essays against the hateful Drug War

by Brian B. Quass, writer for Sociodelic and author of The Drug War Comic Book

CALL FOR ACTION: The DEA stomped onto the Monticello estate of Thomas Jefferson in 1987 and confiscated Thomas Jefferson's poppy plants in violation of the Natural Law upon which Jefferson had founded America. Yet they refuse to acknolwedge the raid, let alone to complain about it.

Tell the Thomas Jefferson Foundation to stop betraying Thomas Jefferson. Write to them today at:

Then write to the Sites of Conscience organization and tell them that Monticello should cease to be designated as a "Site of Conscience" until it acknowledges the DEA raid on Monticello, a raid which violated everything that Jefferson stood for.

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The Handicapped NEED Crutches
on the anti-patient morality of the drug war
How the Drug War is Threatening Intellectual Freedom in England
an open letter to British Philosophers
Treating the REAL problem
the timeworn trope with which psychiatrists defend their lack of common sense
A Quantum of Hubris
how know-it-all materialists block scientific progress
Richard Feynman and the Drug War
Rimbaud was right. Science is too slow for us (for we the depressed). And this slowness has consequences, for it gives a green-light for scheming politicians to outlaw godsend psychoactive substances.
Blaming Drugs for Nazi Germany
the philosophical problems with 'Blitzed' by Norman Ohler
Partnership for a Death Free America
Join the Partnership in working to outlaw skateboarding, free climbing, dodge ball, and all the other deadly threats to the health and welfare of our innocent white children!
COPS PRESENTS the top 10 traffic stops of 2023
Why Louis Theroux is Clueless about Addiction and Alcoholism
The Drug War renders us impotent in treating alcoholism because it outlaws all the psychoactive medicine that might inspire the alcoholic to change.
Dragnet meets the Drug War
Dragnet spoof of Drug War America
Corner on Coca!
collect nature's godsend medicines while protesting the War on Drugs!
How Cocaine could have helped me
Psychiatry has been cowed by the drug war into denying the obvious: that drugs like cocaine can fight depression by creating circumstances under which a human being can succeed in life.
Drug War Radio
Responding to Brainwashed Drug Warriors on YouTube
How the Drug War is a War on Creativity
How drugs inspired creativity in HP Lovecraft, Edgar Allan Poe, Benjamin Franklin, Jules Verne, HG Wells, Lewis Carroll, Alexandre Dumas, etc.
The Truth About Opium by William H. Brereton
Refutation of the fallacies of the Anti-Opium Society and a Defence of the Indo-China Opium Trade
The Origins of Modern Psychiatry
How to create a billion-dollar industry in three easy steps
COPS: TV Show for Racist Drug Warriors
The Drug War is a make-work program for Cops. Without it, they would actually have to fight only REAL crime, and not go around harassing minorities.
How Prohibition Causes Addiction
Weed Bashing at WTOP.COM
an open letter to station manager Joel Oxley

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