October 25, 2019

Mad? I'll show you who's mad

Welcome to the DEA Lounge!

Let's hear it for Johnny English and the Band!

They've got a lot of nerve, starting their set off with "Quinn the Eskimo" like that.

In the DEA Lounge of all places.

Don't they know that the government does not allow improved thinking and expanded consciousness via plants -- the coca leaves included?

Never mind that indigenous South Americans have used them for ages to achieve mental clarity.

Never mind that Sigmund Freud himself achieved prodigious vocational output and thus self-fulfillment via cocaine.

Freud was like, "That psychotherapy mumbo jumbo is all well and good for my patients, but I demand REAL treatment in my own life, thank you very much!"

But it's funny trying to argue against the fascist drug war on line.

And I call it fascist advisedly, mind you, because the drug war is nothing but the enforcement of Christian Science with respect to mental states.

Stop gasping, folks. I feel like I'm in the Mayo Clinic for Chronic Asthma Disorders. Look at that disgruntled little man in the corner, nursing a brewski. He's like, "No, stop him! He's destroying all of my tidy little American pieties!"

No doubt he's read all the best sellers by that arch Christian Scientist William Bennett, telling him why Americans cannot be trusted with the plants and fungi that grow at their very feet. (Except for tobacco, of course, for which chimney pot Billy will gladly make an exception -- otherwise, it's off to prison with the rest of you, up to a million of you a year, the more minorities the better, right, Billy? Um, did somebody say 'fascist'?)

Yes, it's difficult arguing online because Web forums have rules like "You must argue unemotionally and civilly." And I'm like, what? There's a major injustice going on here -- the criminalization of PLANTS, for God's sake -- and you tell me that I have to argue politely and calmly?

I'll tell you one thing, the women's revolution of the '70s would never have gotten off the ground in that case, because women were pissed in the '70s and didn't care who knew it. They didn't write like: "Of course, I may be wrong, but with all due respect to my honorable male colleague from Tennessee, I would adduce the general inequality of the feminine race with respect to blah-blah-blah."

No, they said, "Cut it out, men! The situation sucks and we're justifiably pissed off about it!"

Likewise, when God's chosen ones were enslaved in Egypt, the deity in question did not hand the Pharaoh a philosophical treatise on the rights of man. No, he screamed with justified indignation: "Let my people go!"

Am I right or am I right? Poor God would have been banned from 90% of the discussion forums on Reddit for taking that attitude today.

Americans SHOULD be mad! By outlawing plants, we have forced millions world wide to suffer unnecessarily from depression, PTSD, and fear of death for the last 40 long years, forcing them to use mind-damaging treatments instead like SSRIs and even brain-injuring shock therapy in dire cases.

If you're not mad about the status quo, then you simply don't understand the facts!

In fact, what makes me maddest of all is that Americans are NOT currently mad, that they have been lulled into believing the fascist lie that mere plants and fungi can and should be outlawed in the first place -- and that we can ruin people's life for attempting to use such substances therapeutically.

Americans say "whatever" and submit their pee to Christian Science drug testers, indifferent to the unnecessary suffering of millions.

Ooh, dear, I'm getting hot under the collar. Better take me out of here, Johnny, before I'm banned from this lounge for not being calm and polite.

Great. Now the band is playing the '70s song that's actually CALLED 'Cocaine.' Do they have a death wish or something?

Earth to Johnny: you're playing the DEA Lounge, already!

Know your room, dude!

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