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Habituation to the use of plant medicines that politicians have taken great pains to demonize -- as opposed to official use of blessed medicines from Big Pharma, which doctors claim it is our duty to take every day of our lives. Thus America is in the midst of an addiction crisis that psychiatrists don't even recognize: the fact that 1 in 4 American women are addicted to Big Pharma antidepressants, many harder to quit than heroin. Is addiction bad? Depends whether Big Pharma is getting its cut or not.
A merely descriptive term that has been pseudo-scientifically turned into a physical illness by dogmatic materialists so that psychiatrists can justify addicting toddlers and teenagers to Big Pharma meds. Meanwhile these psychiatrists are silent about the drug war's criminalization of non-addictive rain forest plants that could be therapeutically employed to give such "antsy" children a REASON to slow down and pay attention to the world around them -- rather than tranquilizing them by brute pharmacological force for the convenience of their parents, baby-sitters and teachers. (Good thing Jesus was born before the Medicalization Era of Big Pharma. He would have been diagnosed with ADHD and promptly tranquilized so that he would stop irritating the Pharisees.)
burning plants
New form of barbarism, replacing the outdated practice of burning books. Ambitious tyrants realized in the 20th century that burning books merely affected WHAT people can think, while burning plants impacted HOW they can think and HOW MUCH (by denying them access to consciousness improving medicines).
protesting American Drug Warriors just say not to mind-improving plants
Christian Science Sharia
Another name for the Drug War. Christian Science is the religion that holds that we do not need drugs (only prayer), whereas the term "Sharia" denotes a set of strict religiously based laws. The Drug War is Christian Science Sharia since it involves a strict government initiative to force Americans to take a jaundiced Christian Science view of drugs, at least regarding drugs with psychoactive effects. Term coined by Ballard Quass in 2019.
Refers to a human body that contains only substances of which American politicians approve. SAMPLE SENTENCE: "Yes, Mary was finally clean, praise God... although, come to think of it, she's still so hooked on that mind-numbing Effexor that her psychiatrist told her to not even bother trying to get off of it, on account of that drug has a higher recidivism rate than heroin."
Word used to describe all those Americans who were not the least bit bothered by the fact that the DEA barged onto Jefferson's Monticello in 1985 to confiscate the Founding Father's poppy plants.
Go-to drug for Sigmund Freud, which has subsequently been demonized with a full-court press of drug war propaganda associating cocaine with bloody money and handguns -- all the time failing to point out that it is the drug war itself which brought the bloody money and the handguns into the picture in the first place.
Cocaine users before and after drug war propaganda
cop show
Drug War propaganda disguised as a TV show genre, in which Christian Science Law Enforcement cracks down on those who dare to use (or worse yet, sell) Mother Nature's plants for the purposes of improving their mood and/or mental focus. The police are thereby the enforcement arm of the American Psychiatric Association, ensuring that anyone who seeks mood improvement will dutifully shun Mother Nature's bounty and become addicted to Big Pharma's expensive meds instead.
Another term for television cop shows, since they always associate illicit drug use with crime and sorrow, completely ignoring folks like Freud and Ben Franklin, who used coke and opium respectively in order to live more fully, not to fry their brains. But drug war propaganda insists that substances can only cause problems once they have been demonized by politicians. Of course, most of the problems arise because prohibition places the distribution of plant medicines in the hands of the underworld.
Christian Science enforcement agency, tasked with enforcing Drug War Sharia, which is the outlawing of all naturally occurring psychopharmacological therapies. (Christian Science is the religion -- the religion, mind -- that tells us we should not use 'drugs', but have faith instead.)
drug dealer
Someone who is so hideously evil that they will actually sell... wait for it, folks... MOTHER NATURE'S PLANT MEDICINES... thereby ignoring Big Pharma's monopoly on creating mood medicine and Psychiatry's monopoly on distributing it.
drug testing
The extra-judicial enforcement of Christian Science Sharia, to ensure the starvation of those heretic job seekers who dare to use Mother Nature's bounty for psychological improvement and healing.
Uncle Sam Wants Your Urine
drug war
Make-work program for law enforcement. It's a project to demonize plant medicines which, a Quixotic crusade against Mother Nature, which actually causes all of the problems that it purports to be solving.
drug warriors
Those who superstitiously believe that ostracized plant medicines can be bad without regard for the way that they are used or by whom.
Popular substances of which politicians do not approve, especially plant medicine whose sale does not profit pharmaceutical companies. Evil plant-based substances, derived from plants like the coca and poppy (compare blessed medicine). Edgar Allan Poe unwittingly defined the word 'drugs' in the short story 'Ligeia,' when he said (in regard to the word 'expression'): "Ah, word of no meaning! behind whose vast latitude of mere sound we intrench our ignorance of so much of the spiritual." In other words, drug warriors ignore the sacred use of psychoactive plants that have played a crucial role in religion, since the Vedic Indian population first worshiped the psychedelic soma, nor do they recognize the role of psychedelics in the Eleusianian mysteries, a rite practiced for nearly 2,000 consecutive years and whose enthusiastic votaries included Plato and Cicero.
Drugs defined: substances of which politicans do not approve and for which profits do not accrue to big business. Today\'s drug user was yesterday\'s witch.  The self-transcendence that they achieve frightens us now as it did then in witch-haunted Salem.
electro-shock therapy
Barbaric brain-damaging treatment for severe depression rendered necessary by the DEA's outlawing of godsend plant medicines such as psilocybin.
Counter-revolutionary book of the Bible that falsely claims that God made plants for everyone (when in reality He created plants specifically for government to dole out or withhold as it sees fit).
Got said, let there be a most righteous and holy drug war for my church and ban those evil plants that I made by mistake
Propaganda arm of the drug war, creating motion pictures in which the murder- and torture-friendly DEA are the heroes. See, for instance, "Running with the Devil," in which a hypocritical cigarette smoking DEA agent played by Natalie Reyes tortures and murders Americans because they attempted to sell naturally occurring plant medicines.
John C. Lawn
DEA Chief who poisoned American pot smokers in 1980 by lacing marijuana crops with paraquat, a deadly weed killer that has since been shown to cause Parkinson's disease.
mock ad for DEA Chief John C. Lawn\'s Weed Killer Paraquat: extra-strength to kill dandelions and poison pot smokers, giving them Parkinson\'s disease as well
Poisoning your enemy with weed killer. This term derives from the fact that DEA Commissioner John C. Lawn laced marijuana plants with paraquat in the 1980s, a weed killer that was subsequently found to cause Parkinson's Disease. SAMPLE SENTENCE: "You better watch out, Bill: I think that wife of yours is trying to lawn you!"
lethal worrywarts
Americans who fret about the supposed dangers of re-legalizing drugs, while failing to realize that the criminalization of the same has caused enough violence to create a new bullet-riddled movie genre: namely, the drug war movie genre.
drug warriors fret about addiction of whites while causing violence around the world to non-whites and placing godsend psychoactive plant medicines out of reach to the suffering
Holy Big Pharma substances prescribed by doctors. Typically addictive, and considered a moral duty to take every day of one's life. (compare with evil drugs)
Any foreign politician of whom the American president does not approve. This label is generally applied in order to shore up stateside support for an invasion, since there's nothing that Americans love to hate quite so much as a drug dealer -- one of those evil people who has the gall to actually sell plant medicines to consenting adults. Surely, anyone who's read Genesis knows that God created plants, not for human beings to use, but for governments to criminalize. (Okay, maybe Genesis doesn't say that exactly, but surely that's what the dour God of the Puritans intended. Right? Am I right?)
Natural Law
The idea that there are basic rights that government cannot abridge, like the right to access the plants and fungi that grow at our very feet. America was under natural law from the writing of the Declaration of Independence until 1914, when the Harrison Narcotics Act first criminalized a plant.
Drug demonized by racist American politicians who insist that the world accept alcohol as its one-and-only go-to drug for relaxation and self-transcendence, notwithstanding the fact that the poppy has been used responsibly for millennia by other cultures. Thus Americans travel overseas to burn poppy plants under the cover of preventing American addictions -- failing to realize that by this same logic, the Islamic world could come to America to burn down our grape vines and breweries. Of course, if America really wanted to fight addiction, they would be worried about the 1 in 8 American males and 1 in 4 American females who are addicted to Big Pharma anti-depressants, but such drug use is invisible to Drug Warriors as long as the money it generates is enriching the Fortune 500.
America's Drug War conquistadors go overseas to eradicate time-honored plants in the interests of Big Liquor and Christian Science
Partnership for a Drug-Free America
Drug War propaganda agency behind the Christian Science ad campaign known as "This is your brain on drugs," which has bamboozled generations of Americans by associating brain damage with the use of plant medicines of which politicians disapprove. The irony of the campaign is that the brain fogging to which the ad refers is most likely to come from the use of Big Pharma's highly addictive anti-depressants and benzodiazepines, whereas many illegal substances, including psychedelics, cocaine and morphine, are well-known for providing mental clarity, so much so that the Air Force has required its pilots to use what the drug warrior would call "speed" on certain vital missions.
police department
Enforcement arm of the American Psychiatric Association, to ensure its monopoly in providing psychopharmacological therapies. Its chief enforcement technique: arresting anyone who dares possess the plants of which American politicians disapprove.
Richard Nixon
American president whose ultra-violent "Drug War" created the Drug War movie genre and provided the plot for thousands of television cop shows for half a century.
One of the many Big Pharma meds that the hypocritical drug warrior will never complain about, even though these pills are addictive and targeted at youngsters. See also anti-depressants and benzodiazepines, which the hypocritical drug warrior approves of while yet demonizing plant medicines that were given to humankind by God himself in the Book of Genesis.
This is your brain on drugs
Perhaps the most mendacious American ad campaign of all times. It has bamboozled generations of Americans into believing the Christian Science lie that Mother Nature's plant medicines will fry your brain. The irony is that there are drugs out there that will truly fry your brain by changing your brain chemistry for the worse, but those drugs are legal anti-depressants and they are made by Big Pharma, not by Mother Nature. SAMPLE SENTENCE: "I thought Prozac was working great, until I went to my own parents' funeral, that is, and suddenly realized to my horror that I was feeling nothing at all: THAT was my brain on drugs, ladies and gentlemen, Big Pharma drugs -- whereas Benjamin Franklin used opium and Sigmund Freud used cocaine to SHARPEN their intellects, not to dull them."
War on Plants
Another name for the Drug War. She also Christian Science Sharia
Bone up on slam-dunk arguments against the drug war, starting with the fact that it was a violation of natural law to outlaw plant medicine in the first place. Check out the site menu for fun ways to learn more about the manifold injustice of the status quo, including many knock-down arguments never made before. Why? Because even the majority of drug-war opponents have been bamboozled by one or more of the absurd assumptions upon which that war is premised. See through the haze. Read on. Listen on. And Learn how tryants and worrywarts have despoiled American freedom, thereby killing millions around the world, totally unnecessarily, ever since the fateful day in 1914 when ignorant America first criminalized a mere plant -- and insisted that the rest of the world follow suit or else -- an act of colonialist folly unrivaled since the day of the genocidal Conquistadors.

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