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Canadian Drug Warrior, I said Get Away

an open letter to Cory Morgan, columnist for the Western Standard

by Ballard Quass, the Drug War Philosopher

July 15, 2023

oday's Saturday, guys. I had planned to take a vacation from the whole topic of drugs. Unfortunately, I just took a quick peek at Twitter and saw Canadian columnist Cory Morgan spreading the same old Drug War propaganda that has militarized police forces around the world, turning American inner cities into no-go zones, and destroyed the rule of law in Latin America.

I've vowed not to spend time on this today, but Cory's harangue plucked my single solitary last and final nerve. So I'll just post my response to Cory here (which I sent to him via his email account at Western Standard). The offending Tweet, by the way, was his attempt to blame "meth" for the sins of the world, rather than the fearmongering and corrupt supply that leads to its misuse. That's typical "Drug Warrior" strategy for you, folks: blame the drug, but never the social policies that lead to its misuse.

With all due respect Cory, you are like all Drug Warriors: you judge drugs based on their worst possible use. This is anti-scientific. It makes such drugs unavailable for any use at any dose for any reason ever. And please stop confusing the issue: there IS such a thing as safe supply. To claim otherwise is at best to misuse words and at worst to lie. The dangers of meth are caused by prohibitionists who insist that we teach fear rather than safe use. Those who are "thin as a rail" need medical help and education: not a multi-billion-dollar military campaign that turns inner cities into shooting galleries and destroys the rule of law in Mexico and knocks down the doors of American grandmothers with stormtroopers shouting GO GO GO on a highly choreographed scene for the six o'clock news.

It is fearmonger attitudes like yours that have forced me to go a lifetime without godsend medicines, shunting me off onto dependence-causing Big Pharma drugs that turn me into an eternal patient.

Please stop the anti-scientific practice of judging drugs based on their worst possible use. That practice has stopped us from finding treatments for Alzheimer's and autism by outlawing drugs that grow new neurons in the brain. It has turned America into an anti-scientific country and censored scientists.

Here's more I might have added:

Thanks, Cory, for that one-hour-long grilling I got when I entered Canada as a 30-year-old male 30 years ago. I was a drug suspect because folks like you were blaming every problem in the world on drugs. That Nazi grilling put me off Canada for years. I'd like to see Cory grilled for alcohol use and see how he comes thru it. I'd like to show him some drunkards in an alley going through DTs and blame their problems on alcohol proponents like Cory. For every one speed user who's "thin as a rail," I'll show him 20 graves of alcoholics.

Fortunately, for Cory, I am not like him. I do not judge substances based on their worst imaginable use. I know that that is anti-scientific. What's more I want to help alcoholics, not send them to jail. Nor do I wish to stop everyone in the world from using alcohol because Americans tend to misuse that drug.

Cory's attitude is extremely hypocritical. Prohibition causes all of the problems that folks like Cory love to blame on the political boogieman they call "drugs."

July 15, 2023 To our younger readers, bless them, the title of this essay is an allusion to the Guess Who hit of 1970 entitled "American Woman."

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