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Why Congressman Kevin Kiley Should be Charged with Murder

by Ballard Quass, the Drug War Philosopher

August 4, 2023

Today, California Congressman Kevin Kiley called for charging fentanyl dealers with murder. The following are my five tweeted replies in response to this demagogue's cynical chest thumping.

  1. Can't even complain to Kevin Kiley. His Congressional page is set up to ignore non-constituents. So apparently he can destroy this country with racist and xenophobic policies and we cannot so much as ask him to desist.

  2. But in his defense, I'm sure he received a nice teddy bear as a kid for saying no to Mother Nature's immoral plant medicines.

  3. I say we give Kevin Kiley a drug test. If we find so much as a trace of caffeine or alcohol, we should confiscate his house, deny him SSA benefits, remove him from the workforce, and debar him from ever holding public office again.

  4. We've got to make sure that our modern-day Torquemadas are morally pure after all.

  5. Better yet, let's put him on trial for the 100,000 deaths that his policies have caused in Mexico over the last 10 years and for the ongoing shootings in inner cities that his prohibition has brought about thanks to the rival drug gangs that it created.

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"When two men who have been in an aggressive mood toward each other take part in the ritual, one is able to say to the other, 'Come, let us drink, for there is something between us.' " re: the Mayan use of the balche drink in Encyc of Psych Plants, by Ratsch & Hofmann
What are drug dealers doing, after all? Only selling substances that people want and have always had a right to, until racist politicians came along and decided government had the right to ration out pain relief and mystical experience.
And these are the people that Trump has promised to execute if he is elected.
Most prohibitionists think that they merely have to use the word "drugs" to win an argument. Like: "Oh, so you're in favor of DRUGS then, are you?" You can just see them sneering as they type. That's because the word "drugs" is like the word "scab": it's a loaded political term.

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