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The Menace of the Drug War

open letter to Arab Naz, author of The Menace of Opiate

by Ballard Quass, the Drug War Philosopher

April 18, 2022

Another academic has missed the point. Here is my response to Arab Naz's paper on entitled The Menace of Opiate: The socio-psychological and physiological impacts of opiate on addicts in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan

Dear Arab Naz,

I would encourage you to consider how the Drug War has created the opioid problem by outlawing godsend psychoactive medicine, discouraging honest talk about substances, and incentivizing dealers to sell the most available and addictive substances possible. Please consider that the Vedic-Hindu religion was inspired by the psychoactive effects of plant medicine, and that drugs are therefore not the problem. Rather the desire for transcendence is universal, and when we make that transcendence illegal through drug laws, we empower criminals to sell the most dangerous substances possible.

Please consider also that the menace is not from opiates, Arab: the menace is from the Drug War, which for the first time in human history has told humanity that it has no right to the medical and religious bounty that grows at their very feet.

The desire for self-transcendence will never disappear. The desire for profit will never disappear. If we want less suffering in the world, what needs to disappear is the anti-scientific and anti-religious war on psychoactive plant medicine, aka the Drug War.

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