Essay date: November 7, 2019

Running with the torture loving DEA

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Welcome back to the DEA Lounge!

I want to thank our public servants here for taking time out to join us. I know you've got a busy schedule, locking up liberals, so any time you can spare--

What did I say?

Hey, listen, I understand. By locking up liberals, you keep the Drug Warrior conservatives in power and thus maintain your crucial jobs of quashing dissent in America and limiting human consciousness.

No, seriously. I suppose the Drug War was bound to happen eventually on planet earth.


It had to happen at the precise moment in human history when capitalism and modern transportation coincided with a new awareness of the psychoactive power of plants.



We could either greet this alignment of forces rationally or not, and guess which choice we made?


Suddenly, Chicken Little politicians were screaming: "Oh, me gosh, we have to outlaw plants!"



Earth to politicians: you should have outlawed the profit motive when it comes to those psychoactive plants, not the plants themselves.


I guess they had to scapegoat plants, though, since the alternative was to question the all-powerful god of capitalism.


The result? They thereby created such a violent world that we had to invent a whole new movie genre to accommodate all the bullets and bodies: namely, the Drug War movie.


I hate to call such politicians morons, but if the dunce cap fits...



"Gee, what happened? We outlawed plants and a bunch of violence ensued. Who would have thunk it?"


Answer: anyone with half a brain.


Don't you love those Drug War movies? Those movies where the DEA "heroes" laugh at the US Constitution and willfully employ torture and murder to achieve their goal of outlawing Mother Nature? Ah, yes, good old American values: torture and murder.


Check out Running with the Devil, a DEA propaganda film starring Laurence Fishburne and Nicolas Cage.


Along with Leslie Bibb as the torture-loving DEA agent.


You know, if the Drug War is Christian, as many fundamentalists maintain, then I must have missed something in Sunday School.


I missed the part where Jesus told his followers to place suspects in bikini briefs, suspend them by a metal chain, and then threaten to drill holes in their abdomen with a power tool, as Leslie Bibb threatens to do to the so-called "Snitch" in Running with the Devil.


Oops, I forgot to mention: SPOILER ALERT!


Speaking of spoilers, you ever notice that the Drug War spoils democracy!


I just looked up the movie, Running with the Devil, on so-called Common Sense Media.


Common Sense? More like Common Nonsense.


They pan the movie for its nudity and four-letter words...


...but they have absolutely NOTHING to say about the movie's glorification of governmental fascism.


Common Sense Media is like: Watch out, parents. There are some very naughty words, indeed, in this movie! Land's sakes! Aside from that, though, it's just a good-natured romp extolling the wonders of fascism! So enjoy!


My name is Ballard Quass and I'll be here until they outlaw freedom of speech, which won't be long considering that our government has already had the metaphysical chutzpah to outlaw mere plants!


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You have been reading essays by the Drug War Philosopher, Brian Quass, at Brian has written for Sociodelic and is the author of The Drug War Comic Book, which contains 150 political cartoons illustrating some of the seemingly endless problems with the war on drugs -- many of which only Brian seems to have noticed, by the way, judging by the recycled pieties that pass for analysis these days when it comes to "drugs." That's not surprising, considering the fact that the category of "drugs" is a political category, not a medical or scientific one.

A "drug," as the world defines the term today, is "a substance that has no good uses for anyone, ever, at any time, under any circumstances" -- and, of course, there are no substances of that kind: even cyanide and the deadly botox toxin have positive uses: a war on drugs is therefore unscientific at heart, to the point that it truly qualifies as a superstition, one in which we turn inanimate substances into boogie-men and scapegoats for all our social problems.

The Drug War is, in fact, the philosophical problem par excellence of our time, premised as it is on a raft of faulty assumptions (notwithstanding the fact that most philosophers today pretend as if the drug war does not exist). It is a war against the poor, against minorities, against religion, against science, against the elderly, against the depressed, against those in pain, against children in hospice care, and against philosophy itself. It outlaws substances that have inspired entire religions, Nazi fies the English language and militarizes police forces nationwide. In short, it causes all of the problems that it purports to solve, and then some, meanwhile violating the Natural Law upon which Thomas Jefferson founded America.

If you believe in freedom and democracy, in America and around the world, please stay tuned for more philosophically oriented broadsides against the outrageous war on godsend medicines, AKA the war on drugs.

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