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Virus Update

Keeping track of the dreaded Drug War Virus

by Ballard Quass, the Drug War Philosopher

March 20, 2020

ust a quick message to let our readership know that we are doing everything we can to fight the Drug War virus. The first and most important step is to recognize the symptoms of an infected person:

1) Pathological obstinacy. Those infected with the Drug War Virus stubbornly fail to recognize that criminalizing medicinal plants is the unconstitutional enforcement of Christian Science with respect to psychological healing.

2) Selective amnesia. Infected persons conveniently "forget" that Mother Nature's plants and fungi are the birth right of every human being under the natural law to which the American Declaration appealed in arguing against British injustice.

3) Logical confusion. The infected person also fails to realize that all the problems of drug abuse are either directly brought about or greatly exacerbated by the Drug War itself.

What can you do?

The key is to practice social distancing. Keep at least 6 feet away from every known or suspected Drug Warrior and their specious arguments. In so doing, you will underscore your contempt for the shoddy reasoning and fascist tendencies apparent in every carrier of the Drug War virus.

June 15, 2022

Not to nitpick, but there's another symptom of the Drug War virus, namely the tendency to forget that HG Wells and Jules Verne wrote their best stories while drinking coca wine, that Plato's views of the afterlife were inspired by the psychedelic kykeon at Eleusis, that Benjamin Franklin and Marcus Aurelius were big fans of the opium poppy, and that the entire Vedic religion was inspired by psychoactive plant medicine. Then there's the fact that the psychoactive medicine that we demonize today could be used to fight Alzheimer's disease, fight depression, increase worker productivity, increase one's love of music, increase one's appreciation of the natural world, etc.

If folks forget all this, it is a sure sign that they have contracted the Drug War virus.

In other words the Drug War virus is far more insidious than anyone has yet to fully appreciate. So remember to social distance yourself -- and to buy a mask so that you can place it over the infected person's mouth the next time these anti-nature blasphemers start demonizing psychoactive botanicals without regard for the context of use.

Author's Follow-up: August 14, 2022

A new more virulent strain of the virus has been reported in Children of the Drug War, a chilling collection of drug-war essays compiled by Damon Barrett. It appears that once-civilized countries are now denying morphine to children in hospice, in servile and dogmatic fealty to the drug-war ideology which says that such demonized substances can have no positive uses for anyone, anywhere, for any reason whatsoever. In other words, the virus is causing severe neurological problems in those it attacks -- otherwise so-called civilized human beings would never be so heartless as to knowingly allow dying children to suffer severe ongoing pain for no good reason whatsoever.

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Some Tweets against the hateful war on drugs

We don't need people to get "clean." We need people to start living a fulfilling life. The two things are different.
Now drug warriors have nitrous oxide in their sights, the substance that inspired the philosophy of William James. They're using the same tired MO: focusing exclusively on potential downsides and never mentioning the benefits of use, and/or denying that any exist.
Someone tweeted that fears about a Christian Science theocracy are "baseless." Tell that to my uncle who was lobotomized because they outlawed meds that could cheer him up -- tell that to myself, a chronic depressive who could be cheered up in an instant with outlawed meds.
"My faith votes and strives to outlaw religions that use substances of which politicians disapprove."
Prohibition is a crime against humanity. It forces us to use shock therapy on the severely depressed since we've outlawed all viable alternatives. It denies medicines that could combat Alzheimer's and/or render it psychologically bearable.
Drug Warriors never take responsibility for incentivizing poor kids throughout the west to sell drugs. It's not just in NYC and LA, it's in modest-sized towns in France. Find public housing, you find drug dealing. It's the prohibition, damn it!
Rather than protesting prohibition as a crackdown on academic freedom, today's scientists are collaborating with the drug war by promoting shock therapy and SSRIs, thereby profiting from the monopoly that the drug war gives them in selling mind and mood medicine.
Morphine can provide a vivid appreciation of mother nature in properly disposed minds. That should be seen as a benefit. Instead, dogma tells us that we must hate morphine for any use.
The drug war is a way for conservatives to keep America's eyes OFF the prize. The right-wing motto is, "Billions for law enforcement, but not one cent for social programs."
Check out the 2021 article in Forbes in which a materialist doctor professes to doubt whether laughing gas could help the depressed. Materialists are committed to seeing the world from the POV of Spock from Star Trek.
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