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COPS: TV Show for Racist Drug Warriors

by Ballard Quass, the Drug War Philosopher

January 30, 2021

Tonight on COPS: Dallas police kick black men in their groins for possessing substances of which WASP politicians disapprove!!!!!!!!!!!!

***Review of the TV show "Cops," submitted to the IMDB.

Americans outlaw psychoactive substances around the world, in violation of Natural Law, then they sit home and eat popcorn while watching minorities and morons get arrested on "Cops" for possessing substances that politicians have demonized. Marcus Aurelius used opium. So did Benjamin Franklin. Sigmund Freud thought cocaine was a godsend for his depression. Plato and Plutarch took part in the psychedelic-fueled Eleusinian Mysteries. The whole Vedic religion was founded to worship the metaphysical insights provided by a plant called Soma. Yet idiot America outlaws psychoactive substances and makes entire entertainment genres based on suppressing them. This not only violates the Natural Law upon which Jefferson founded this country, but it is the establishment of Christian Science as America's state religion: Christian Science: the religion that tells us that we have some moral duty to just say no to so-called "drugs." Thomas Jefferson didn't think so and he was rolling in his grave when the DEA confiscated his poppy plants in 1987. Cops is just the modern version of gladiator fights in ancient Rome and the Drug War is just a make-work program for American law enforcement.

NOTES: You can learn a lot about the evils of the Drug War by watching Cops, how the Drug War is a make-work program for law enforcement and causes police officers to have a weird obsession, not with how people actually behave but with what substances they may possess.

In one episode, a woman was pulled over on a domestic terrorism charge, but was never once questioned about domestic terrorism. Instead, the officer kept needling the suspect, asking her if she had any drugs in the car? No? Is she sure? What about the glove compartment? No? Well, had she ever used drugs?

The cop was absolutely obsessed with drugs.

Finally, he uses the terrorism charge to justify a search of the car (even though that charge had nothing to do with "drugs') and to his great delight, the cop found an awful horrible bad terrible evil half-bag of marijuana.

Then the cat-and-mouse game started up again: Was that the woman's marijuana? Had she used it? If not, whose was it? Where did they get it? Did she know she had it? Was she sure?

Most of the violent situations are clearly caused by alcohol. But that's the Christian go-to drug so no problem. Because the natural "drugs" don't cause such problems, the cops have to pry and badger suspects to find out if they have any on hand. What a titanic joke perpetrated on Natural Law by bigoted brain-dead politicians, completely unschooled in botanical science yet who set themselves up as Inquisitors to bar human beings from natural medicines, first and foremost by stigmatizing them with the pejorative epithet of DRUGS!

Author's Follow-up: February 3, 2023

The Clinton Administration broke the law in the late 1990s by colluding with the media to fashion TV show narratives to place "drug use" in a bad light.1


1 Griffiths, William, Psilocybin: A Trip into the World of Magic Mushrooms, William Griffiths, Annapolis, 2021 (up)

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