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Lights, Camera, Drug War

Quotes From TV and movies

Jungle Fever

"If you ever use drugs, I'll kill you."

Yes, even the director of "Bamboozled" is bamboozled about drugs. He agrees with the drug warrior lie that there are psychoactive substances in nature that have no positive uses whatsoever, in any place, any time, any context. This superstitious way of thinking has forced me to go without godsend medicine my entire life. Thanks, Spike. Why do you want people to become drug-hating Christian Scientists, exactly? These things that you call "drugs" have inspired entire religions. The conservatives are laughing as they rush to the polls to elect fascists, because they have bamboozled Spike Lee himself to sign off on the drug war which brings death and incarceration to inner city blacks. Throw away that "just say no" teddy bear with which you were bribed in childhood, Spike, and open your eyes.


"Against hard drugs in the community."

"Hard" drugs? As defined by whom? The DEA? That agency which ranks psychoactive substances by the degree to which they threaten the WASP establishment?

James Leroy Anderson The Movie (The Heroes Squad)

"Stay away from drugs, gangs, cyber porn on the internet and you could be President some day."

President? More like the dictator of a drug-hating Christian Science theocracy. (Another of the endless movie quotes that equate substances that inspired entire religions with everything low and disgusting.)

The Crow: City of Angels

"Curve's also the one who just dusted himself CURVE (hyped on drugs) Let's get this over with."

The screenwriter's direction says "hyped on drugs." Notice that we don't have to know the specific name or kind of drug, because the political term "drugs" implies a substance that produces any and all zany illogical and dangerous behavior -- in other words, more drug war demonization of the psychoactive medicine that puritan imperialist America prefers to fear rather than to understand.

The Killer

"Prostitution, gambling, drugs, guns."

Westerner's cannot think of psychoactive substances but as the politically created pejorative known as "drugs." Had the former inhabitants of the Indus Valley held this same jaundiced view of amoral substances, the Vedic religion would have arrived in the world stillborn.

Allmost Famous

"ELAINE (weary of the issue) Honey, it's all about drugs and promiscuous sex."

More obligatory demonizing of medicines that have inspired entire religions.

Boone: the Bounty Hunter

"If someone offers you drugs, don't do drugs, 'cause drugs can hurt your brain development."

More Drug War lies designed to get kids scared about substances rather than understanding them. Benjamin Franklin "did" opium. So did Marcus Aurelius. HG Wells and Jules Verne wrote stories "on" coca wine. The Vedic religion was inspired by psychedelics. Americans are bamboozled beyond belief by drug war propaganda, so much so that even in the movie Bamboozled, Spike Lee blames the boogieman of drugs, which was invented out of whole cloth to marginalize minorities.

Autumn in New York

" I think she only tried drugs once."

Again, one of the endless one liners that trash plant medicines about which Americans know nothing, except that they're supposed to hate them.


"Authorities have been after him since the old days... ...for extortion, drugs, even murder. Except for small collars..."

Spoken by Donahue. This is how bamboozled Americans are: movies and TV shows continually link plant medicines that have inspired entire religions with extortion and murder.

Die Hard 2

"Just a cop who's spent half his career busting scumbag lowlife dope dealers."

McClane, speaking to Esperanza, in another example of the Nazification of language by the Drug War, according to which nature's bounty is "junk" and those who deal in it are "scumbags."

Republic of Doyle

"She flipped on you because you are a piece of dog turd."

Logan, speaking to someone who sells plant medicine. The Drug War Nazifies our language, making it acceptable to call folks scumbags and turds because they dare to use plant medicine that has inspired entire religions.
The Drug War Philosopher