Drug Warriors Want to Know

clueless drug warrior dressed as medieval barbarian
LSD is evil incarnate, right?
Believe it or not, no.
Well, Magic Mushrooms are evil incarnate, right?
Okay, well, how about cocaine? Surely cocaine is evil incarnate!
You'd think so from the drug war propaganda images that always depict it in company with obscene amounts of cash, blood and bullets -- but earth to America: it's just another substance that can be used for good or ill. That blood and those bullets all entered the picture as a result of the drug war, not as the result of cocaine itself.
How would you solve the drug problem?
First of all, the real drug problem was created by the drug war: the real drug problem is that America's prohibition and criminalization of substances created the American Mafia and then turned inner cities into shooting galleries. That is the REAL drug problem -- and that was caused, in turn, by drug warriors like yourself who, without precedent in human history, decided to criminalize the plants that grow at our very feet.
THAT's the drug problem?
That, plus the fact that the drug-war's anti-scientific prevention of drug research has kept life-changing medicines from the psychologically challenged ever since the DEA was created in 1973.
You mean you're not worried about folks getting addicted to drugs?
To the contrary, I'm almost the only one in America who decries addiction these days. As we speak, more than 1 in 10 Americans are chemically dependent on Big Pharma antidepressants, and this fact has not elicited so much as a peep from Drug Warriors -- but as a victim of this legal pill-pushing, I can tell you from experience that the medicines in question are inadequate, expensive, conduce to anhedonia, and eventually disempower the user, insofar as they turn him or her into an eternal patient, a ward of the state who constantly has to return to a shrink to be catechized about the intimate details of one's life, as part of a pro forma ritual for obtaining a legally sanctioned fix.
And how is ending the great patriotic drug war supposed to fix that?
Once we decriminalize Mother Nature, the psychiatrist can become a pharmacologically savvy shaman, who will prescribe for us based on our individual needs. He or she will have access to thousands of psychoactive plants that can be employed for ritual healing suited to a given patient's temperament and can thus cleanse that person's body of addictive toxins, in creative ways that do not require the addict to go through hell, meaning the treatments in question will have a much higher success rate than those undertaken with the help of the severely limited and addictive pharmacy of Big Pharma.
Surely you believe that some drugs are bad!
No drugs are bad, except when they are used in inappropriate settings or at inappropriate doses, etc. To say drugs are bad is like saying a knife is bad, which is absurd. True, a knife can be used to stab a person, but it can also be used to slice tomatoes. The knife is neither good nor bad. This superstition that some substances are bad has caused drug warriors to ban substances that can work miracle cures for millions, merely because the same substance can be misused by a few thousand. If they extended that same logic to knives, we would all be slicing tomatoes with forks. Thus millions have suffered over the last five decades because of the drug warrior's superstitious demonization of amoral substances.
Give me one good reason why we should end our most holy and righteous drug war?
I've already given you half a dozen. But one should suffice: The Drug War has created so much violence that it has launched its own movie genre, the drug war movie, in which the DEA rejoices in its freedom to use anti-Democratic methods to nab, torture and kill suspects. If this development does not make you rethink your devotion to the militarization of our police forces that the drug war represents, then we share very different ideas of what America should be all about.
You say that our most righteous and holy Drug War is a religion? What gives you THAT idea?
Drug war ideology is simply Christian Science as applied to psychological healing, the metaphysical idea that we're somehow not to accept nature's help in improving our mental outlook. The Drug War is thus the establishment of Christian Science as a state religion, and a fiercely intolerant state religion at that, one that's as dedicated to wiping out opposition as the church fathers were during the time of the inquisition. Nor does the Drug Warrior refrain from the extrajudicial punishment of his opponents, expelling them from the entire job market if they fail to pass an unConstitutional drug test, a test designed to catch those who dare apply to Mother Nature for psychological healing -- in other words a test to catch and punish all those who avail themselves of their natural medicinal birthright, the plants and fungi that grow at their very feet.
Give me one more good reason why the Drug War is wrong. Grrr.
How about a syllogism?
A silly what?
Oh, just read the following:

1) American government is founded on the inviolability of natural law
2) Natural law grants every human being a right to use, for one's own beneift, what John Locke called "the earth and all therein"

3) By outlawing plants and fungi, the drug war represents the unconstitutional triumph of common law over natural law

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