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Connecticut Drug Warriors want to charge drug dealers with murder

by Ballard Quass, the Drug War Philosopher

April 27, 2022

in response to Should Drug Dealers be Charged with Murder? Connecticut Ponders, Associated Press article by Dave Collins, published February 25, 2019 in the Hartford Courant

Hey, Dave.

I was quite shocked to see your article entitled "Should Drug Dealers Be Charged with Murder?"

Let's rephrase the headline in equivalent language in order to illustrate my concerns:

"Should Plant Dealers be Charged with Murder?"

"Should a Person Be Charged with Murder for selling plant medicine of which politicians disapprove?"

The whole idea of executing drug dealers only arises because of America's policy of Demonizing and Criminalizing Psychoactive Plant Medicine. This is what incentivizes drug dealing, which is hugely profitable thanks to prohibition.

If we're going to charge anyone with murder, it should be the Drug Warriors whose policies, even as we speak, are causing civil wars in South America, drive-by shootings in inner cities, and empowering a self-proclaimed DRUG WAR HITLER in the Philippines. Yes, charge the Drug Warriors, whose laws create the drug dealers out of whole cloth, incentivizing them to sell the most addictive drugs possible without regard for substance quality.

Then we should charge the DEA with lying about plant medicine for the last 50 years and with poisoning Americans with Paraquat, a weed killer that causes Parkinson's disease -- and with criminalizing one of the safest drugs known to man, MDMA, against the recommendations of their own counsel, thereby forcing American soldiers to go without godsend treatment for PTSD for the last 40 years. The Prohibitionists are responsible for 797 deaths in Chicago alone last year, for as Heather Ann Thompson wrote in The Atlantic in 2014, the kind of gun-related deaths we see today in downtown areas would be impossible without the war on drugs.

The fact that we ask such questions as yours in modern-day America shows how far the Drug War has led us in the direction of fascism. Witness all the movies in which the DEA agents are heroes for shooting unarmed drug suspects at point-blank range ("Running with the Devil") and considering SWAT raids to be a success even when they kill black teenager "scumbags" (Jason Chase's "The Runner").

Please avoid headlines that would encourage folks like Trump to start killing people for selling plant medicine of which politicians disapprove.

Thomas Jefferson used to be a dealer, too, you know, selling poppies to "scumbags" like Benjamin Franklin, right?

The real scumbags were the Drug Warriors, who told the entire world that we had to adopt the jaundiced Christian Science attitude toward a boogieman called "drugs," rather than learning how to use naturally occurring substances as safely as possible -- through education, not fear and criminalization.

Still believe in the Drug War approach?

Then how about we charge the liquor industry with murder for killing 100,000 Americans a year?

How about we remove those who drink from the workforce through drug testing?

Drug warriors say no to that. Why? Because the Drug War is meant to crack down on those other guys, not on the Drug Warriors themselves.

Oh, bless me, if there isn't another article by Brian on the self-same topic:
See also President Calls for Executing Drug Dealers

Author's Follow-up: September 21, 2022

America wants to execute people for selling the kinds of medicines that have inspired entire religions. America wants to dominate South America by outlawing the coca leaf that the Peruvian Indians have used long before the Spanish arrived to enslave them (the health-giving coca leaf that is demonized today based not on its effects, but rather on the fact that it contains an alkaloid called cocaine -- which is kind of like demonizing peaches because they contain prussic acid). Americans are willful idiots when it comes to drug policy who have swallowed Drug War propaganda hook, line and sinker. So instead of educating the public, they've been taught to divide it by creating scapegoats for our anti-scientific views of medicine. There are many professors today in academia who actually agree with the anti-scientific notion that there are such things as "drugs": namely, substances for which there is no good use: not now, not ever, not anywhere. But the fact is that there are no such substances on the planet. Even deadly Botox has wise, rational uses.

The Drug War, in short, represents all that is wrong with America, including wilful stupidity on the part of a censored Academia (an Academia that doesn't even recognize or care that it's censored), racism and the enforcement of Christian Science as America's -- and now the world's -- official religion, at least when it comes to psychoactive medicine.

Author's Follow-up: October 11, 2022

Why doesn't Connecticut 'get real' and charge Phillips Morris International with murder or their American spinoff called Atria? That's revenge for their killing half a million Americans a year. Why don't they hang the Big Pharma execs who turned American women into Stepford Wives by addicting 1 in 4 to their tranquilizing "meds." Why don't they hold Anheuser Busch to account for killing 90,000 a year?

Or better yet, why don't they wake up and start educating their residents about all psychoactive substances without regard for the hypocritical Chicken Little squawking of Drug Warriors? Why don't they end the substance prohibition which incentivizes bad actors to sell bad drugs in the first place?

Why? Because residents of The Nutmeg State have swallowed the Drug Warrior lie that we are to fear and demonize psychoactive substances rather than to understand them.

I wonder how many Nutmeggers realize that nutmeg itself is a psychoactive drug at the right doses. Perhaps they'll want to boycott Indonesia and change their state nickname. That may sound rash, but then the Drug War is all about hysteria, not rational thought. Maybe execute the head of McCormick Brands as a warning to all evil-bad-horrible drug pushers.

The '50s had its communists, the 2020s have their drug dealers. The more things change...

Boycott Connecticut: whose nickname is Nutmeg, a psychoactive drug!!!

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Some Tweets against the hateful war on drugs

This hysterical reaction to rare negative events actually creates more rare negative events. This is why the DEA publicizes "drug problems," because by making them well known, they make the problems more prevalent and can thereby justify their huge budget.
Drug Warriors never take responsibility for incentivizing poor kids throughout the west to sell drugs. It's not just in NYC and LA, it's in modest-sized towns in France. Find public housing, you find drug dealing. It's the prohibition, damn it!
The DEA has done everything it can to keep Americans clueless about opium and poppies. The agency is a disgrace to a country that claims to value knowledge and freedom of information.
Drug warriors do not seem to see any irony in the fact that their outlawing of opium eventually resulted in an "opioid crisis." The message is clear: people want transcendence. If we don't let them find it safely, they will find it dangerously.
Materialists are always trying to outdo each other in describing the insignificance of humankind. Crick at least said we were "a vast assembly of nerve cells and their associated molecules." Musk downsizes us to one single microbe. He wins!
I, for one, am actually TRYING to recommend drugs like MDMA and psilocybin as substitutes for shock therapy. In fact, I would recommend almost ANY pick-me-up drug as an alternative to knowingly damaging the human brain. That's more than the hateful DEA can say.
The DEA conceives of "drugs" as only justifiable in some time-honored ritual format, but since when are bureaucrats experts on religion? I believe, with the Vedic people and William James, in the importance of altered states. To outlaw such states is to outlaw my religion.
Americans heap hypocritical praise on Walt Whitman. What they don't realize is that many of us could be "Walt Whitman for a Day" with the wise use of psychoactive drugs. To the properly predisposed, morphine gives a DEEP appreciation of Mother Nature.
This is why we would rather have a depressed person commit suicide than to use "drugs" -- because drugs, after all, are not dealing with the "real" problem. The patient may SAY that drugs make them feel good, but we need microscopes to find out if they REALLY feel good.
In "The Book of the Damned," Charles Fort writes about the data that science has damned, by which he means "excluded." The fact that drugs can inspire and elate is one such fact, although when Fort wrote his anti-materialist broadside, drug prohibition was in its infancy.
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