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More Weed Bashing at the Washington Post

by Ballard Quass, the Drug War Philosopher

April 20, 2023

he media continues to beat up on marijuana. The Washington Post tells us today that, "Sorry, weed does not increase your creativity."

What the Post really means is that weed does not increase your creativity in a materialist fashion. You can't simply smoke weed and, hey presto, become more creative, as one might take an aspirin to combat a headache. But this is a commonplace, not a bombshell.

With psychoactive drugs, however, you participate in the drug-taking experience. The materialist model does not apply. If you bring creativity to the experience, weed can then leverage that creativity for artistic purposes. For those who disagree, I have but one word for you: jazz. Of course, you first have to believe that a psychoactive drug can help you -- and this is a qualification that materialists abhor: they can only understand one-size-fits-all drugs that work regardless of whether anyone believes in them or not.

It's funny: when the media run out of scare facts to turn us away from Mother Nature's medicines, they resort to articles like this one which make the feeble point that a given botanical may not be as useful as we think it is.

Well, so what? It's a plant, for God's sake. Shut the hell up and re-legalize it already.

This is the problem with go-slow drug legalization. Marijuana becomes the poster child and straw man for the reform movement. That's a sideshow that distracts us from the main point: that God said his creation was good and that we thereby demand our right to mother nature. Those who disagree with us have their own nature-hating religion (according to which God is said to have created "junk" and "dope"). Let them go practice it in private without imposing their views on the world at large with a prohibition that has been demonstrably shown to kill and disenfranchise minorities by the hundreds of thousands.

This is not a matter of science or politics: it's a matter of natural law -- the natural law that Reagan's DEA violated when it stomped onto Monticello and confiscated Thomas Jefferson's poppy plants. I repeat: confiscated his POPPY PLANTS. The fact that such an action seems "normal" to Americans shows how crazed America has become after 100 years of daily prohibition propaganda, mostly in the form of the censorship of all good news about psychoactive medicines.

Instead of telling us that weed won't increase our creativity, the Post should be warning us that anti-depressants will DECREASE it, a statement for which there is plenty of anecdotal evidence. But then who's going to fund the necessary studies on such an allegation? Certainly not the advertisers who support the Post's fearmongering campaigns against re-legalizing Mother Nature.

For truth in advertising, the Post article mentioned above should have been titled "Why Blacks must keep dying in inner cities and why the rule of law must not be re-established in Mexico," for that's what happens when we outlaw natural substances based on the Chicken Little sniping of America's puritan and materialist prohibition movement.

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Check out these prohibitionists who whine about the popularity of weed. It's like they outlawed steak and pork and then they complained about the popularity of chicken. I'd be more than happy to diversify my medicine cabinet once these clowns stop outlawing mother nature.

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"I can take this drug that inspires me and makes me compassionate and teaches me to love nature in its byzantine complexity, or I can take Prozac which makes me unable to cry at my parents' funeral. Hmm. Which shall it be?" Only a mad person in a mad world would choose SSRIs.
I have dissed MindMed's new LSD "breakthrough drug" for philosophical reasons. But we can at least hope that the approval of such a "de-fanged" LSD will prove to be a step in the slow, zigzag path toward re-legalization.
Health is not a quality, it's a balance. To decide legality based on 'health' grounds thus opens a Pandora's box of different points of view.
Here are some political terms that are extremely problematic in the age of the drug war: "clean," "junk," "dope," "recreational"... and most of all the word "drugs" itself, which is as biased and loaded as the word "scab."
Someone tweeted that fears about a Christian Science theocracy are "baseless." Tell that to my uncle who was lobotomized because they outlawed meds that could cheer him up -- tell that to myself, a chronic depressive who could be cheered up in an instant with outlawed meds.
Laughing gas is the substance that gave William James his philosophy of reality. He concluded from its use that what we perceive is just a fraction of reality writ large. Yet his alma mater (Harvard) does not even MENTION laughing gas in their bio of the man.
We won't know how hard it is to get off drugs until we legalize all drugs that could help with the change. With knowledge and safety, there will be less unwanted use. And unwanted use can be combatted creatively with a wide variety of drugs.
Rather than protesting prohibition as a crackdown on academic freedom, today's scientists are collaborating with the drug war by promoting shock therapy and SSRIs, thereby profiting from the monopoly that the drug war gives them in selling mind and mood medicine.
All drugs have positive uses at some dose, for some reason, at some time -- but prohibitionists have the absurd idea that drugs can be voted up or down. This anti-scientific notion deprives the modern world of countless godsends.
It's disgusting that folks like Paul Stamets need a DEA license to work with mushrooms.
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