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Eight Reasons to End Drug Testing

by Ballard Quass, the Drug War Philosopher

July 20, 2019

1) Drugs were made illegal in the United States, not for health reasons, but to punish political enemies - by turning them into felons and thus removing them from the voting rolls

2) Drug tests are not based on any known correlation between the use of any particular drug and an inability to perform any particular job

3) Drug testing seeks to establish Christian Science as a state religion by denying Americans the right to use medications to improve their mental condition

4) Drug tests are an extrajudicial form of law enforcement, which punishes misdemeanor cases of drug use with expulsion from the job market, thereby constituting cruel and unusual punishment

5) Many of the drugs that we test for have been shown to decrease depression, fight PTSD and even cure alcoholism -- and yet we reward those who dare to use them with unemployment?

6) Drug testing allows corporations to hire only docile employees who aren't too finicky about their perceived "rights" as human beings and as workers

7) Drug testing is just another way for the billionaire 1% to lord it over the rest of us by forcing us to undergo humiliating and invasive searches while our CEOs freely use LSD and marijuana with rock stars on their multi-million-dollar yachts

8) Drug testing is based on the patently false assumptions of the Drug War, which has turned the U.S. into a penal colony and fomented violence and bloodshed overseas, justifying U.S. intervention to attack the bad guys that our own drug laws have created out of whole cloth

Did I say 8? I meant 9: The use of Mother Nature's plants is the birthright of every Earthling. It is a right guaranteed by natural law, for as John Locke asserts, we human beings have a natural right to "the earth and all that lies therein." Natural laws cannot justifiably be infringed by common law in a free country -- least of all the United States, the first country in the world to be explicitly founded on the notion of a natural law that trumps common law in order to keep despotism at bay.

Don't think that access to plants is guaranteed by natural law? God even granted that access in Genesis, where he claimed that everything he created in nature was for us -- not for our government. If access to plants is not guaranteed under natural law then natural law is meaningless and human beings have only those rights that their governmental overlords deem fit to grant them. Yet confused preachers rant against Mother Nature's plant medicines from the pulpit, meanwhile remaining hypocritically quiet about the death toll racked up by alcohol and cigarettes -- or the death toll racked up by America's war on plants, whose despotic goals the politicians attempt to disguise by calling it a "war on drugs" instead.

FOR PHILOSOPHERS: Note that the urine tests presuppose the unproven proposition that having a given substance in your system makes you incapable of performing a specific job, that, for instance, you are unable to greet customers at Walmart because you smoked a joint three days ago. This, of course, is mere folly, an obvious lie. The truth is probably the opposite, that in many cases the toker might prove a most affable host. But since this drug-testing justification fails so obviously, what is the true purpose of employee drug-testing? Answer: to enforce unpopular laws through extrajudicial means, to turn a non-crime or misdemeanor into a death sentence that bars one from gaining active employment in America. Thus drug testing not only is extrajudicial punishment, but it comes with penalties far beyond anything that a court would ever impose, even for a suspected murderer: namely, eviction from the job market, where the Christian Science deprecation of natural substances is taken as scripture, as American Sharia, often enforced by liquor-swilling CEOs.

{^You've got to love Drug War morality: you can prove you're a good person merely by pissing. And your reward? Well, you may not do much with your life, but at least you can have a headstone that reads: "Passed every single drug test he ever took!" Well done, good and faithful! And if you want to be even MORE moral, you can always turn in your parents for smoking marijuana, maybe even get a photo opportunity with the appropriately titled Drug Czar. Ah! Isn't democracy swell?!}{

The Positive Idiocy of 'Testing Positive'

Afterthought: May 11, 2022

Just watched a documentary in which a pilot "tested positive for marijuana use" and of course lost his job. The problem is that, in a Drug War society, such draconian punishment is not based on science but rather on politics. "Tested positive" simply means that marijuana was found in some quantity, even the slightest trace. The employer has no proof that small traces of previous marijuana use amount to impairment: rather they rely on Drug Warrior assumptions and prejudices to establish that claim. "We know this drug is evil and therefore any amount is too much when it comes to safety!" That's a safety standard that has far more to do with superstition than with science.

By the same logic, we should be able to fire pilots who tested positive for using alcohol, in any amount, even if that use had occurred two weeks prior to the test in question.

In a world in which we are TOTALLY honest about drugs -- without regard for either self-interested marketplace hype OR drug-warrior superstition -- we would perform drug testing ONLY to uncover scientifically established levels of true impairment. Instead, when it comes to demonized medicines, we superstitiously declare as a society that "one swallow makes a summer" and we consider that the slightest use (at any time, in any dose) constitutes a diminution of public safety. Yet another way in which the Drug War ideology of substance demonization fries the American brain.

July 8, 2022

As usual the Drug War is the exact opposite of the truth. Rather than firing folks for using psychoactive medicine, we should REQUIRE THEM to use drugs like MDMA & psilocybin, at least if the person in question is a hothead. That's the only real answer to school shootings, but sadly that solution is such anathema to the drug-war ideology of substance demonization that God knows how many grade-schoolers will have to die before the penny drops. As for the geopolitical realm, the only way that the world can plausibly avoid nuclear Armageddon is to REQUIRE the use of empathogens by world leaders who have their fingers on the nuclear trigger. This is why the Drug War has done so much more than simply fail: it has blinded America to all sorts of answers to modern problems: not only geopolitically, but therapeutically and pedagogically as well, as the substances that we love to hate have the potential to help us fight Alzheimer's Disease and to increase our appreciation for music and mother nature, etc. etc.

Why am I short on specifics here? Because the Drug War has so fried the American brain that researchers do not even allow themselves to think of such potential cures, let alone to risk arrest and ridicule for pursuing them in the age of our anti-scientific Drug War.

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Some Tweets against the hateful war on drugs

That's another problem with "following the science." Science downplays personal testimony as subjective. But psychoactive experiences are all ABOUT subjectivity. With such drugs, users are not widgets susceptible to the one-size-fits-all pills of reductionism.
Yes. There is an absurd safety standard for "drugs." The cost/benefit analysis of the FDA & co. never takes into account the costs of NOT prescribing nor the benefits of a productive life well lived. The "users" are not considered stakeholders.
We've created a faux psychology to support such science: that psychology says that anything that really WORKS is just a "crutch" -- as if there is, or there even should be, a "CURE" for sadness.
Here are some political terms that are extremely problematic in the age of the drug war: "clean," "junk," "dope," "recreational"... and most of all the word "drugs" itself, which is as biased and loaded as the word "scab."
That's why we damage the brains of the depressed with shock therapy rather than let them use coca or opium. That's why many regions allow folks to kill themselves but not to take drugs that would make them want to live. The Drug War is a perversion of social priorities.
Every time I see a psychiatrist, I feel like I'm playing a game of make-believe. We're both pretending that hundreds of demonized medicines do not exist and could be of no use whatsoever.
The goal of drug-law reform should be to outlaw prohibition. Anything short of that, and our basic rights will always be subject to veto by fearmongers. Outlawing prohibition would restore the Natural Law of Jefferson, which the DEA scorned in 1987 with its raid on Monticello.
Today's war against drug users is like Elizabeth I's war against Catholics. Both are religious crackdowns. For today's oppressors, the true faith (i.e., the moral way to live) is according to the drug-hating religion of Christian Science.
"In consciousness dwells the wondrous, with it man attains the realm beyond the material, and the peyote tells us where to find it." --Antonin Arnaud
This is the mentality for today's materialist researcher when it comes to "laughing gas." He does not care that it merely cheers folks up. He wants to see what is REALLY going on with the substance, using electrodes and brain scans.
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