essays against the hateful Drug War

by Brian B. Quass, writer for Sociodelic and author of The Drug War Comic Book

CALL FOR ACTION: The DEA stomped onto the Monticello estate of Thomas Jefferson in 1987 and confiscated Thomas Jefferson's poppy plants in violation of the Natural Law upon which Jefferson had founded America. Yet they refuse to acknolwedge the raid, let alone to complain about it.

Tell the Thomas Jefferson Foundation to stop betraying Thomas Jefferson. Write to them today at:

Then write to the Sites of Conscience organization and tell them that Monticello should cease to be designated as a "Site of Conscience" until it acknowledges the DEA raid on Monticello, a raid which violated everything that Jefferson stood for.

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Alexander Shulgin: American Hero
American pharmacologist Alexander Shulgin was the epitome of what a psychoactive drug researcher should be -- and what they WOULD be were America not under the spell of Drug War propaganda
Partnership for a Death Free America
Join the Partnership in working to outlaw skateboarding, free climbing, dodge ball, and all the other deadly threats to the health and welfare of our innocent white children!
Attention American Screenwriters: please stop spreading Drug War propaganda
Please remember, scriptwriters: 'drugs' is just a political term for psychoactive substances of which politicians disapprove.
Blaming Drugs for Nazi Germany
the philosophical problems with 'Blitzed' by Norman Ohler
Physics has found a theory of everything
but you're not part of it
The Truth About Opium by William H. Brereton
Refutation of the fallacies of the Anti-Opium Society and a Defence of the Indo-China Opium Trade
Three Problems With Rick Doblin's MAPS
How the Cato Institute is Bamboozled by Drug War Propaganda
I'm glad that Ted is writing books against the drug war, but there are better motives for doing so than the selfish fear that deadly Mexican battles will someday come north to shoot up American cities
Noam Chomsky on Drugs
a review of 'What Kind of Creatures Are We?'
The Drug War Imperialism of Richard Evans Schultes
a philosophical review of Hallucinogenic Plants by the founder of the field of ethnobotany
Punky Brewster's Shrooms
How the Drug War bamboozles kids about so-called 'drugs'
How Prohibition Causes Addiction
Prohibition Spectrum Disorder
an open letter to Twitter follower Frank Smith
How the Jefferson Foundation Betrayed Thomas Jefferson
The Thomas Jefferson Foundation betrayed Thomas Jefferson's legacy in 1987 by letting the DEA stomp onto Monticello and confiscate poppy plants.
What Andrew Weil Got Wrong
a philosophical review of 'From Chocolate to Morphine: Everything You Need to Know about Mind-Altering Drugs'
The Ketamine Mirage
In a drug warrior society, where drugs are scheduled by politicians, it's just as likely that bad drugs will be green lighted as it is that good ones will be demonized.
How Prohibition Causes Immense Unnecessary Suffering
Hypocritical America Embraces Drug War Fascism
Drug War propaganda on Shutterstock, and what it says about America's drift toward fascism
Why Drug Warriors are Nazis
more thoughts on the book Drug Warriors and their Prey
Drug Warriors and their Prey
must reading for the Holocaust Museum
The Drug War Board Game
The Life Game is a Christian Science board game, for it gives you a Life card when you say no to mother nature's godsend medicines.
a philosophical review of the academic paper by Russell Newcombe
'Intoxiphobia' by Russell Newcombe
Five comments that expand on Russell Newcombe's excellent 2014 paper about discrimination against so-called 'drug' users
Mental Illness and the Drug Apartheid of Julian Buchanan
Public Service Announcements for the Post-Drug War Era
Time for News Outlets to stop promoting drug war lies
an open letter to WTOP News
In Praise of Augustus Bedloe
Rebutting America's superstitious belief that drugs are bad instead of people
Disease Mongering in the age of the drug war
a philosophical review of Stanley Krippner's essay on drug-inspired bliss
Movie Warnings from Uncommon Sense
find out if your favorite movies contain drug-war propaganda
Why Drug Free Zones are Dangerous and Unconstitutional
Drug Free Zones encourage kids to think they should fear medicine rather than understand it. It is Christian Science indoctrination.
Funny Animated Gifs about America's imperialist and racist Drug War
Obama's Unscientific BRAIN Initiative
Science is not free in the age of the drug war
Responding to Brainwashed Drug Warriors on YouTube
Why the FDA should not schedule Laughing Gas
The laughable proposal to crack down on nitrous oxide
Common Nonsense from Common Sense Media
how the media watchdog ignores the fascist messages in today's drug-war movies
The Pseudoscience of Mental Health Treatment
an open letter to Dr. Jonathan Stea
How Bernardo Kastrup reckons without the drug war
a philosophical review of 'Why Materialism is Baloney'
Self-Censorship in the Age of the Drug War
how authors take the drug war as a given, ignoring the implications of Mother Nature's psychoactive pharmacy, in all genres, including philosophical speculations of all kinds and books on self-help and exercise.
Why Rick Doblin is Ghosting Me
When you cut me do I not bleed, when I send you a 150-page book full of op-ed pictures in protest of the drug war, do I not expect at least an acknowledgment of receipt?
Night of the Addicted Americans
Brought to you by America's disgraceful war on Mother Nature's medicine. Must be over 13 or accompanied by an Big Pharma addict.
Why Congressman Kevin Kiley Should be Charged with Murder
'Synthetic Panics' by Philip Jenkins
a philosophical book review
Drug War U.
The one university in the world that studies the idiocy of the so-called 'War on Drugs'
Open Letter to Roy Benaroch MD
The Philosophy of Getting High
how one person's 'getting high' is another person's spiritual transcendence
A message for unhappy campers
David Chalmers and the Drug War
how reductive materialism ruins American healthcare
Modern Addiction Treatment as Puritan Indoctrination
How Addiction Scientists Reckon without the Drug War
an open letter to Professor Thad Polk
Kevin Sabet can Kiss My Effexor Prescription
The Naive Psychology of the Drug War
ANY drug can be used to help the depressed when scheduled in such a way as to be non-addictive.
Bamboozled Botanists fall for drug war propaganda
LSD was not criminalized because of drug abuse: LSD was outlawed by the government (i.e. Richard Nixon) to remove his opponents from the voting rolls by charging them with a felony
Materialism and the Drug War Part II
open letter to the Discovery Institute
Black Lives Don't Matter
Detective Wall calls a black teenager a 'scumbag' and a 'waste' for selling plant medicine of which politicians disapprove
Synthetic Panics
thoughts on the book of that name by Philip Jenkins
Canadian Drug Warrior, I said Get Away
an open letter to Cory Morgan, columnist for the Western Standard
The American Gestapo
Law enforcement in the age of the drug war
Doping Arizona
FDA approves Lexapro for kids
Open Letter to Margo Margaritoff
In Defense of Opium
Open letter to Marco Margaritoff
how to protest the 1987 DEA raid on Monticello
Science News Unveils Shock Therapy II
just when you thought it was safe to go back into the insane asylum...
Lord Save us from 'Real' Cures
in defense of 'treating the symptoms'
Why doctors should prescribe opium for depression
how materialists collude with drug warriors to keep us from using godsend medicine
The Drug War Gift Shop
all proceeds go toward keeping the webmaster from begging on street corners
Surprise Drug Test!
Is your mind screwed up by drug-war propaganda? Take our quick four-question test to find out. Students who have used alcohol in the last three months will be promptly removed from the workforce.
The Right to LIVE FULLY is more important than the Right to DIE
open letter to Gino Kenny, People Before Profit
The Infuriating Philosophical Idiocy of Kevin Sabet
Kevin's knee-jerk prohibitionist policies have killed hundreds of thousands of Mexicans over the last decade and resulted in the election of insurrectionists by throwing millions of black voters in jail.
Science News Continues to Ignore the Drug War
open letter to Laura Sanders
Forbes Magazine's Laughable Article about Nitrous Oxide
Can Laughing Gas Help People with Treatment-resistant Depression? Only purblind reductionist science could ask such a question. Of course it would work!
Tapering for Jesus
The last thing that the Drug Warrior wants is for a user (even of a legal medicine) to get off of a psychoactive medicine easily. Then there is no way to open clinics for them and make a business model out of helping them, or a career in criminology out
How the Drug War is Threatening Intellectual Freedom in England
an open letter to British Philosophers
Open Letter to Vincent Hurley, Lecturer
at Maquarie University, Department of Security Studies and Criminology
Why Science is the Handmaiden of the Drug War
an open letter to physicist Carlo Rovelli
Helping the Elderly with Drugs
We must consider psychoactive medicines as our friends, not our enemies. When that day comes, I hope that the above suggestions will provide at least a hint of a protocol that can be used to leverage the power of psychoactive medicine for the elderly.
Science Set Free... NOT!
science is LITERALLY censored today by substance prohibition, which outlaws and otherwise discourages research about precisely those substances whose use conduces to a holistic view of the world around us.
How the US Preventive Services Task Force Drums Up Business for Big Pharma
The Task Force reckons without the drug war and so its reports on mental health are just a sales pitch for Big Pharma.
Why SSRIs are Crap
Today's attitude about drugs is bizarre: it tells us that the worst possible fate is to become dependent on a 'drug,' and yet at the same time, we are told that we have a medical duty to take antidepressants every day of our life.
Addicted to Ignorance
How the drug war prevents the effective treatment of addiction and withdrawal, forcing patients onto addictive Big Pharma meds while ignoring the godsend mind-changing medicines of Big Pharma, which are crying out to be used in psychiatric settings.
This is your brain on Effexor
in response to an article about ketamine by Adam Winstock and Rupert McShange.
Drug War: the Musical!
The Placebo Effect and Drugs
How materialist doctors screw their patients in the age of the drug war
Questions for Kevin Sabet
Questions for mainstream Drug Warrior Kevin Sabet
Kevin Sabet and What-About-Ism
Kevin Sabet and Drug War 2.0
the omnipresence of marijuana today is a direct result of the Drug War itself
Marijuana Critics Just Don't Get It
How the drug war causes all of the substance problems that it claims to be fighting
More Weed Bashing at the Washington Post
It's a plant, for God's sake. Shut the hell up and re-legalize it already.
Hey, You, Get Off Of My Creed!
how the drug war bans my religion
The Problem with Michael Pollan
Why a botanist should not support the drug war
I've got a bone to pick with Jim Hogshire
I come not to praise Hogshire, but to parse him - or at least to parse those of his viewpoints that fail to pass philosophical muster with yours truly.
Twelve Signs of Early Fascism
The Drug War ticks all the boxes on the Holocaust Museum's 12 'signs of early fascism'
The Criminalization of Nitrous Oxide is No Laughing Matter
Children are not the only stakeholders in the prohibition game: prohibition has destroyed the rule of law in Central America, militarized police forces around the world, created "no-go" zones in inner cities, and censored scientists.
William James rolls over in his grave as England bans Laughing Gas
an open letter to Steve Taylor, author of 'The Genius of William James'
Listening to Laughing Gas
Drug Warriors demonize precisely those substances whose use might conduce to a non-materialistic way of seeing the world.
Drug War Jeopardy!
Where we give you the answer about the hateful drug war, and you give us the question!
Doctor Feel Bad
Thanks to drug war ideology, Brain-dead patients have to be heartlessly 'unplugged' rather than lulled to their final sleep by morphine
Hurray for Self-Medicating
We need a Drug Education Agency, not a Drug Enforcement Agency. We need to teach the world how to use drugs safely. We need to stop infantilizing Americans by convincing them through one-sided propaganda and horror stories that they will never be smart
Smart Uses for Opium and Coca
and other psychoactive substances that drug warriors love to hate
The REAL Lesson of the Opium Wars
The real lesson of the opium wars? The bad guy is the profit motive, not plants.
Using Opium to Fight Depression
hey, here's an idea: let psychiatrists use any plant medicine that works! Replacing psychiatry with pharmacologically savvy empaths.
In Praise of Opium
Opium is not a moral agent, even though Drug War authors like John Halpern insist on blaming the poppy for the problems that human beings have in dealing with it.
Opium for the Masses by Jim Hogshire
A philosophical review
My conversation with the Thomas Jefferson Foundation
In 1987, the DEA raided Monticello to confiscate a plant. I contacted the Thomas Jefferson Foundation to see what they had to say for themselves on this subject. I will be posting the results of our correspondence below.
Replacing 12-Step Programs with Shamanic Healing
re-legalize mother nature and stop putting addicts through hell
Drugs CAN Be the Answer
Drugs can be the answer. If you do not think so, you have been bamboozled by the federal government's decades-long attempt to scare you about godsend medicines.
What Terence McKenna Got Wrong About Drugs
For all his insights, Terence was a drug war snob. He rated drugs based on his impression of the kind of folks who used them, which is the drug warrior way of viewing the world.
What Carl Hart Missed
Drug Use for Grown-Ups is one of the most honest books ever about so-called drugs. The author's only shortcoming is his apparent failure to see the link between the drug war and the psychoactive pill mill.
Another Cry in the Wilderness
The Drug War is the biggest mistake in American history, except for slavery, and yet the Drug War is slavery by another means, disfranchising blacks and handing elections to fascists.
A Misguided Tour of Monticello
The Thomas Jefferson Foundation betrayed the legacy of Thomas Jefferson. Listen to a misguided tour of Monticello to learn how.
How the Monticello Foundation betrayed Jefferson's Legacy in 1987
Monticello is no longer a 'site of conscience' because it sold out Jefferson's legacy in 1987 when it allowed DEA agents to steal Thomas Jefferson's poppies, in a clear violation of natural law, natural rights, and common sense.
The Drug War as Religion
Those who support the Drug War do so based on a kind of materialist version of Christian Science.
I asked 100 American philosophers what they thought about the Drug War
American philosophers are afraid of speaking out against the War on Drugs
Another Academic Toes the Drug Warrior Line
Enumerating the drug war fallacies to which Satish falls prey in his paper at entitled "LSD, Ecstasy, and the Music of Politics."
How the Drug War Makes Americans Stupid
The Drug War ideology of substance demonization blinds us to a world of answers to modern problems, including nuclear proliferation and hate.
How Science News Reckons Without the Drug War
The Drug War exists. Until Science News recognizes that fact in its articles, it is going to continue giving its readers the false impression that today's modern psychologists are working from a natural baseline.
The War on Plants
The Salem Witch Hunt never ended: Christian Science drug warriors continue to persecute those who reach higher states of consciousness using plants
Drug War News
Replacing Psychiatry with Pharmacologically Savvy Shamanism
How the drug war addicts patients to Big Pharma meds while addicting psychiatrists to the pill-mill paradigm that promises them patients for life
Ignorance is the enemy, not Fentanyl
There are no killer drugs. Even the highly toxic Botox can be used safely and for the benefit of humanity in the proper doses.
The Worst thing about the Drug War
How the Drug War of the American Empire abolishes natural law, not only Stateside but around the world
Open Letter to Dr. Carl L. Hart
Dear Dr. Hart: I wanted to thank you for your bravery in writing "Drugs for Grown-ups." It is so rare for someone in academia to point out that the emperor is wearing no clothes when it comes to American drug policy.
Too White to Use Mushrooms
A US court rules in 1975 that you have to be the correct color in order to join a religion
Ten Reasons why the Drug War is Nonsense
The DEA causes addiction, disempowerment and bigotry and the drug war is nonsense -- nonsense with a body count of inner-city grade-schoolers and overseas victims of Civil Wars fomented by America's anti-scientific laws that criminalize mere plants.
The Drug War Virus at the Institute of Art and Ideas
How the Drug War stifles debate and insight at the Institute of Arts and Ideas
What We Mean When We Say 'Drugs'
There was no drug problem in the 1800s because then folks still blamed PEOPLE for bad behavior, not substances. Today's "drug" user is the new witch. We are superstitiously frightened of their ability to achieve transcendence with psychoactive plants
How The Drug War Killed Andy Gibb
Instead of educating about drugs, the drug warrior demonizes substances as pure evil, thereby keeping users in the dark about how to use them safely
How Thomas Nagel Reckons Without the Drug War
'Certain things are so remarkable, that they have to be explained as non-accidental if we are to pretend to a real understanding of the world.' -Thomas Nagel
Open letter to Wolfgang Smith
author of 'The Quantum Enigma'
The Drug War Mindset
The real reason for depression in America
The Drug War is a violation of natural law which took away our access to Mother Nature's depression cures and forced us to rely on Big Pharma meds, many of which are more addictive than heroin.
What Liberals ALWAYS get wrong about the drug war
Liberals don't realize that 'drugs' is a pejorative term for 'mother nature's plant medicine' and that the drug war is therefore Christian Science Sharia
The Politically Incorrect Cure for the Common Cold
America does not want a cure for the common cold -- because it involves the use of demonized opium -- demonized to give Big Liquor a monopoly on solacing us in our distress
America's Juvenile Attitude Toward Drugs
If a juvenile misuses an outlawed 'drug,' we fume. Meanwhile we tolerate legal drugs which brazenly report that they may cause occasionally deaths.
The Drug War as a Make-Work Program for Law Enforcement
imagine TV without the Drug War-- we would cancel In the Heat of the Night, and have to seek for ways to make TV characters violate REAL laws and commit REAL crimes, rather than the pre-crime of plant possession.
Michael Pollan on Drugs
It's not clear why Michael thinks that continued criminalization is going to help things when the MO of the Drug War is to keep users in ignorance of the psychoactive drugs that they use.
The Therapeutic Value of Anticipation
Modern psychology ignores the benefits of plant-use anticipation because they are in thrall to the drug war dogma which says that plant medicines (like opium, cocaine and psychedelics) are "all bad" once a society has outlawed them.
In praise of doctor hopping
Doctor hopping is a duty, if we’re to be true to ourselves and our own needs and desires rather than those of the doctor and the DEA.
News Flash: Drug Use Can Be a Good Thing!
Our lopsided focus gives the impression that the substances that we demonize as 'drugs' today can truly cause nothing but harm.
Ten Points that no one ever makes about so-called Drugs
Assisted Suicide and the War on Drugs
We should have the right to 'assisted suicide' but only in a world in which we have leveraged the mind-improving power of psychoactive medicine to the hilt.
Why Kevin Sabet is Wrong
It's no surprise that Jimmy Carter gives Kevin Sabet rave reviews, for his politics are rooted in the past
The aesthetic difference between addiction and chemical dependency
Addiction is a creation
How the Drug War Blinds us to Godsend Medicine
By outlawing psychoactive plants, the Drug War dooms the chronic depressive to a lifetime addiction to brain-numbing Big Pharma 'meds.'
A Philosophical Review
Even Howard Zinn Reckons without the Drug War
a philosophical review of 'A People's History of the United States'
How Scientific Materialism Keeps Godsend Medicines from the Depressed
Ending the Drug War should be about so much more than harm reduction: it should be about benefit maximization as well, maximizing the benefits that we get from hitherto demnonized drugs.
Take a stand against drug testing, which is the extrajudicial enforcement of Christian Science Sharia and a violation of natural law, which gives us free access to plants and fungi
Corner on Coca!
collect nature's godsend medicines while protesting the War on Drugs!
How the DEA determines if a religion is true
DEA easily decides what constitutes a genuine religion after a millennia of disagreement among philosophers and theologians on that topic.
Why Louis Theroux is Clueless about Addiction and Alcoholism
The Drug War renders us impotent in treating alcoholism because it outlaws all the psychoactive medicine that might inspire the alcoholic to change.
Time to ACT UP about the racist drug war
Those of us who are 'woke' viz. the insidious nature of the Drug War need to steal a page from the ACT UP movement of the 1980s.
Pissed off about Drug Testing
Drug Testing is the enforcement of Christian Science as state religion
Declaration of Independence from the War on Drugs
The history of the Drug War is a history of repeated injuries and usurpations on the part of government toward citizens, having in direct object the establishment of an absolute tyranny over them. To prove this, let facts be submitted to a candid world.
El Chapo Crappo
America creates drug villains out of whole cloth with its anti-scientific war on godsend plant medicine.
Alternative Medicine as a Drug War Creation
Amit Goswami ignores the role of the drug war in creating America's healthcare protocols, such as sharply defined allopathic, alternative, and homeopathic medical protocols
Time to Glorify Drug Use
Why should we not glorify substances that have inspired entire religions?
Majoring in Drug War Philosophy
It tells us what we should already know, that we need to be educated and honest about all substances and learn how to profit from them as safely as possible, rather than demonizing substances a priori at the self-interested whim of demagogues.
Don't Worry, Be Satisfied
The Drug War is a protection racket for psychiatrists that outlaws all psychoactive plants which, if used advisedly, could beat depression. What's left are addictive emotion-flattening SSRIs which, at best, help patients accept the status quo.
Open Letter to Lisa Ling
Lisa Ling created a documentary about Chicago gun violence in which she never once mentioned the drug war, the policy that caused the violence just as surely as liquor prohibition created the Mafia.
In Praise of Drug Dealers
replacing the modern barbaric and puritanical treatment of so-called addicts with the pharmacologically informed shamanism of the drug dealer
How Scientific American reckons without the drug war
Science today is censored by the Drug War. And this will never end as long as we continue to pretend that the Drug War does not even exist.
Connecticut Drug Warriors want to charge drug dealers with murder
If we're going to charge anyone with murder, it should be the Drug Warriors whose policies, even as we speak, are causing civil wars in South America, drive-by shootings in inner cities, and empowering a self-proclaimed DRUG WAR HITLER in the Philippine
The Mental Health Survey that psychiatrists don't want you to take
MDMA for Psychotherapy
How MDMA fights depression through anticipation, and how reductionists ignore the factd
Depressed? Here's why you can't get the medicines that you need
The FDA approval process for psychoactive meds is based on politics and false assumptions based on the drug war ideology of substance demonization
The DEA Scheduling System is Based on Lies
Why the Drug Waris Christian Science Sharia
The drug war is just the enforcement of Christian Science Sharia, the philosophy of Mary Baker Eddy that says that using medicine is morally wrong
Snoop Pearson's muddle-headed take on drugs
Unscientific American
How Scientific American authors unconsciously self-censor their articles in line with drug war prohibitions
Speaking Truth to Academia
Academics are censored by the drug war and don't even recognize it. At least Galileo knew that he was censored by the Church.
The Dark Side of the Monticello Foundation
How the Monticello Foundation sold out Thomas Jefferson's Natural Law legacy by inviting the DEA onto the founding father's estate to confiscate his poppy plants.
The Christian Science SWAT Teams of the Drug War
Onward, Christian SWAT teams with your war on drugs
How Americans Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Drug War
Botanists, philosophers and scientists in general should be protesting the drug war, by which they are censored just as much as Galileo was censored by the Church.
A Goliath that even David is afraid of
why no Americans call for the long-overdue abolition of the corrupt drug enforcement agency, the DEA, which has kept godsend substances from the suffering for 40-plus years
Why DARE should stop telling kids to say no
DARE promotes an unscientific view of plant medicine, one that supports a drug war that is anti-science, anti-minority, anti-depressed, anti-elderly, and a violation of natural law.
Drug War? What Drug War?
how scientists pretend that the drug war does not exist
Why Scientists are not qualified to study the effects of DMT
Meaningful results can be obtained by such researchers, but only to the extent that they ignore the scientific method and its obsession with objectivity.
Using Ecstasy in Church
The White Man goes into church and talks about Jesus. The Indian goes into his tipi and talks with Jesus. -Quanah Parker, the Native American Church
Drug War Copaganda
Comedy routine showing how cop shows are full of drug war propaganda about Mother Nature's plant medicines
COPS: TV Show for Racist Drug Warriors
The Drug War is a make-work program for Cops. Without it, they would actually have to fight only REAL crime, and not go around harassing minorities.
Cop shows as drug war propaganda
How the TV cop show genre promulgates drug warrior lies about mother nature's plant medicines
Materialism and the Drug War
Why materialism is an unindicted co-conspirator in America's anti-patient war on psychoactive medicine, aka the war on drugs.
Drug Warriors Anonymous
Comedy routine about the idiotic war on psychoactive medicine
How Milton Friedman Completely Misunderstood the War on Drugs
Drug Warriors are not 'men of good will.'
The Great Unfollowing
four Tweets to Vincent Rado after he unfollowed me
How the Atlantic Supports the Drug War Part II
How The Atlantic articles ignore the fact that the government has outlawed psychoactive medicine
Why the Drug War is even worse than Doug Bandow thinks it is
Keep Laughing Gas Legal
Everyone is so concerned about the safety of a relatively small number of young people, whom we fail to educate about drugs, yet no one ever worries about the MILLIONS of folks like myself who are living what Thoreau called 'lives of quiet desperation.'
Conservative Lies about Drugs
How the drug war is a government-imposed prohibition against human advancement.
The Philosophy of Drug Use
There is not a drug problem among celebrities: there is a problem of ego and choking.
Open Letter to Francis Fukuyama
There is nothing illiberal about claiming one's right to the plant medicine that grows at one's very feet.
The End Times by Bryan Walsh
How do you write a book about the end times and fail to even mention the power of love-inspiring substances to help humanity ward off Armageddon?
How the Drug War Screws the Depressed
In response to Dr. Leshner's desire to jail doctors for not prescribing SSRI antidepressants
Rationality Uber Alles
from Socrates to Social Physics: tracing the drug war to America's scientistic disregard of human emotions
Drug War Bait and Switch
How the DEA takes our eyes off the prize by conflating coca with cocaine and opium with fentanyl
The Michael Pollan Fallacy
The Michael Pollan Fallacy: The advocacy of substance prohibition based on a failure to recognize all the stakeholders in the drug approval process.
What Obama got wrong about drugs
Drugs are far more than a scientific issue
The Handicapped NEED Crutches
on the anti-patient morality of the drug war
Richard Rudgley condemns 'drugs' with faint praise
Even the most sensible opponents of the Drug War are still influenced by Drug War lies without even recognizing that fact.
Let's Hear It For Psychoactive Therapy
as opposed to just Psychedelic Therapy
Addicted to Addiction
How the drug war leads to a morbid and hypocritical focus on addiction
How the Drug War Turns the Withdrawal Process into a Morality Tale
There are no such things as 'killer drugs'
We have nothing to fear but ignorance itself
Defund the DEA
Richard Nixon's DEA helped popularize the belief that drug suspects could be treated like dirt, so it's no surprise that the DEA is anti-minority -- the only surprise is that minorities would want to work there.
Michael Pollan and the Drug War
How can a great botanist like Michael Pollan agree with the Drug War proposition that folks should be arrested for accessing the bounty of Mother Nature?
Drug Use as Self-Medication
It is perfectly natural that folks would seek medical help outside the system. In fact, except for the fear of arrest, it is perfectly logical to make such a choice.
The Origins of Modern Psychiatry
How to create a billion-dollar industry in three easy steps
Open Letter to Rick Doblin and Roland Griffiths
the downsides of 'working within the system'
Self-help nonsense in the age of the Drug War
How the Drug War emasculates science and supports the Christian Science self-help movement
The Lopsided Focus on the Misuse and Abuse of Drugs
Let's stop this lopsided focus on the needs of potential abusers. What about the needs of the depressed?
This is your brain on Neuralink
Scientistic America will gladly give lobotomies and ECT -- but will have nothing to do with non-addictive psychedelics that grow new neurons in the brain.
Open Letter to Vincent Rado
a substantive dispute about psychedelics? YOU be the judge
Psychedelics and Depression
The world needs more Alexander Shulgins.
There Must Be Some Misunderstanding
Education hasn't failed. Education hasn't been tried.
Richard Feynman and the Drug War
Rimbaud was right. Science is too slow for us (for we the depressed). And this slowness has consequences, for it gives a green-light for scheming politicians to outlaw godsend psychoactive substances.
Libertarians as Closet Christian Scientists
When libertarians advocate drug laissez-faire while asserting their own scorn for 'drugs,' they are ignoring a world of positive pharmaceutical uses.
Psychoactive Drugs and the Fountain of Youth
Ponce Leon was right: there is a fountain of youth. It was growing all around him, in the form of psychoactive plants and fungi. But the Drug War has padlocked the fountain and threatened trespassers with imprisonment and death.
Sherlock Holmes versus Gabriel Maté
I am picking on Gabriel Maté here, but he is in good company. Almost every popular non-fiction author of our times reckons without the Drug War.
Teenagers and Cannabis
The reason that cannabis is omnipresent these days is because we have outlawed all of its natural competition.
Capitalism and the Drug War Pt 2
Join Philosophers Against the Drug War
Fight the politically motivated demonization of substances. Fight the enforcement of Christian Science as the world's religion. Fight the Drug War!
Top 10 Problems with the Drug War
How the Drug War causes all of the problems that it purports to solve, and then some.
The Drug War and Electroshock Therapy
How the Drug War makes electroshock therapy necessary, and why doctors must start acknowledging that fact
Drug War Quotes
use these quotes to push back against drug war nonsense
Open Letter to Diane O'Leary
The search for a reductive cure for depression created the unacknowledged pharmacological dystopia in which we live today, thanks to which 1 in 4 American women are dependent on Big Pharma 'meds' for life.
Rat Out Your Neighbors
Comedy Sketch about the disgraceful DEA
Why Kevin Sabet's approach to drugs is racist, anti-scientific and counterproductive
Kevin Sabet reminds me of the police officer in 'Wrongfully Accused' who pushes bystanders back from a crime scene in order to protect them, not realizing that in so doing he is pushing them off the edge of a cliff.
Calling All Philosophers
Philosophers: speak out against the Christian Science drug war, about how it violates natural law, while yet also violating the Christian understanding in Genesis that God gave US plants, not the government, and that God himself said that they were GOOD!
Why I Am Pro Drugs
Sobriety is no goal in itself. Most suicides could pass a drug test. The idea that drugs are "bad" is Christian Science.
My Conversation with Michael Pollan
It is an American botanist's duty to reject the very idea that government can outlaw plants and fungi.
President Calls for Executing Drug Dealers
Ayatollah Trump declares fatwah against Mother Nature and all who deal therein. He will henceforth execute those who dare sell godsend plant medicines, while allowing psychiatrists to continue addicting 25% of the nation at will to mind-fogging SSRIs.
Just Say Yes to Mother Nature's Pharmacy
Drug warriors always try to muddy the water with lies, false premises and newspeak.
The Problem with Following the Science
If there is a problem with marijuana use, folks like Kevin Sabet caused it by championing a Drug War that gives us no psychoactive substances to use EXCEPT for marijuana.
How Ecstasy could end mass shootings
Ecstasy could drastically decrease mass shootings if we were to use it therapeutically to treat angry people.
Ignorance is the problem, not drugs
Drugs are not the problem: it is our anti-scientific and politically charged understanding of drugs which is the problem.
Without Philosophy, Science becomes Scientism
There is a word for this kind of arrogant materialist belief that willfully ignores its own philosophical premises: that word is scientism
One of these things is not like the other
Little wonder that the accused might 'lose it' when the entire legal system has "lost it" with respect to common sense.
America's Invisible Addiction Crisis
1 in 8 American males and 1 in 4 American females are addicted to expensive Big Pharma pills and yet the drug warrior could not care less
America's Anti-scientific Standards for Psychotherapeutic Medicine
The system is hypocritically rigged to pillory therapeutic plant medicine for statistical trifles while it gladly lets non-therapeutic drugs like alcohol and cigarettes ravage the population at will, to the tune of 500,000 deaths a year.
How to end the war in Mexico, stop inner-city killings and cure depression in one easy step
End the Drug War Now
How the American Drug War is an imperialist and racist violation of natural law, traveling worldwide to burn plants that have been used responsibly by other countries for millennia, replacing them with the Christian drug known as alcohol
The Drug War is a War on Patients
how the drug war keeps godsend medications out of the hands of alcoholics, the depressed, and soldiers with PTSD
Karolina Zieba just doesn't get it
Karolina Zieba and the Student Newspaper just don't get it when it comes to the drug war.
The Drugs Reddit just doesn't get it
How the Drugs Reddit collaborates with drug warriors to demonize plant medicines and imprison a million American minorities each year.
How the Drug War killed Leah Betts
How the British government discouraged research that could have saved Leah Betts, meanwhile shutting down the rave scene Camelot and replacing it with gangsters and crack
The word 'drugs' is a political term
The word 'drugs' is just a disparaging Christian Science epithet for Mother Nature's plant medicines.

Open Letter to Addiction Specialist Gabriel Maté updated
a new way of fighting addiction, using entheogenic plants, ending the needless torture of addicts
Five Ways that the drug war causes the problems that it claims to solve
There is no drug problem. There was no drug problem in history until 1914. Until then, people were judged by how they behaved, not by what substances they had consumed.
Drug Testing and the Christian Science Inquisition
drug-testing is the tool of a Christian Science inquisition, designed to 'out' Americans who seek transcendence in ways that are unacceptable to Christian capitalists
Puritanical Assumptions about Drug Use in the Entertainment Field
The use of performance-enhancing medication in the entertainment field makes perfect sense.
Fifty Years of Bogus Articles about Creativity
American authors who write about creativity have self-censored their work for 50 years in deference to the drug war, to denying the role that psychoactive plants have always played in facilitating creative breakthroughs
Mycologists as DEA Collaborators
Mycology in drug war America: a field in which the DEA is standing over your shoulder, telling you which of Mother Nature's mushrooms you can study and when
Did You Take Your Meds?
This politically created distinction between 'meds' and 'drugs' lets us sneer at substances that have inspired entire religions
Venezuela continues to kowtow to US Drug Policy
The Venezuelan government has no problem running roughshod over their citizens' naturally given right to access the medicines of Mother Nature. It just wants to be the one to break heads.
DEA Guilty of Crimes Against Humanity
how the DEA is guilty of crimes against humanity
Why the Drug War is Worse than you can Imagine
The Drug War is a smashing success for law-and-order conservatives, whose world view is: "Millions for law enforcement, not one cent for education."
When you say 'Drugs'
The term 'drugs' is no more a scientific term than the word 'scabs': both terms not only denote a noun but they pass judgment on that noun in so doing.
There is no drug problem
The Drug War represents a superstitious fetishization of psychoactive substances as the root of all evil.
Testing Employee Urine for Fun and Profit
A funny sketch about drug testing!
Why the Drugs Reddit should not exist
Russian interference may have helped Trump, but the real reason for his election was the sidelining of millions of voters thanks to the Drug War.
The Runner: Racist Drug War Agitprop
A celebration of anti-American values in the name of the hateful anti-scientific drug war.
Why the Holocaust Museum must denounce the Drug War
The Unconstitutional Drug War has led Americans to dehumanize human beings simply because they sell substances of which scheming and hypocritical politicians disapprove
Euthanasia in the Age of the Drug War
Euthanasia meets the Drug War
How the Drug War turned me into an eternal patient
The DEA does not trust me after 40 years to use psychiatric prescriptions wisely, even though I'd be the first to give them up were the thousands of alternative substances de-criminalized at long last
Suicide and the Drug War
The Drug War outlaws all the medicines that could stop folks from committing suicide.
Taking the Drug War for Granted
Americans are so used to urinating upon demand and giving up their rights to plant medicine that they forget that a Drug War even exists.
Heroin versus Alcohol updated
How the lies and rewritten histories of drug-war culture shape our views on psychoactive substances ranging from coffee, to antidepressants, to heroin.
Open Letter to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime
The UNODC is part of the problem: the drug war causes all the problems that it's supposed to fix.
America's Puritan Obsession with Sobriety
Want to be a Christian Science hero. Make sure you die without any godsend plant medicine in your system! Instead Drug War sainthood.
Drug War Uber Alles
The drug war outlaws substances that could tame humanity's violence-prone heart and thus help us avoid the eventual nuclear annihilation toward which our species seems inevitably headed.
How the drug war promotes drug abuse
The drug war promotes drug abuse by superstitiously pretending that plant medicines are evil in and of themselves, when plant medicines are morally neutral and only good and bad with respect to how and why they are used
Harold & Kumar Support the Drug War
How Hollywood comedies support fascist drug war superstitions
The Drug War = Christian Science
Why America is Hung Up on Drugs
Drugs is a political term. Otherwise it would include alcohol and antidepressants, to which one in four American women are addicted.
Drug Warriors Fiddle while Rome Gets Nuked
the world is on the brink of nuclear winter and clueless drug warriors battle plants
Is Rick Doblin Running with the Devil?
Is compromise really the best way to regain our human right to access the plants and fungi that grow at our very feet? Check out these thoughts on Rick Doblin's initiatives to (eventually) legalize psychedelics by working with the DEA.
Why American Drug Policy is Insane
how Americans would rather damage the brain with ECT than allow patients to use the plants that grow at their very feet for psychological relief
Sending Out an SOS
Letter to Sentara Board of Directors, asking them to stop treating veteran psychiatric clients as children and eternal patients
Penn State Patsies for the Drug War
If you're going to ban words, ban the term 'drugs,' which is a pejorative epithet for psychoactive medicine of which racist politicians disapprove.
Not Using is Always Safer?
Reddit Christian Scientists defend the drug war mentality
Running with the DEA -- er, I mean the Devil
Running With the Devil: DEA propaganda film glorifying torture in the name of the war on therapeutic plants
Open Letter to Variety Critic Owen Glieberman
How Variety reviewers are Drug War collaborators, empowering Christian Science fascism at home and abroad
Se Llama Mushrooms
how mushrooms can help us learn foreign languages -- and more
Why Hollywood Owes Richard Nixon an Oscar
for single-handedly created he drug war movie genre -- albeit with a little inspiration from Francis Burton Harrison
Humanoids will tell you that they want peace, but if they're anything like us purebred human beings, peace comes in a distance second to demonizing the very substances that could make that peace possible.
Grandmaster Flash: Drug War Collaborator
Revealing the drug War propaganda in the lyrics for 'White Line'
The Racist Drug War killed George Floyd
The Drug War taught cops to treat suspects like scumbags. No wonder that one of the accomplices in George Floyd's murder taunted the crowd by saying: 'just say no to drugs'.
Predictive Policing in the Age of the Drug War
How predictive policing is inherently racist in the age of the drug war.
The Unpeople of Southeast Washington, D.C.
Why inner-city deaths are off of the media
Spike Lee is Bamboozled by the Drug War
Liquor prohibition created the American Mafia. Why is it so hard for black leaders to believe that substance prohibition created the armed gangs that continue to snuff out inner-city lives to this very day?
Review of When Plants Dream
when plants dream
Drug War Ideology:the modern superstition
The Drug Warrior blames amoral substances for evil rather than the lack of education that leads to misuse
Enough Drug War Propaganda Movies Already
Welcome to the Drug War Movie Awards, featuring anti-American drug agents and laws that violate that natural law upon which America was founded.
Electroshock Therapy and the Drug War
How the drug war makes ECT necessary.
How the Drug War Punishes the Elderly
How the drug war and its anti-scientific laws punish the elderly by denying them godsend natural medications that can cheer them up and even help them make their peace with death.
Re-Legalize Opium Now
Glenn Close but no cigar
Four Good Days reinforces all the usual Christian Science nonsense about plant medicines, advocating science as the way forward when all it offers is 'cold turkey' and a $3,000 bill for a three-day stay in a glorified flophouse.
Just Say No to Surveillance Capitalism
Alex Pentland anti-democratic world makes the 1% happy while simply pacifying the rest of us.
Nature's Most Wanted
Help America crack down on godsend plant medicine. Report these plants to your local DEA office.
Nietzsche and the Drug War
How the drug war is America's secular religion and puritanical avatar for Christian Science ideology.
John Locke on Drugs
John Locke and Thomas Jefferson would be appalled by America's drug war, for they would correctly see it as the triumph of common law over natural law and the trampling of the most basic of human rights: our right to Mother Nature's plants.
In Praise of Doctor Feelgood
Psychiatry needs to lose its Puritan Drug War scruples about making patients feel good, helping them to relax and draw insight from the supervised use of mother nature's plant-based entheogens.
Open Letter to Gabrielle Glaser
Gabrielle Glaser ignores the role of the drug war in hobbling efforts to treat alcoholics, ignores the great anti-depressant addiction of our time, and fails to see the Big Liquor racism behind burning opium overseas and then using naltrexone domestically
How the Drug War Turns Kids' Lives into a Living Hell
heartless American politicians are advancing a policy that willfully denies godsend pain medicine to dying children
The problem with Modern Drug Reform Efforts
The anti-scientific drug-war blinds us to hundreds of potential positive uses for the substances that we demonize as 'drugs.'
The Drug War Cure for Covid
How the Drug War Limits COVID Research: written in response to Esther Lanhuis' article in Science News
Virus Update
Keep at least six feet of social distance away from all Drug Warriors, lest their shoddy logic and historical amnesia should infect you with the drug war virus
The Myth of the Addictive Personality
The so-called addictive personality is actually 'on to something.' They realize that there's a vast pharmacopeia out there and they want psychiatry to use it. So end the anti-scientific drug war and let psychiatry help patients thrive.
Open Letter to Richard Hammersley
about addiction
American Sharia
Movies and presidents praise murder and torture in America, as the drug war devolves into the new American Sharia. Are you traveling? Be sure to see what version of Drug War Sharia has been adopted in your destination country.
American City Homicide Awards 2021
the American City Homicide Awards for 2021, brought to you by drug prohibition, doing its part to keep the guns firing fast and furious in the 'hood.
Brahms is NOT the best antidepressant
the Drug War itself causes depression by denying human beings the right to access mother nature and the kinds of medicines that have inspired entire religions.
The Drug War and Armageddon
Before we go tweaking the human genome to favor empathy, we should first consider the much simpler and more obvious expedient of ending the anti-scientific Drug War.
How the Drug War is a War on Creativity
How drugs inspired creativity in HP Lovecraft, Edgar Allan Poe, Benjamin Franklin, Jules Verne, HG Wells, Lewis Carroll, Alexandre Dumas, etc.
Chomsky is Right
Finally, something that tyrants and democracies can agree upon: the Drug War is a useful tool for cracking down on free thought.
Chomsky's Revenge
The regular use by the American people of substances that "bring us all together" cannot help but conduce to a moral rebirth
Heidegger on Drugs
This false way of thinking about being leads us to think that there is a 'real' self that will always come forward and shine, as it were, were we only to remove all external interference from things like 'drugs.'
Boycott Singapore
Why Singapore is America's Frankenstein monster thanks to the Christian Science war on drugs
Science Fiction and the Drug War
No matter what the nerds say, neither peace nor peace of mind comes as a result of mere technological progress.
Open Letter to Erowid
A philosophical criticism of article entitled "In case you choose not to say no to drugs, kids," showing how it was written under the influence of drug war superstition and lies
Drug Laws as the Punishment of 'Pre-Crime'
Since the Harrison Narcotics Act of 1914, America has prosecuted Pre-Crime
Depression is real, says the APA, and they should know: they cause it!
The Prozac Code
1 in 4 American women are on multiple drugs every day of their life and the Drug Warrior pretends not to notice
The Depressing Truth About SSRIs
open letter to MAPS, Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Therapy, urging its researchers to reject the Big Pharma pill-mill paradigm of modern psychiatry
Open Letter to Nathan at
Open letter to one of the hundreds of no doubt fine interlocutors who couldn't QUITE see their way clear to communicate with me. (I'm sure this one came very close indeed, tho'!)
How Fretting Drug Warriors Block Medical Progress
drug war nonsense: american parents' hypocritical fretting over addiction to plant medicines (while 1 in 4 american females are addicted to big pharma anti-depressants), results in blocked research on thousands of promising plant medicines
In Praise of Thomas Szasz
America's number one philosopher as demonstrated by his sadly unique ability to see through the logical obfuscation of the American drug warrior
Eight Reasons to End Drug Testing
America's drug war sharia removes you from the job market if you dare to avail yourself of Mother Nature's botanical pharmacy
In the Realm of Hungry Drug Warriors
Gabor Mate is blind to the great addiction of our time thanks to drug war propaganda and Big Pharma PR which demonizes plants while touting antidepressant pills that addict 1 in 4 American women and are more addictive than heroin
The Mother of all Western Biases
the Drug War is impeding scientific progress, and Science News should not be writing articles that imply that such a war does not even exist
The Invisible Mass Shootings
the press does not characterize multi-victim shooting incidents as 'mass shootings' if they occur in inner cities that are rife with daily gunfire
Jefferson Bashing on
Jefferson bashers throw out the natural-law baby with the bath water, cutting the ground out from under their arguments for individual freedom.
Open letter to Kenneth Sewell
author of Red Star Rogue
The Drug War as a Litmus Test for Philosophical Wisdom
A modern Diogenes would not need a lantern to find a wise human being. He would simply need to ask the candidates what they thought about the "drug" problem.
Saying Yes to Drugs
Say YES to empathogens like Ecstasy and Psilocybin, which teach haters how to love their fellow human being.
Silence equals Death in America's Drug War
Silence = Death: outing America's many stealth drug war collaborators whose silence supports drug warrior propaganda about plant medicine
Have you been brainwashed by the drug war?
The Drug War tells us to stop thinking about substances and start fearing them instead.
Critique of the Philosophy of Happiness
The Philosophy of Happiness should be all ABOUT the Drug War and its highly debatable assumptions about the definition of true happiness.
Elderly Victims of Drug War Ideology
In a world in which scientists were free to work with any medicine that held prima facie promise in ameliorating my mother's anxiety, there would be all sorts of anti-anxiety therapies and trials underway in America.
Put the DEA on Trial
the DEA has lied about psychedelics for almost for almost half a century now, needlessly depriving the depressed of godsend rain forest medications
The Church of the Most Holy and Righteous Drug War
Drug warrior's welcome to the most holy and self-righteous drug war church: posthumous sainthood program for those who pass 75 or more drug tests in their lifetime.
Open Letter to Congressman Ben Cline, asking him to abolish the criminal DEA
The DEA blocks research on thousands of godsend medicines that could beat cancer, depression, and Alzheimer's Disease; meanwhile they poison Americans with chemical weapons, including paraquat that causes Parkinson's Disease
Drug Warriors can go to Hell
A thank-you note for drug warriors who have ruined countless lives and denied godsend plant medicine to billions.
Why CBS 19 should stop supporting the Drug War
The CBS affiliate in Charlottesville, Virginia supports a drug war that resulted in the confiscation of Thomas Jefferson's poppy plants and the overthrow of the Natural Law upon which Jefferson founded America.
Twelve Reasons why the DEA should be abolished
Speaking truth to racist anti-American idiocy.
Marci Hamilton Equates Drug Use with Child Abuse
No, Marci, to argue for plant-based religion is not to argue for some new exotic right: it's to demand the restoration of a God-given right we had until 1914, a right to the therapeutic bounty that grows at our very feet.
Running with the torture loving DEA
Live from the DEA lounge: a stand-up comedy routine about the fascist practices of the DEA
How Variety and its film critics support drug war fascism
How movie reviewers ignore the anti-American message of drug war films like "Running with the Devil"
Torture 101 at DEA University
learn how to torture suspects at DEA University
Open Letter to the Virginia Legislature
dear legislators: please stop the wretched drug war that deprives the world of thousands of non-addictive plant medicines: an open letter to the Virginia State Legislature from early 2020.
The DEA: Poisoning Americans since 1973
a comedy routine skewering DEA Chief John C. Lawn, who poisoned American pot smokers in the 1980s with paraquat, a weed killer that causes Parkinson's Disease
There are no such things as drugs
There are no evil plant medicines called drugs: the term drugs simply refers to psychoactive plant medicines of which politicians disapprove
In Response to Laurence Vance
Laurence Vance, bless him, hasn't quite seen his way clear to respond to my email of June '21. Hmm. Sounds like a job for MR. OPEN LETTER!!!
America's Obsession with Fascist Drug War Movies
In "Running with the Devil," Natalie Reyes shoots an unarmed suspect while she herself is smoking a drug that kills half a million Americans a year.
Drug War Quotes in TV and Movies
showing how modern media demonizes substances in lockstep with drug war preference for fear over facts
Man, you should have seen them kicking Edgar Allan Poe
Edgar Allan Poe write unemotionally about so-called drug use, having the nerve to point out both their pros as well as their cons -- that's why he's one of the most censored authors today in drug-warrior America
The Philosophical Idiocy of the Drug War
Any decent philosophy professor could tear the Drug War to bits, because Drug Warriors rely exclusively on blatantly flawed premises. Unfortunately, almost no philosophy professors will risk their job by pointing this out.
America's biggest drug pusher: The American Psychiatric Association:
Time to Replace Psychiatrists with Shamans
Re-legalize plants and let pharmacologically savvy shamans work wonders with the depressed and soldiers suffering from PTSD
Why the Drug War is a Godsend for Conservatives
Let's burn some plants!
The Nazis burned books to tell people what to think; the drug warriors burn plants to tell people how to think
Blowing Up Arkansas
In 1980, the Air Force almost blew up Arkansas with a nuclear weapon. The Drug Warrior's response? Crack down on plant medicine that inspires love.
How the Drug War Killed Amy Winehouse
How the drug war both created Amy's problems and kept us from solving them.
Open Letter to Anthony Gottlieb
New findings about empathogenic medicines prove that Hobbes and other philosophers mistakenly judge human nature as fixed.
Cradle to Grave with Drug War Propaganda
Psst! Hey, you! You are a dupe of the Drug War. Read this post to find out why.
Why Americans Can't Handle the Truth about Drugs updated
When it comes to drugs, Americans are like Lieutenant Kaffee in "A Few Good Men." They say they want the truth, but they can't handle the truth.
America's Imperialist Christian Science War on Drugs
America outlawed plants in violation of the Natural Law upon which it was founded, and then blackmailed the entire world to follow suit, leaving the depressed without godsend medicine anywhere on Planet Earth.
Open letter to Professor Troy Glover at Waterloo University
The rave scene is not about leisure: it's about peace, love and understanding and the Drug Warrior's attempt to get rid of that utopia by superstitiously demonizing politically hated substances
Americans have the right to pursue happiness but not to attain it
The constitution gives us the right to the pursuit of happiness, but the drug war outlaws the plants that can bring happiness because superstitious drug warriors recognize only evil in transcendence and medicinally improved thinking
Christian Science Rehab
Make rehab fun again. Use a vast variety of psychoactive medicines shaman-like to help, not to enforce a hypocritically defined Christian Science sobriety.
Drugs: the great American scapegoat
There is no drug problem in America. However there is a HUGE problem with how America deals with drugs.
How Logic-Challenged Journalists Support the Drug War
Drug war propaganda and ideology superstitiously blame substances for deaths when substances are amoral. Drug War policy kills, not drugs.
All these Sons
Documentary about Chicago gun violence does not even mention the drug war, which caused that violence in the first place.
Dragnet meets the Drug War
Dragnet spoof of Drug War America
What if Arthur Schopenhauer Had Used DMT?
how the psychedelic experience can change both philosophers and their philosophy
The Joy of Drug Testing
live from the DEA Lounge, American comedian Johnny O'Clonapan on the patriotic duty of urinating for America -- Drug Warriors get 5 dollars off all alcohol and tobacco. Drug-Free punters get big shiny star for renouncing Mother Nature's godsend meds!
There is no such thing as DRUGS
there is no such thing as drugs -- substances are neither moral nor immoral, neither good nor bad
Why the Drug War is Worse than a Religion
The Drug War not only outlaws specific religions, but it outlaws the very source and fountainhead of religious feeling itself.
Comedian Adderall Zoloft Riffs on the Drug War
Stand-up comedy routine about America's disgraceful drug war, starring Adderall Zoloft
Colorado plane crash caused by milk!
logically challenged drug warrior reportage implies that cocaine caused plane crash
Screw You, Francis Burton Harrison
The anti-American Francis Burton Harrison overrode common law and set the evil precedent that Americans are not entitled to the plants and fungi that grow at their very feet.
Mad, and Proud of It
This is your brain on Drug War propaganda
How the American brain has been fried by drug war lies and revisionist history
There's nothing complicated about it -- legalize Mother Nature's plants now!
It is not complicated to demand the restoration of a right.
Seven Ways that Liberals are Confused by the Drug War
Graeme Woods just doesn't get it about the American drug war, which is actually the establishment of Christian Science as America's state religion. Graeme is completely ignorant about the psychedelic renaissance for starters.
A Drug Warrior in our Midst
stand-up comedy routine about the absurdity of the drug war, live from the DEA Lounge!
How Drug Warriors Steal American Elections
How Drug Warriors steal elections by arresting liberals and taking them off the voting rolls
Plants Divine, All Plants Excelling
sermon about the therapeutic value of naturally growing plants and fungi
Tweet to Alex Adams
torture friendly movie, Running with the Devil
Lock 'em up! Lock 'em up!
time to crack down on the real drug menace, by arresting hypocrites like William Bennett for possession of alcohol and tobacco
Speaking Truth to Big Pharma
Heffter Research Institute needs to recognize Big Pharma as the enemy if it wishes to excite the depressed about psychedelic therapy
Depressed? Here's why.
The DEA is not the only self-serving agency prosecuting the patient-harming drug war. The unindicted co-conspirators include Big Pharma, Psychiatry, and the political organizations supporting the interests of Prison Guards and Sheriffs
Campfire Stories about America's Drug War
warning: this is a horrifying story about government overreach and the denial of basic human rights to suffering humanity
There is a Specter Haunting Science
a speech before the National Science Foundation, calling out scientists for caving to the demands of Drug War politics
Urine Testers Needed
urine testing to enforce the drug war's Christian Science ban on the use of Mother Nature's therapeutic plants
Tune In, Turn On, Opt Out
Why fans of psychedelic medicine should just say no to Surveillance Capitalism
Letter to Lamar Alexander
Lamar Alexander votes to acquit the traitor Trump, the drug warrior that wants to kill suspects in cold blood yet is now above the law himself
The American Stasi
Demonstrating how the DEA is America's Stasi, silencing even the thought of protest in otherwise loud-mouth Americans
Clueless Philosophers
philosophers can't make up their mind if morality exists, meanwhile Trump wants to execute minorities who sell plants
The Totally Unspoken Truth About Drugs
The Three Basic Facts of Life That Drug Warrior America refuses to hear and that philosophers refuse to confront.
The Educational Use of Psychoactive Plants
Unless musical potential: End the Christian Science Drug War and use Mother Nature's pharmacy to improve music appreciation.
The DEA's War on Alzheimer's Research
how philosophers ignore the anti-scientific role of the drug war in stifling scientific research, preferring to focus on problems like, 'do we really exist?' or 'is truth passe?'
How to Unite Drug War Opponents of all Ethnicities
Fight back against the common law power grab that is American drug law, as Big Pharma replaces Americans' access to Mother Nature's psychedelics, peyote, etc.
America's Great Anti-Depressant Scam
when plant medicines have bad potential side effects, they're demonized; when big pharma anti-depressants have a side effect, they're sold with still more medicine to correct the problem, in slick television commercials
America's Blind Spot
how the American drug war is made possible by false cultural assumptions about plants and a western distaste for the world of feeling, Mother Nature and her psychedelics
The Whistle Blower who NOBODY wants to hear
How Drug War America ignores the great addition of our time, the fact that 1 in 6 Americans are addicted to Big Pharma depression meds
Six Reasons Why Americans Are Bamboozled by the Drug War
Six reasons why Americans are bamboozled by the drug war, and why it's really a war on plants
Drug Warrior Lies on the Internet Movie Database
Anonymous drug warrior passes off drug war propaganda lies in summary of movie The Other Side of the Mirror
So, Your Faith Votes?
Conservatives like Mick Huckabee hypocritically condemn the nanny state while telling Americans which plants they can access thanks to his anti-patient 'drug war;
'Good Chemistry' is a good Covid read
How drug war virus causes muddled thinking, causing Americans to demonize evil 'drugs' and canonize blssed 'medicines'
10 Idiots who helped spread drug war propaganda on Listverse
loony drug warrior chop logic designed to demonize mother nature's plant medicines
How Cocaine could have helped me
Psychiatry has been cowed by the drug war into denying the obvious: that drugs like cocaine can fight depression by creating circumstances under which a human being can succeed in life.
Dirty Minded Drug Warriors
How drug war propaganda turns Americans into children viz psychoactive plant medicine
Psst! You have been bamboozled by America's Drug War
Are you one of the 99% of Americans have been bamboozled by drug war lies and censorship? Find out -- and get cured here!
combatting drug war propaganda and lies, one post at a time
What You Can Do
Fight back against the drug war: five ways that you can end the enforcement of Christian Science with respect to plant medicine
How the Atlantic Supports the Drug War
The Atlantic ignores the drug war and the thousands of plants that it puts off-limits to scientific research
How Psychiatry and the Drug War turned me into an eternal patient
The psychiatric pill mill is the natural result of a Drug War in a capitalist society.
Why the Drug War is far worse than a failure
published in response to an article in the Manila Times, published March 4, 2021, entitled 'Ping Lacson is right: Digong's drug war is a failure'
Vice and The 'One Strike You're Out' Fallacy
Aspirin kills 3,000 a year, but Vice says nothing. Yet if a criminalized substance is even remotely connected with one death, Vice writers pillory the drug as pure evil.
Scientism and America's Drug War hypocrisy
"Addiction" is a political term in a Drug War society, where we ban medicines based on the fears of pharmacologically challenged politicians.
How the Drug War gave the 2016 election to Donald Trump
The racist Drug War disenfranchised millions of Americans, but Drug War collaborators won't admit it
Reddit: the Home Page for Grade-Schoolers
Why the whole concept of anonymous posting is nonsense.
Troy Ange and Zane Kaleem Get It (almost)
The outlawing of nature's mood medicines has incentivized bad guys to profit by selling highly addictive synthesized drugs.
Listening to the Drug War
If the global capitalist system cannot allow plants to be legal, then there is something wrong with the global capitalist system, not with plants.
Capitalism and the Drug War
How capitalism keeps social problems like the Drug War from ending.
How the Drug War Banned my Religion
The soma plant inspired the Vedic religion. The Drug War bans all such plants today, thus outlawing the very fountainhead of the religious impulse.
Childish Drug Warriors
There was no Drug War for 4,000 years of human history. The fact that there's a drug war today says far more about America than it does about drugs.
The Drug War as a Greek Tragedy
The Drug War is all about making guns relevant. It created drug cartels just as surely as liquor prohibition created the Mafia.
The Menace of the Drug War
How drug laws empower criminals to sell the most dangerous substances possible.