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Why the Drugs Reddit should not exist

by Ballard Quass, the Drug War Philosopher

October 27, 2021

n the age of the opium-smoking Marco Polo, there were no such things as drugs in the evil sense in which we use the word today. "Drugs" just referred to all body-affecting substances, from sugar to opium. A Reddit on drugs could not have existed at that time, not just because the Internet did not exist, but because the topic of "drugs" would have been far too broad and open-ended to foster a meaningful discussion.

The only reason we have a "drugs" Reddit today is because racist American politicians began redefining the word "drugs" in 1914 to mean "evil psychoactive substances," this despite the fact that the substances in question have been used responsibly for millennia by other cultures and even inspired entire religions. The Vedic religion was inspired by soma. Plato got his views of the afterlife from the psychedelic-fueled Eleusinian mysteries. And Mesoamerican religions developed entire cosmogonies based around their use of the coca plant and so-called "magic mushrooms." But the history-challenged Drug Warriors censored all such factoids, and encouraged us to do the same.

And we have done so. We have fallen for their demonization campaign, accepted their politically strategic redefinition of the word "drugs," and created popular Reddits like this one to discuss the topic of "drugs" from the unscientific and fearmongering point of view of our racist forebears.

And what was the political purpose behind the Drug Warrior's redefinition of the term "drugs" as a pejorative epithet? It was to punish and marginalize those minorities of whom the beer-swilling and tobacco-smoking Drug Warriors disapproved and to create a conservative Christian society ruled by militarized police forces.

And that strategy worked beyond their wildest dreams, as the Drug War soon became America's number-one export, as country after country gladly followed suit in outlawing godsend plant medicine. And that's not surprising, really. If the one country based on natural rights says that the citizen no longer has a right to the bounty of Mother Nature's pharmacy, then we cannot expect less-enlightened countries to stand up for such rights, especially since it's hard for any government to pass up a chance to monitor their own citizens more closely.

If anyone's searching for proof of the Drug War's hideous impact on democracy, they have only to look at the election of Donald Trump.

In 2016, there were more than five million Americans who had lost the right to vote, most of them minorities and most because of so-called drug offenses. Russian interference may have helped push Trump over the top, but the real reason for his election was the sidelining of millions of voters thanks to the Drug War, which was implemented for that very purpose: to sideline minority voters and empower law-and-order conservatives. And now this same Trump is running again, this time on a platform of executing those minorities whom his drug-warrior predecessors were content with merely disenfranchising.

That's why I'm looking forward to a day when the Drugs Reddit disappears, when the world stops demonizing psychoactive substances in lockstep with our racist forebears, and the word "drugs" once again becomes a neutral judgment-free term embracing all substances from sugar to opium, a world in which we stop demonizing substances for political purposes and start learning about them instead, with a view toward developing novel therapies and safe use guidelines for all time-honored plant medicines.

Editor's Note (Nov. 2021): Of course I was banned from the Drugs Reddit shortly after posting these comments. But that only shows you that I'm on the right track. I'd be suspicious if I wasn't banned, considering the fact that most westerners have been taught from grade school to despise plant-based psychoactive medicine, to call it "junk" and "dope," and to "just say no to mother nature's godsend medicines!" Why should the moderators at the Drugs Reddit be an exception to the rule? They've been taught since kindergarten to tilt at the politically created windmill of "drugs" and I expect to have no more success in changing their minds than the curate had in getting Don Quixote to stand down in his battle against his own imaginary foes.

Just be thankful that I'm not paranoid, because then I would also suspect the moderators of purposefully promoting the fearmongering status quo viz. drugs in order to curry favor with Big Pharma, from whom they (the moderators) might even be taking kickbacks!

But I suppose that the principle of Occam's Razor obliges me to assume that the Drugs Reddit moderators are merely dupes of the Drug War ideology like almost everybody else these days, thoroughly bamboozled westerners who, having been successfully brainwashed in the Cult of the Drug War with its lies (about plant medicine frying brains, etc.), now hold inanimate substances responsible for all the evils of the world.

Author's Follow-up: October 3, 2022

In a way, though, the Drug War makes Reddit "drug" groups inevitable, because by outlawing all of mother nature's godsend psychoactive medicines, the Drug War creates problems to talk about in Reddit groups. Without the Drug War, in a land where Mother Nature was free and pharma-savvy shaman were free to use them strategically on behalf of clients, addiction would not exist, or else would be embraced in cases where it fit a person's lifestyle, as coca fit the lifestyle of HG Wells, opium fit the lifestyle of Benjamin Franklin, and coffee and beer fit the lifestyles of modern drug-war Americans.

When fully armed with Mother Nature's vast array of psychoactive medicine, a creative shaman (who is both pharmacologically and socioculturally savvy) could help a client "get off" any drug whatsoever, without making it the great moral struggle which the modern 'addiction expert' expects it to become. For the shaman's goal would be different than that of the modern 'addiction therapist,' who seeks the Christian Science outcome of making the patient 'sober' as that term is hypocritically defined by Drug Warriors. The shaman's goal would be to give the 'client' what THEY want in life, whether it be self-transcendence or merely the ability to stand up in front of a crowd without 'choking.' He would fight conditions like depression in ways that the Drug War could never even imagine, with a multitude of therapies that become obvious to us once we stop demonizing psychoactive medicine. He might have the depressive drop by for weekly DMT sessions, using cocaine the next week, opium the next week and so on, according to a schedule that will not addict the client but merely give them something positive to look forward to, which is the best way to beat any depression. Meanwhile, the patient's weekday life could be emotionally, spiritually and vocationally enhanced by the daily chewing of the coca leaf, a benign custom that bound the Peruvian Indian culture of happy camaraderie together for millennia, in the same way that coffee unites the westerner in their culture of grim competition.

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Addiction Tweets

ME: "What are you gonna give me for my depression, doc? MDMA? Laughing gas? Occasional opium smoking? Chewing of the coca leaf?" DOC: "No, I thought we'd fry your brain with shock therapy instead."
Until we get rid of all these obstacles to safe and informed use, it's presumptuous to explain problematic drug use with theories about addiction. Drug warriors are rigging the deck in favor of problematic use. They refuse to even TEACH non-problematic use.
Until we legalize ALL psychoactive drugs, there will be no such thing as an addiction expert. In the meantime, it's insulting to be told by neuroscience that I'm an addictive type. It's pathologizing my just indignation at psychiatry's niggardly pharmacopoeia.
We don't need people to get "clean." We need people to start living a fulfilling life. The two things are different.
Chesterton might as well have been speaking about the word 'addiction' when he wrote the following: "It is useless to have exact figures if they are exact figures about an inexact phrase."
The government causes problems for those who are habituated to certain drugs. Then they claim that these problems are symptoms of an illness. Then folks like Gabriel Mate come forth to find the "hidden pain" in "addicts." It's one big morality play created by drug laws.
Chesterton wrote that, once you begin outlawing things on grounds of health, you open a Pandora's box. This is because health is not a quality, it's a balance. To decide legality based on 'health' grounds thus opens a Pandora's box of different points of view.
Using the billions now spent on caging users, we could end the whole phenomena of both physical and psychological addiction by using "drugs to fight drugs." But drug warriors do not want to end addiction, they want to keep using it as an excuse to ban drugs.
Jim Hogshire described sleep cures that make physical withdrawal from opium close to pain-free. As for "psychological addiction," there are hundreds of elating drugs that could be used to keep the ex-user's mind from morbidly focusing on a drug whose use has become problematic.
And this is before we even start spending those billions on research that are currently going toward arresting minorities.
When doctors try to treat addiction without using any godsend medicines, they are at best Christian Scientists and at worst quacks. They are like the doctors in Moliere's "M
As Moliere demonstrated in the hilarious finale, anyone can be THAT kind of doctor by mastering a little Latin and walking around pompously in the proper uniform.
Like the pompous white-coated doctor in the movie "Four Good Days" who ignores the entire formulary of mother nature and instead throws the young heroin user on a cot for 3 days of cold turkey and a shot of Naltrexone: price tag $3,000.

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