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How National Geographic slanders the Inca people and their use of coca

an open letter to the National Geographic Society

by Ballard Quass, the Drug War Philosopher

May 21, 2024

Dear National Geographic Society:

Your 2013 article is biased against the Inca and their use of coca. The title reads "Inca Child Sacrifice Victims Were Drugged: Mummy hair reveals that young victims were heavy users of coca and alcohol" by Brian Handwerk1. The implication is that the sacrifice victims were made compliant and drowsy via coca. But that is not what coca does. It sharpens one's senses. Does your author think that one can be "drugged" by drinking coffee? And what does he mean by "heavy users of coca"? The Inca WERE heavy users of coca, and the child was at the age of maturity, when they are allowed to chew their first quid. Sure, they are "heavy users" by prudish American standards, but not by Inca standards.

You also defame coca in an article entitled: "Coca: A Blessing and a Curse."2 That's a political statement on your part, not fact. Coca is not a curse, prohibition is the curse! It has consigned coca growers to a life of poverty and caused a civil war in Mexico.

Author's Follow-up: May 21, 2024

picture of clock metaphorically suggesting a follow-up

I submitted the above comment to the National Geographic Society today on their contact page3. The site returned the message "YOUR CASE WAS CREATED. We'll get back to you soon." Past experience suggests that they won't actually do that, but watch this space for updates just in case the moon should indeed turn blue.

Author's Follow-up: June 14, 2024

picture of clock metaphorically suggesting a follow-up

Surprise! Nat Geo has not gotten back to me yet. Only fancy!


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2 Coca: A Blessing and a Curse, National Geographic, (up)
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