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about the politically created boogieman called drugs


The front page of Der Spiegel this week: Cheese, coke and killers, how lax drugs policies turned Holland into a maffia paradise

Knee-jerk drug warrior propaganda from Der Speigel about plant medicine causing violence

More Drug War nonsense from the media. It's not Netherlands' laws that are screwed, it's the world's! The Drug War created cartels just as Prohibition created the Mafia. Sigmund Freud considered cocaine to be a godsend for depression. American politicians decided to demonize cocaine as an excuse to invade South America at will. And what's the result? A civil war in Mexico, the empowerment of a self-proclaimed Drug War Hitler in the Philippines, and the election of Donald Trump thanks to the imprisoning and disenfranchisement of millions of his minority opponents. Earth to Der Speigel: Stop demonizing godsend plant medicine and start demonizing the anti-scientific Drug War itself.

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Amazon relaxes drug testing policies and will lobby the government to legalize marijuana

Amazon no longer testing employees for marijuana, because it's become popular with whites. They're still going to deny employment to folks who use other plant medicines of which botanically clueless politicians disapprove.

If Amazon really wanted to help, they would fight to re-legalize ALL plant medicine, especially the coca plant. The criminalization of the coca plant has led to a civil war in Mexico, empowered a self-styled Drug War Hitler in the Philippines, and directly led to the election of Donald Trump by locking up millions of minorities and removing them from the voting rolls. It's a violation of natural law to outlaw plant medicine -- as Thomas Jefferson well knew. That's why he rolled over in his grave when the DEA stomped onto the supposedly "hallowed ground" of Monticello in 1987 and confiscated the Founding Father's poppy plants. Stop the anti-democratic farce of drug-testing, which is just the extrajudicial enforcement of the Christian Science religion, whose founder, Mary Baker Eddy, believed it was wrong to use "drugs."

Or, if Amazon insists on continuing the Drug War, then let's have them check for alcohol and tobacco. If anyone has so much as a TRACE of those drugs in their system, then bar them from the workplace, send them to prison and remove their right to vote. That's a drug war I could get behind because it would give the racist drug warriors a taste of their own despotic medicine.

Meanwhile, if Bezos wants to continue testing for "substances of which politicians disapprove," he should set an example and urinate for his employees on Zoom, to show that he's doing his part and that he himself is subject to the same nonsensical, tyrannical and humiliating rules as his own employees.

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TIL drug smugglers build submarines deep in the Colombian jungle...

Typical thread in which westerners flaunt their ignorance about the Great American Drug War

There's nothing wrong with drug smuggling: it's a natural reaction to America's imperialistic Drug War, which is nothing but the enforcement of Christian Science worldwide (Christian Science: the religion which tells us we have a moral duty to "just say no" to "drugs"). The problem is the Drug War itself, which has been demonizing plant-based mood medicine since 1914, medicines which have been used responsibly by other cultures for millennia. And why does America demonize psychoactive plant medicine? For the purpose of disenfranchising millions of American minorities and controlling politics in South America. Donald Trump would have never even come close to winning the 2016 presidential election had the Drug War not sidelined millions of minority voters -- the same imprisoned minorities that Trump plans to execute if he becomes president. Cocaine is not evil. In fact, Sigmund Freud thought it was a godsend for his depression. The coca plant is legal in Bolivia and life goes on far more peacefully there than in the states. What's evil then? Drug warrior lies, hypocrisy, and double standards -- and the Drug Warriors' idiotic insistence that we should demonize plant medicine rather than learning how to use it as safely as possible. Still want a drug war? Fine, but let's target the two most deadly drugs of all: Let's test employee urine for the slightest TRACE of alcohol or tobacco and if we find any, any whatsoever, let's confiscate the users' houses, deny them government loans, and throw them in prison -- on death row even. Then the drug warriors will finally get a taste of their own despotic medicine.

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