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Mario Cuomo: Drug War Man!

by Ballard Quass

Governor Cuomo supports the disgraceful drug war, which is anti-minority, anti-patient, anti-scientific, the establishment of a religion (i.e. Christian Science) and a violation of natural law - from AbolishTheDEA.com

Those of us who are aware of the great therapeutic potential of psychedelic drugs cannot help but be frustrated by Governor Mario Cuomo's insistence on perpetrating a Drug War that demonizes psychoactive plant medicines (meanwhile locking up minorities in record numbers while creating civil wars out of whole cloth overseas). I did my part to protest the Governor's policies by submitting the following feedback in Cuomo's online comment form yesterday afternoon. I reproduce that message below in the hopes that it will inspire others to do the same.

Dear Governor, with all due respect, no country has ever demonized "drugs" like the hypocritical US, in which 1 in 4 American women are addicted to Big Pharma antidepressants. The output of Mother Nature is ours via Natural Law. If substances are being abused, it is because your state has enacted bad laws (like prohibition for starters) and fails to educate its people so that they can make wise decisions.

Ben Franklin and Marcus Aurelius enjoyed opium. So did Marco Polo. Sigmund Freud thought cocaine was a Godsend for depression. Francis Crick envisioned the DNA helix with the liberal use of psychedelics. Plato himself was influenced by the psychedelic-fueled Eleusinian mysteries. The Vedic religion was founded to worship the psychedelic insights provided by a plant or fungus. So please stop demonizing plant medicine. If you believe that New Yorkers are making the wrong choices, that's your fault: that's because you failed to educate them properly in your poorly funded school system, meanwhile depriving them of hundreds of other choices from Mother Nature's pharmacopoeia whose use might have been less problematic in your view.

The Drug War is a hateful anomaly that is wrong root and branch. It is absurd that a so-called modern country would find it necessary to tell its citizens what plants they are allowed to access. That's a clear violation of Natural Law and, in fact, the enforcement of Christian Science as a state religion (Christian Science: the religion that claims that it's morally wrong for human beings to use medicine to treat what ails them). That's why Jefferson was rolling in his grave when the DEA stomped onto Monticello and confiscated the garden-loving president's poppy plants. The nation he founded would never place the availability of Mother Nature's godsends in the hands of bigoted politicians.
Stand up for Natural Law. Stand up for unfettered science. Stand up for Thomas Jefferson. Reject the Drug War that was launched by bigots in 1914 to disempower minorities by removing them from the voting rolls using laws specifically designed for that purpose... bigots like Harry J. Anslinger, who made it his life mission to hound Billie Holiday to her death, using drug law as an excuse to punish the black singer for the political messages in her songs.

Did you know that American scientists still can't study certain plants because the DEA is lying about those plants, Governor, placing them on Schedule I in order to maintain the workload at the DEA? And yet we claim to be a scientific country. To the contrary, we have a superstitious dread of this politically created boogieman called "drugs" and we do not allow scientists to prove that we're wrong. We're just like those ancient Greeks who thought that thunder issued from the angry bolts of Zeus and would silence anyone who tried to say otherwise. Speaking of the DEA, this is the agency that laced marijuana plants with paraquat in the 1980s, a weed killer which causes Parkinson's Disease. That's the Drug War for you, Governor. It's not about health. It's about political control of upstart minorities and dissenters of every kind.

It is absurd for a nation that calls itself scientific to outlaw plants. A modern nation based on Natural Law would not criminalize plants -- but would rather educate its citizens to make good choices -- and not blame "drugs" for the political failure to do so. I'm so disappointed in you for leading this latter-day campaign against plant medicine. The problem is not plant medicine, Governor. The problem is a lack of proper education, combined with the desire of politicians to marginalize minorities by crafting drug laws for that very purpose, thereby creating a make-work program for Law Enforcement and filling the world with endless TV cop shows in which police feel morally justified in treating minorities like dirt.

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