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The Drug War Cure for Covid

response to Esther Landhuis' story in Science News

by Ballard Quass, the Drug War Philosopher

October 28, 2021

Here is my response to the October 27th story in Science News entitled: The antidepressant fluvoxamine can keep COVID-19 patients out of the hospital by freelance writer Esther Landhuis.

This discovery about fluvoxamine is a mixed blessing at best for a 64-year-old like myself who has been addicted to Big Pharma antidepressants for a lifetime. For all we know, natural and less-addictive antidepressants (from coca, to opium, to psychedelics) may have similar powers to combat COVID, but scientists are FORBIDDEN BY LAW to study such plants in the same detail in which we study drugs like fluvoxamine. FORBIDDEN BY LAW!

When is Science News going to start "coming clean" to their readers about the role that the Drug War plays in limiting scientific research on these sorts of problems? The anti-scientific Drug War has been muzzling scientists (albeit largely with their consent) for close to a century now. You say, "Oh, but we're dealing with SCIENTIFIC drugs!" Yes, the same kind of scientific drugs that have turned 1 in 4 American women into Stepford Wives by making them chemically dependent on BIG PHARMA FOR LIFE.

Why doesn't your article point out the true price of treating COVID with a Big Pharma antidepressant: namely, becoming addicted for life and becoming a ward of the healthcare state?

Please start to be honest with your readers and append a disclaimer to all such articles as this as follows:

"The research on treatments for COVID, like so much research these days, has been limited by the Drug War, which forbids and otherwise discourages all research regarding the therapeutic potential of plant medicine of which politicians disapprove."

The anti-scientific Drug War will never end if we refuse to acknowledge that it even exists! If you really think that the Church was wrong in censoring Galileo, then why are you not speaking up now about the government censoring you and the researchers that you study?!

In short, Science News has a moral and a scientific duty to start pointing out the role that the Drug War plays in limiting research -- a limit that is so successful that scientists and reporters like Esther have internalized the limitation and now consider the Drug War to be a natural baseline for all scientific research. If Galileo had reacted thus in his day, we would still be living in a geocentric universe.

Author's Follow-up: August 15, 2022

After acknowledging that science is hobbled by Drug War restrictions, Science News might wish to write a story about the thousands of children in hospice worldwide who suffer unnecessary pain every single day thanks to the Drug War and the way that it demonizes drugs. Morphine is now illegal in some 'civilized' countries in fealty to the Drug War ideology of demonization, forcing dying children to suffer unbelievable pain in the name of America's war on godsend medicines. Children suffer and die so that Big Liquor, Big Pharma and Big Police can maintain their grip on power around the globe -- all thanks to America's criminal and anti-scientific war on godsend medicine.

-- -- --

There are longstanding anecdotal reports of how opium can cure colds, but American scientists will never investigate those claims, not just because of the Drug War, which makes it career suicide to do so, but because the results thus alleged are produced in a very novel way. You see, opium brings about metaphorical dreams that allow you to see your problems -- including seemingly physical ones -- in a new light, and to vanquish those problems metaphorically. Opium thereby can leverage the mind's already significant power to outwit disease through concentrated thought, the same way that yogis can avoid the pain of burning embers through intense mental will.

Such an approach to healing is a non-starter for reductionist science, however. But luckily for materialists, the Drug War allows them to declare victory over such approaches to illness prematurely by outlawing them entirely. So a lot of the modern materialist's bluster about knowing the absolute truth these days is based on the fact that the opposition approach to the world has been outlawed. "See?" they cry. "No one cures or improves their condition through opium." "Yes," we reply, "because the Drug War will not allow them to do so and thereby creatively leverage the power of the mind."

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Some Tweets against the hateful war on drugs

There are endless drugs that could help with depression. Any drug that inspires and elates is an antidepressant, partly by the effect itself and partly by the mood-elevation caused by anticipation of use (facts which are far too obvious for drug warriors to understand).
If media were truly free in America, you'd see documentaries about people who use drugs safely, something that's completely unimaginable in the age of the drug war.
I personally hate beets and I could make a health argument against their legality. Beets can kill for those allergic to them. Sure, it's a rare condition, but since when has that stopped a prohibitionist from screaming bloody murder?
Prohibitionists have the same M O they've had for the last 100+ years: blame drugs for everything. Being a drug warrior is never having the decency to say you're sorry -- not to Mexicans, not to inner-city crime victims, not to patients who go without adequate pain relief...
Many articles in science mags need this disclaimer: "Author has declined to consider the insights gained from drug-induced states on this topic out of fealty to Christian Science orthodoxy." They don't do this because they know readers already assume that drugs will be ignored.
What prohibitionists forget is that every popular but dangerous activity, from horseback riding to drug use, will have its victims. You cannot save everybody, and when you try to do so by law, you kill far more than you save, meanwhile destroying democracy in the process.
They drive to their drug tests in pickup trucks with license plates that read "Don't tread on me." Yeah, right. "Don't tread on me: Just tell me how and how much I'm allowed to think and feel in this life. And please let me know what plants I can access."
Materialist puritans do not want to create any drug that elates. So they go on a fool's errand to find reductionist cures for "depression itself," as if the vast array of human sadness could (or should) be treated with a one-size-fits-all readjustment of brain chemicals.
It's "convenient" for scientists that their "REAL" cures happen to be the ones that racist politicians will allow. Scientists thus normalize prohibition by pretending that outlawed substances have no therapeutic value. It's materialism collaborating with the drug war.
Someday, the First Lady or Man will tell kids to "just say no to prohibition." Kids who refuse will be required to watch hours' worth of films depicting gun violence, banned religions, civil wars, and adults committing suicide for want of medicine that grows at their very feet.
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