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May 9, 2022

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'It's total terror': Colombian cartel retaliates over kingpin's arrest

published May 9, 2022 in The Guardian.
This terror is totally self-inflicted. It has all come about because America criminalized a plant, in violation of the natural law upon which America was founded, and because America created a politically defined category of substances called "drugs" that it wants us to fear rather than to understand. In other words, "It's the prohibition, stupid," and yet media coverage gives the impression that the story of "drug violence" is all about big bad evil cartels and gangs that must be quashed at any cost -- the very drug cartels and gangs that drug prohibition created out of whole cloth.
in response to: Daniels, Joe, "'It's total terror': Colombian cartel retaliates over kingpin's arrest." The Guardian, 5-8-22, https://www.theguardian.com/world/2022/may/08/gulf-clan-cartel-armed-strike-colombia-otoniel-dairo-antonio-usuga.

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May 8, 2022

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'Drug kingpin' goes on trial in US but still the bodies pile up in Colombia

published May 8, 2022 in The London Times.
The problem is the idiotic criminalization of plants, as Jefferson well knew when the DEA stomped onto Monticello and confiscated his poppy plants in 1987 -- violating the natural law upon which he founded America, which (according to John Locke) gives us the right to "the use of the land and all that lies therein." The real killers are the drug warriors who criminalize plants, thereby causing DAILY inner-city shootings and civil wars overseas (while empowering a self-styled DRUG WAR HITLER in the Philippines). Drug users are not scumbags, WHO. HG Wells and Jules Verne wrote their stories while using Coca Wine. Plato got his views of the afterlife from the psychedelic kykeon at Eleusis. And Benjamin Franklin and Marcus Aurelius enjoyed the creative insight provided by opium. We need facts not fear, WHO, education not demonization. (PS This subject is so fraught that this post is "flagged" when I try to submit it. Is the drug war ideology so ingrained that the Times no longer publishes dissenting viewpoints about it? Sad to see that the Times lets technology call the shots about free speech rather than common sense.)
in response to: Campbell, Matthew, "'Drug kingpin' goes on trial in US but still the bodies pile up in Colombia." The London Times, 5-8-22, https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/drug-kingpin-goes-on-trial-in-us-but-still-the-bodies-pile-up-in-colombia-3fljsmgsq.

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May 6, 2022

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Trump mused about fighting drug war with missile strikes in Mexico, ex-defense secretary claims

published May 6, 2022 in The Washington Examiner.
A rational person is lost for words upon reading such news headlines. But one thing's for certain: drug warriors are going to eventually invoke a "final solution" for the "drug war" if folks who know better continue to straddle the fence on this issue. Rodrigo Duterte is already proudly calling himself the Drug War Hitler in the Philippines, and he's on record as saying that drug users deserve the same punishment that's meted out to drug dealers (namely death in his country -- and soon in ours too if Trump returns to power). That's why I wrote the Holocaust Museum two years ago to ask them to fight back, if not against the drug war itself then against the language of dehumanization that it promotes. This abusive language is omnipresent in America today. The new movie 'The Runner' by Jason Chase is full of it. The "hero" Detective Wall refers to a teenage black kid as "a waste," who is "not worth another thought." And Detective Wall was true to his word, because his thoughtless raid on a band of unarmed teenagers "inadvertently" killed the boy (if one can be killed "inadvertently" by a hail of bullets) -- a raid for which Detective Wall got a medal, by the way!

But it's not just guys who are literally treating substance users like dirt these days. Marci Hamilton of the Wall Street Journal gives us to understand that drug users... wait for it, folks... are no better than child abusers!

This gives us a very different take, indeed, on famous opium-users, such as Ben Franklin and Marcus Aurelius -- and makes us question the entire Vedic religion, which was inspired by the psychoactive insights provided by plant medicine.

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in response to: King, Ryan, " Trump mused about fighting drug war with missile strikes in Mexico, ex-defense secretary claims." The Washington Examiner, 5-5-22, https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/trump-mused-of-fighting-drug-war-with-missile-strikes-in-mexico-ex-defense-secretary-claims.