulgin is a typical westerner when he speaks about cocaine. He moralizes about the drug, telling us that it does not give him "real" power. But so what? Does coffee give him "real" power? Coke helps some, others not. Stop holding it to this weird metaphysical standard.
How else will they scare us enough to convince us to give up all our freedoms for the purpose of fighting horrible awful evil DRUGS? DRUGS is the sledgehammer with which they are destroying American democracy.
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Materialist scientists cannot triumph over addiction because their reductive focus blinds them to the obvious: namely, that drugs which cheer us up ACTUALLY DO cheer us up. Hence they keep looking for REAL cures while folks kill themselves for want of laughing gas and MDMA.
The American Philosophy Association should make itself useful and release a statement saying that the drug war is based on fallacious reasoning, namely, the idea that substances can be bad in themselves, without regard for why, when, where and/or how they are used.
If media were truly free in America, you'd see documentaries about people who use drugs safely, something that's completely unimaginable in the age of the drug war.
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