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Doctor Feel Bad

by Ballard Quass, the Drug War Philosopher

August 17, 2022

t's no surprise that "Doctor Feel Good" should be the ultimate put-down in a Drug War society. The Drug War, after all, has at least two major philosophical motivations: 1) the protestant ethic, which questions our right to happiness in this world and views any "immoderate" happiness as suspicious; and 2) the ontology of reductionist science, which places its faith in the quantitative world, from which everything is supposed to "spring," and therefore has no patience with the mere subjective reports of the patient, except insofar as they can be confirmed and, as it were, 'proven' by quantitative measurements (especially of brain chemicals in the case of psychiatry). This is why pundits like Dr. Glatter can write an article for Forbes Magazine entitled "Can Laughing Gas Help People with Treatment-resistant Depression?" In a sane world, this would be a no-brainer: of course it could help. But Glatter wants to know if it could "really" help based on quantitative analyses that are presumably yet to be performed or even specifically envisioned.

In other words, billions of depressed around the world have to wait for the balm of laughing gas while materialists like Glatter try to wrap their heads around the psychologically obvious: that laughing helps. Even the Reader's Digest has known that for decades, judging from its time-honored motto, "Laughter is the best medicine."

Thus a drug-war society creates its own answer to Doctor Feel Good: namely, Doctor Feel Bad.

Glatter is a Doctor Feel Bad, for starters, in denying lifelong depressives like myself access to a no-brainer treatment like laughing gas.

But Doctor Feel Bads are also present at our bedside for our dying day. Whenever anyone (like Anne Heche, for instance) is "peacefully" taken off life support, Doctor Feel Bad is there to make sure everything goes well -- which is to say horribly for the patient. For instead of giving the patient "an immoderate dose of morphine" and allowing them to drift off painlessly to death, the doctor makes sure that no such help is provided and that we simply "starve the patient out" when it comes to achieving our goal of "giving them peace."

Talk about dedication to the Drug War, we will even enforce its anti-patient ideology on the death beds of our beloved.

Doctor Feel Bad is also present in hospices for children around the world, where countries, under the spell of the Drug War ideology of substance demonization, deny morphine to children, thus forcing them to live in unnecessary pain during the final days of their short lives. (For more about this latter infamy, see
Children of the Drug War.")

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