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Science News Continues to Ignore the Drug War

open letter to Laura Sanders

by Ballard Quass, the Drug War Philosopher

June 29, 2023

i, Laura.

Thanks for the great articles over the years, but I have a long-standing complaint with Science News and all other authoritative science sources in the nation. With due respect, you all "reckon without the Drug War."

You ask the question: what IS the solution for depression?

My answer is simple: RE-LEGALIZE MOTHER NATURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The depression "crisis" would end overnight if folks could chew the coca leaf -- or use any of hundreds of drugs on an intermittent basis.

But Science News completely ignores such treatments in blind fealty to the Drug War ideology which tells us that outlawed substances have no positive uses for anybody, at any dose, for any reason, ever.

If Science News really feels this way, they should have a disclaimer that states that fact. If they don't, then they should wake up to the fact that they are self-censoring themselves when telling us about depression, anxiety and consciousness, etc.

The stories about electrifying the brain and using implants scares and bothers me. How dare we use all these technological fixes when we've outlawed any help from Mother Nature? My uncle's brain was destroyed by shock therapy -- because we outlawed all godsend medicines that could have cheered him up. That's Christian Science barbarism.

Many places now allow euthanasia: in the age of the Drug War, this means that we will let people use drugs to kill themselves but we will not let them use drugs to make themselves want to live!!!!!!

When is Science News going to acknowledge the role that the Drug War plays in censoring science and keeping you guys from writing about these issues???

This is about the tenth letter that I've written to Science News on this topic and I've always been ignored.

Please, please, do me a favor and at least take these ideas "on board."

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Some Tweets against the hateful war on drugs

"Judging" psychoactive drugs is hard. Dosage counts. Expectations count. Setting counts. In Harvey Rosenfeld's book about the Spanish-American War, a volunteer wrote of his visit to an "opium den": "I took about four puffs and that was enough. All of us were sick for a week."
This is the mentality for today's materialist researcher when it comes to "laughing gas." He does not care that it merely cheers folks up. He wants to see what is REALLY going on with the substance, using electrodes and brain scans.
The most addictive drugs have a bunch of great uses, like treating pain and inspiring great literature. Prohibition causes addiction by making their use as problematic as possible and denying knowledge and choices. It's always wrong to blame drugs.
We need a Controlled Prohibitionists Act, to get psychiatric help for the poor losers who think that prohibition makes sense despite its appalling record of causing civil wars overseas and devastating inner cities.
And where did politicians get the idea that irresponsible white American young people are the only stakeholders when it comes to the question of re-legalizing drugs??? There are hundreds of millions of other stakeholders: philosophers, pain patients, the depressed.
I never said that getting off SSRIs should be done without supervision. If you're on Twitter for medical advice, you're in the wrong place.
In Mexico, the same substance can be considered a "drug" or a "med," depending on where you are in the country. It's just another absurd result of the absurd policy of drug prohibition.
Well, today's Oregon vote scuttles any ideas I might have entertained about retiring in Oregon.
Prohibitionists have the same M O they've had for the last 100+ years: blame drugs for everything. Being a drug warrior is never having the decency to say you're sorry -- not to Mexicans, not to inner-city crime victims, not to patients who go without adequate pain relief...
Peyote advocates should be drug legalization advocates. Otherwise, they're involved in special pleading which is bound to result in absurd laws, such as "Plant A can be used in a religion but not plant B," or "Person A can belong to such a religion but person B cannot."
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