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The Runner: Racist Drug War Agitprop

by Ballard Quass, the Drug War Philosopher

September 10, 2022

Here's a review that Brian posted to IMDB for the disgraceful 2021 film "The Runner." If you share his sentiments, please do your part by slamming the flick's Nazified message in your own IMDB review.

If you want to see how the Drug War has caused Americans to turn their backs on civil rights and civil liberties, watch The Runner, a flick about a self-righteous detective who scorns the US constitution as he strong-arms a teenager into ratting on his friends.

When Aidan asks for a lawyer, Detective Wall tells him, "Guilty people want lawyers." When the detective talks about teenage drug dealers, he uses language that the Nazis once reserved for Jews. The detective calls Aidan's black teenage friend "a scumbag, not worth another thought" and vows to throw the kid in jail for 20 years. Wall doesn't get his way, but that is only because the SWAT team riddles the black kid's chest with bullets in a criminally irresponsible raid on a teenage drinking party. Was Detective Wall fired after the raid? No. In fact, he received an award. And for what? For keeping Americans from using a plant medicine that the Incas considered to be a God. The very fact that this passes for entertainment today shows how thoroughly Americans have been hoodwinked by the hysterical drug-war ideology of substance demonization.

Author's Follow-up: September 10, 2022

I say I posted this review, but I actually just submitted it. If it doesn't appear, it's just more Drug War censorship. I attempted to post a comment on Variety that was critical of this film and the form did not work -- nor did Variety respond to my ten emails when I tried to resolve the problem. It looks like Variety wants to do business as usual, without anybody calling them to account for their many uncritical reviews in which they give drug-war Nazism a complete pass. In this they're just like the media group Common Sense, which will send up flares if a movie features dirty words, but will give no warning whatsoever if a movie promotes racist drug-war tyranny, evidence-planting and torture by the DEA. Such activity apparently qualifies as family values in the age of the Drug War.

Author's Follow-up: September 26, 2022

Today, Twitter flagged one of my replies as being potentially offensive merely because I told the truth about the Drug War. Apparently, just using the word "drugs" in a non-facetious manner is now considered to be offensive. There are endless tweets in which Americans spout the usual disdain for "drugs," dutifully associating them with all things evil, in conformity with their Drug War indoctrination. But when one dares to suggest that "drugs" is a politically created term and that the substances we demonize should be understood instead, one is now considered to be offensive.

I guess Twitter would prefer that I upload funny cat photographs instead so that America can remain in denial about their anti-scientific and superstitious attitude toward the politically created category of substances known as "drugs."

It's days like this that I thank God for referendums and the state of Oregon, where they have decriminalized "drugs." Of course, this is only the first step in restoring sanity (along with natural law and the freedom of scientists) to American life, by elevating facts over fear and education over indoctrination. But such examples are necessary to show the indoctrinated Chicken Littles of the west that the sky does not fall down when we teach instead of arrest.

The Links Police

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