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Breaking News: Scientists Realize That Marijuana may not be Evil Incarnate After All!

More Glacial Progress in the war against Substance Prohibition

by Ballard Quass, the Drug War Philosopher

January 13, 2024

friend of mine just forwarded me a link to a NY Times article suggesting that the penny has finally dropped for scientists on the subject of marijuana1. I responded as follows:

Thanks. Yeah, I saw the headline. Actually, the article will probably just depress me. To me it's all about the GLACIAL progress of materialist science when it comes to "drugs." We've had 100+ years of prohibition and they're only now starting to apologetically say that marijuana might not be devil spawn -- but in saying that, they're taking a swipe at heroin as being worse, thereby betraying their ongoing belief that the problem is drugs and not prohibition. Even heroin has positive uses -- and its popularity is due to the outlawing of opium. So such "reads" are depressing to me, reminding me how far away we still are from looking at these matters sensibly.

At this rate, scientists may realize that laughing gas could help the depressed in, say, 20 more years or so2!

Meanwhile, the status quo has not changed: scientists still believe in the anti-scientific doctrine that drugs can be voted up or down and that a cost-benefit analysis of prohibition need not include the hundreds of thousands of collateral deaths that this hateful policy has racked up over the years, and continues to rack up to this day in inner cities and in Latin America3. For prohibition is the entrapment of the poor: it presents that the opportunity for huge sudden profit -- then when young people jump at the bait, the feds step in to remove them from American life and take them off the voting rolls. Hateful, hateful, hateful.


1 Jewett, Christina, Federal Scientists Recommend Easing Restrictions on Marijuana, New York Times, 2024 (up)
2 Quass, Brian, Why the FDA should not schedule Laughing Gas, 2023 (up)
3 Paley, Dawn, Drug War Capitalism, AK Press, Chico, California, 2014 (up)

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