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Christian Science Rehab

aka the Twelve Step Group

by Ballard Quass, the Drug War Philosopher

May 14, 2021


Make Rehab Fun Again

posted in response to article in New York magazine of May 11, 2021, entitled Who Should John Mulaney Be Now?.

The whole concept of rehab is nonsensical in a Drug War society, where the cure always means Christian Science sobriety, whether the "patient" likes it or not. In a Drug War society, we dutifully ignore all the psychoactive remedies of Mother Nature, even though some of those medicines have been responsible for inspiring entire religions, like the soma of the Vedic peoples and the mushrooms of a wide variety of Mesoamerican tribes, including the Taino people. They were enslaved by Columbus and "persuaded" to make alcohol their drug of choice. Sure, the "rehab" cure may involve "drugs," but only if they're from Big Pharma -- like the antidepressants on which 1 in 4 American women are dependent: a whole nation of Stepford Wives that gets a big fat MULLIGAN from the modern hypocritical and racist Drug Warrior. But dependency on SSRIs does not require rehab, of course, because the Christian Scientist is happy as long as Americans do not dare use the evil pharmacy of Mother Nature. Psychoactive medicine can be used responsibly to help patients achieve self-actualization, but the Christian Scientist fetishizes over the moral perfection of their hypocritically defined "sobriety" instead.

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Q: Where can you find almost-verbatim copies of the descriptions of religious experiences described by William James? A: In descriptions of user reports of "trips" on drugs ranging from coca to opium, from MDMA to laughing gas.

We don't need people to get "clean." We need people to start living a fulfilling life. The two things are different.
"I can take this drug that inspires me and makes me compassionate and teaches me to love nature in its byzantine complexity, or I can take Prozac which makes me unable to cry at my parents' funeral. Hmm. Which shall it be?" Only a mad person in a mad world would choose SSRIs.
The search for SSRIs has always been based on a flawed materialist premise that human consciousness is nothing but a mix of brain chemicals and so depression can be treated medically like any other physical condition.
Imagine the Vedic people shortly after they have discovered soma. Everyone's ecstatic -- except for one oddball. "I'm not sure about these experiences," says he. "I think we need to start dissecting the brains of our departed adherents to see what's REALLY going on in there."

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