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Responding to Brainwashed Drug Warriors on YouTube

by Ballard Quass, the Drug War Philosopher

July 8, 2023

've been leaving comments on various Jefferson-related YouTube videos, reminding viewers of the inconvenient truth that Thomas Jefferson Foundation refuses to acknowledge the DEA raid on Monticello in 1987. One of my comments (on the video entitled Why Jefferson Didn't Free His Slaves") received a reply from a smart-ass prohibitionist. Since it pissed me off (just the tiniest little bit), I have reprinted the entire thread (so far) below, starting with my post and the harebrained rebuttal, and finally a series of white-hot replies that I rattled off back to back by way of countering everything that smart-aleck seems to stand for. I have retained the typos in my sequential rejoinders to better convey the harried state that I was in when I was in the act of composing them. Yes, it really pissed me off that folks like "avus-kw2f213" still think in the year 2023, 109 years after Congress first claimed the right to outlaw a plant, that prohibition is the answer. Prohibitionists today are like witnesses of a house fire who call for the arsonist to return and put out the flames.

Original Post

At least the Thomas Jefferson Foundation acknowledges slavery. They have been silent for 35 years now about the raid on Monticello in which Reagan's DEA confiscated Jefferson's poppy plants in violation of the natural law upon which the opium-loving Jefferson founded America. It was a betrayal of Thomas Jefferson's legacy. The signs around Monticello staking out "hallowed ground" need to be removed.

Smart-ass Reply

I agree the drug trade should definitely be legal both Americans and Brits fought and died for the freedom of selling drugs

Subsequent rejoinders

The drug trade? You mean the trade in Mother Nature's bounty?

Thomas Jefferson loved opium. The poppy is a plant. A PLANT! It is a violation of natural law to outlaw Mother Nature. see John Locke. Why do you think folks are dying every day now and there is no rule of law in Latin America. Because stealth Christian Scientists have taken over the world. God's bounty is GOOD. We need knowledge and safe use, not militarization. The DRUG WAR ELECTED TRUMP by throwing his opponents in jail. THey [the founding fathers] did not fight for drugs -- that's a Drug Warrior term. They [i.e., the Founding Fathers] fought for freedom -- of which none is more important than our right to Mother Nature. If the government can tell you which plants you can use, they can tell you anything, NATURE IS OURS BY NATURAL RIGHT. THAT'S WHAT AMERICA WAS FOUNDED ON. THAT'S WHAT MONTICELLO IGNORES IN BETRAYAL OF THOMAS JEFFERSON'S LEGACY.

yOU DRUG WARRI0RS CREATE UNSAFE SUPPLY, TEACH FEAR RATHER THAN SAFE USE, THROW A MILLION BLACKS IN JAIL, AND THEN blame all the problems that result from that on "drugs." It's the mother of all denial. And it has overthrown natural law in America, with the consent of those who should be speaking up for it. Monticello should stop stonewalling and come clean about the raid in which they stole plants. That's sci-fi stuff: Fahrenheit 451 the government confiscated books that expand the mind. In Fahrenheit 452 they confiscate PLANTS that expand the mind. William James himself said we MUST study such substances to understand ultimate reality. But the Drug War censors science and philosophical investigation by outlawing... wait for it, folks.... PLANTS! You have no right to do so. None.

Monticello should be DELISTED as a site of conscience until they come clean about the raid.

THe idea that "drugs" is a four-letter word is a modern invention spouted by racist politicians. In the past, they knew that all substances had positive uses. It depended on the dose, the reason for use, the circumstances. But Drug Warriors feed us the anti-scientific lie that psychoactive plants have no positive uses for anybody, anywhere, at any dose, ever.

Of course you have a knee-jerk aversion to drugs. You received a teddy bear in grade school for hating them. Your government and media has kept you from hearing anything about positive use. The ONDCP actually has a rule not to TALK about safe use for fear of encouraging use. Yet they blame kids dying on DRUGS. People want self-transcendence and not everybody wants the shabby drug called alcohol. Racist politicians blame everything on "drugs" so they can avoid spending time and money on real problems.

It never occurred to the founding fathers that government would so overreach itself as to pretend to dole out mother nature to reward and punish. They would have gasped at the idea of outlawing plants. It's not legal. It's not sensical. And all the woe that's followed from it falls squarely on the heads of prohibitionists. The daily deaths in southeast DC, the hundreds of thousands of deaths in Mexico over the last 12 years, the creation of armed gangs and cartels. And how did it start? Because of a sinophobic campaign to outlaw opium.

Acknowledge the coup against natural law. Stop hiding the truth. If the raid made so much sense, then acknowledge it and let everyone see how "sensical" it was for the government to CONFISCATE A PLANT!

Author's Follow-up: August 19, 2023

The smart-ass above implies that it's no big deal that the government has outlawed plants. Therefore it's no big deal that Monticello allowed the DEA to confiscate Jefferson's poppy plants. I can only observe by way of response that Monticello itself (i.e., the Thomas Jefferson Foundation) seems to consider it a big deal. They are obviously ashamed of the fact that they collaborated with the DEA in 1987 to allow them to stomp onto the garden-loving Jefferson's "hallowed ground" and steal his plants. Why else would they be covering up the fact that such a raid took place. Why don't they just say: "Sure, we let our government come in and steal some naughty plants: and what's more, we're proud of it!"

They obviously are ashamed and do not want to be "called out" for their betrayal of Jefferson's legacy of natural law, which tells us that mother nature's bounty belongs to individuals to use as they fit -- that government has no ownership whatsoever of the flora of this earth.

November 16, 2023

Trust that I've upbraided Brian for his ill-advised use of epithets. ("Smart ass" indeed!) Still, can you imagine this flamer dude? The government claims that it has a right to control Mother Nature and dole out pain relief and spiritual inspiration as it sees fit, and this guy has no problem with it. ("Just tell me when and where you want me to take a urine test, guys!") You can bet he'll think again when, God forbid, he's injured or in hospice and is refused godsend medicine for pain relief, medicine that is his by right as a denizen of Planet Earth.

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A pharmacologically savvy drug dealer would have no problem getting someone off one drug because they would use the common sense practice of fighting drugs with drugs. But materialist doctors would rather that the patient suffer than to use such psychologically obvious methods.
We need to start thinking of drug-related deaths like we do about car accidents: They're terrible, and yet they should move us to make driving safer, not to outlaw driving. To think otherwise is to swallow the drug war lie that "drugs" can have no positive uses.
The MindMed company (makers of LSD Lite) tell us that euphoria and visions are "adverse effects": that's not science, that's an arid materialist philosophy that does not believe in spiritual transcendence.
That's another problem with "following the science." Science downplays personal testimony as subjective. But psychoactive experiences are all ABOUT subjectivity. With such drugs, users are not widgets susceptible to the one-size-fits-all pills of reductionism.
If psychoactive drugs had never been criminalized, science would never have had any reason or excuse for creating SSRIs that muck about unpredictably with brain chemistry. Chewing the coca leaf daily would be one of many readily available "miracle treatments" for depression.
How else will they scare us enough to convince us to give up all our freedoms for the purpose of fighting horrible awful evil DRUGS? DRUGS is the sledgehammer with which they are destroying American democracy.
Materialist scientists cannot triumph over addiction because their reductive focus blinds them to the obvious: namely, that drugs which cheer us up ACTUALLY DO cheer us up. Hence they keep looking for REAL cures while folks kill themselves for want of laughing gas and MDMA.
I can think of no greater intrusion than to deny a person autonomy over how they think and feel in life. It is sort of a meta-intrusion, the mother of all anti-democratic intrusions.
Democratic societies need to outlaw prohibition for many reasons, the first being the fact that prohibition removes millions of minorities from the voting rolls, thereby handing elections to fascists and insurrectionists.
Oregon's drug policy is incoherent and cruel. The rich and healthy spend $4,000 a week on psilocybin. The poor and chemically dependent are thrown in jail, unless they're on SSRIs, in which case they're congratulated for "taking their meds."
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