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America's Obsession with Fascist Drug War Movies

by Ballard Quass, the Drug War Philosopher

April 7, 2021

nteresting. Most movie producers seem to be stuck in the '80s, determined to toe the party line that psychoactive medicine from Mother Nature is devil spawn, which is a lie scientifically, historically and cross-culturally speaking. In "Running with the Devil" from 2019, CIA agent Leslie Bibb tortures one "drug suspect" and murders another in cold blood, shooting him at point blank range while she's puffing the hell out of her ever-present cigarettes. If a Drug War makes sense, then she should be the first one to be shot, since her drug of choice (nicotine) kills far more than the stuff she's cracking down on. The message of these movies is insidious: it says basically that America should declare martial law and simply kill everyone who dares to sell mother nature's psychoactive plants. Funny, I missed that part in the US Constitution, the part that calls on us to exact barbaric justice on folks who dare to use plant medicine of which politicians disapprove.

Then there's the 2022 film 'The Runner' in which the WASP hero (Detective Wall) calls a black teenager a "waste" and a "scumbag" because he's selling plant medicine that has been used responsibly by other cultures for millennia. And (spoiler alert) Wall gets a medal for killing the black kid later in a poorly conceived SWAT raid. But not to worry, the raid also killed the obligatory adult Hispanic drug dealer, so Wall can take credit for doing more than killing children.

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