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How the Jefferson Foundation Betrayed Thomas Jefferson

letter to Sites of Conscience

by Ballard Quass, the Drug War Philosopher

May 26, 2023

The following letter was emailed today to the Sites of Conscience organization, asking them to revoke the S-O-C status of the Thomas Jefferson Foundation until such time as they acknowledge the 1987 DEA raid on Monticello.

Dear Sir or Madam:

In 1987, the DEA stomped onto Monticello and confiscated Thomas Jefferson's poppy plants in violation of the natural law upon which he had founded America. The Thomas Jefferson Foundation quickly caved to all demands and even burnt t-shirts that showed pictures of the poppy, without even having been asked to do so. Of course, they were under legal duress at the time and employees could have even been jailed for not playing ball with the DEA. However, that does not excuse the fact that, since that time, the Foundation has never told the story of that raid to the public. They have pretended that the raid never even happened.

This is a betrayal of Jefferson's legacy. It is a coverup.

The Jefferson Foundation should tell that story to its visitors and donors.

The failure to do so, I strongly believe, should deny the Foundation its privilege of being classified as a "Site of Conscience." Surely, the least that can be expected of such a site is that its representatives speak up against injustice. Instead, they have pretended that the injustice did not even happen.

The hallowed ground of Monticello is no longer hallowed and will not be, until the Foundation starts defending those principles that Thomas Jefferson stood for: natural law and what John Locke himself called our right to the use of the earth "and all that lies therein."

I believe that if the title of "Sites of Conscience" is to remain meaningful, you must insist that the Jefferson Foundation acknowledge the raid and disclose all relevant details to the public.

What You Can Do

Write to the Jefferson Foundation and ask them to start telling the public and their donors about the 1987 DEA raid.

If they are no help, then ask S-O-C to revoke their listing of the Thomas Jefferson Foundation as a "Site of Conscience."

According to Wikipedia...

The International Coalition of Sites of Conscience is a global network of historic sites, museums, and memorials that are dedicated to promoting and protecting human rights across the world. The Coalition is registered as a non-profit association in the United States.


By its coverup of the DEA raid of 1987, The Thomas Jefferson Foundation has shown that it is more than happy to ignore the most fundamental of human rights when pressured to do so by the government, thereby betraying their mission to protect the legacy of Jefferson himself.

Author's Follow-up: May 27, 2023

Hey, guys, guess who's thinking seriously about putting an advertisement in The Cavalier Daily of the University of Virginia to bring the students' attention to the outrage perpetrated on the legacy of Thomas Jefferson. Something like: "Attention, UVA Students: Speak up for the legacy of your school's founder. Demand that the Thomas Jefferson Foundation acknowledge and protest the DEA raid of 1987!" Stay tuned to see if and when I follow through on this threat. It could happen any day now when the slightly unpredictable Senate of my mind finally approves the necessary expenditure, for which my superego is arguing vigorously even as I type.

Author's Follow-up: May 28, 2023

I was just reminded on Twitter that Monticello has also caved on hemp in order not to incur the wrath of the feds. It's funny, I was just reading Hogshire's book on the poppy. It tells us how the DEA does not crack down on garden poppies because it would be embarrassing to arrest and hassle old white women. This may at first sound humorous, and it is, but it's also more proof of the racist nature of the Drug War.

Author's Follow-up: September 11, 2023

Remember that ad I was going to put in the Cavalier Daily back in May, to remind UVA students about the DEA raid on Monticello? The Cavalier Daily ad team stopped communicating with me the moment they heard about the subject matter of the ad that I wanted to post. In America, one must not challenge the national religion of the War on Drugs. But then the ad team has been programmed from birth to hate drugs -- watching TV shows that were tweaked by the White House itself to carry anti-drug messages, in conformance with the drug-hating Christian Science religion of Mary Baker-Eddy.

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