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the circle of death: circular reasoning of the drug warrior
The Drug War as a Make-Work Program for Law Enforcement
Drug War question on Jeopardy: What is the triumph of common law over natural law and politics over science
How the Drug War Punishes the Elderly
alzheimer's -- made possible by America's DEA
The DEA's War on Alzheimer's Research
mushroom-fueled music appreciation class in 2120
Music Appreciation Class in the Year 2120
Drug War virus continues to spread with formerly free countries blocking access to Mother Nature's plants
Virus Update
HUAC 2020 asking question: How you ever used plants for psychological healing?
The Totally Unspoken Truth About Drugs
Christian Science law enforcement ahead: checking for outlawed medicines
Alternative Medicine as a Drug War Creation
Teacher gives a drug test to find out who understands that the drug war is bull crap
Surprise Drug Test!
Drug Warriors Anonymous: you too can be cured and think straight again
Open Letter to Gabrielle Glaser
Trump cracks down on the use of plants while nukes proliferate
Drug Warriors Fiddle while Rome Gets Nuked
Here, Mrs. Wilson, here's your addictive Big Pharma crap.
The Myth of the Addictive Personality
drug warrior detox center is a flophouse that charges $3,000
Glenn Close but no cigar
authoritarianism on the rise while clueless philosophers ponder if morality really exists
Clueless Philosophers
rock star singing: American Stasi, I said get away, American Stasi, well, that's the DEA-A-A-A
The American Stasi
Epictetus revised comments about Freeedom in the age of the Drug War
Calling All Philosophers
drugs as defined in dictionary: substances of which politicans do not approve and for which profits do not accrue to pharmaceutical companies
What We Mean When We Say 'Drugs'
DEA destroys natural law in America, puts rain forest godsends off-limits
How the DEA determines if a religion is true
Trump declares himself above the law, then vows to murder those who sell plants and fungi
President Calls for Executing Drug Dealers
detox monkeys: see no entheogens, hear no entheogens, prescribe no entheogens
Addicted to Ignorance
DEA partnering with local libraries to steer readers away from heretical books
Self-Censorship in the Age of the Drug War
Senator Og votes to keep godsend medicine from the elderly in the name of the drug war
Open Letter to the Virginia Legislature
traveling? remember, mother nature is off-limits due to drug war sharia
American Sharia
US Capitol building renamed Christian Science Hall
Letter to Lamar Alexander
American's idiotic and criminal drug policy: hands off rain forest godsends, hands on addictive pharmaceutical
There is no such thing as DRUGS
watch the DEA agent torture the guy for possessing plants: witness militant Christian Science in action
Is Rick Doblin Running with the Devil?
Militarized police crack down on humans who try to access Mother Nature for psychological healing
The Therapeutic Value of Anticipation
John Lock: 'The earth, and all that is therein, is given to men for the support and comfort of their being.'
John Locke on Drugs
kids learn to identify the plants that they are not allowed to study
Decriminalizing Mother Nature: the end game
psilocybin mushrooms behind bars: found guilty of improving lives
Rationality Uber Alles
Christopher Columbus demands that natives join Facebook for surveillance purposes
Just Say No to Surveillance Capitalism
Socrates says the good is virtue, Eric Schmidt says the good is profit
Tune In, Turn On, Opt Out
become a urine tester today -- ruin lives and promote the Drug War sharia at the same time
Urine Testers Needed
National Science Foundation lecture: there is a specter haunting science: the specter of the Drug War
There is a Specter Haunting Science
professor teaching Torture 101 at DEA University
Torture 101 at DEA University
DEA Hitman adveritsement: must be willing and able to enforce Christian Science Shari
Hypocritical America Embraces Drug War Fascism
campfire story about the drug war, live from Lake Rights-Be-Gone
Campfire Stories about America's Drug War
wanted: DEA drug scheduler: must be willing and able to ruin soldiers' lives
Depressed? Here's why.
let freedom ring, abolish the dea
The Drug War is a War on Patients
dea jobs: must be willing and able to ruin American lives
DEA Guilty of Crimes Against Humanity
forbidden plants
Speaking Truth to Big Pharma
UnScientific American: special patriotic edition, reminding scientists what plants and fungi they must ignore in the name of the Fatherland
Snoop Pearson's Muddle-Headed Take on Drugs
drug warrior boast: I've given up more of Mother Nature's godsends than you have!
Lock 'em up! Lock 'em up!
The DEA Today: guest drinking vodka, host smoking cigarette
Tweet to Alex Adams
evolution of man: from ape to drug warrior
What if Arthur Schopenhauer Had Used DMT?
comic strip about the creepy hypocrisy of euthanasia in a country that outlaws plants
Euthanasia in the Age of the Drug War
Elon Musk depicted as robot in front of gorgeous waterfall, saying 'must maximize effiency - beep'
Unscientific American: the hypocritical materialism of Elon Musk
When I grow up, I wanna be a drug warrior and ruin people's lives.
Se Llama Mushrooms
protesting American Drug Warriors just say not to mind-improving plants
Let's burn some plants!
Nixonstein: you'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll give up you right to Mother Nature's plants
Six problems with Mike Wise's Anti-psychedelic Memoir of the Sixties
DEA blasting apart buildings where heretics have been improving their minds using Mother Nature's plants
In Praise of Augustus Bedloe
picture of stained glass windows of mushrooms at Second Church of the Eleusianian Mysteries
Plants Divine, All Plants Excelling
help ruin American lives: join the DEA today
Harold & Kumar Support the Drug War
DEA agents around table, discussing killing suspects
How Variety and its film critics support drug war fascism
kid-friendly website all about the extrajudicial killing of Americans for possessing plants
Common Nonsense from Common Sense Media
mom takes her addictive pills, politician-approved, like a good little American, eschewing mother nature's godsends
Open Letter to Addiction Specialist Gabriel Maté
DEA office of Christian Science Law Enforcement
Running with the DEA -- er, I mean the Devil
trick or treater dressed as DEA agent
Review of When Plants Dream
Replace AA with Ayahuasca Churches
Time to Replace Psychiatrists with Shamans
picture of drug warrior suffering unnecessarily due to a common cold that opium could have cured or at least made more than bearable
The Politically Incorrect Cure for the Common Cold
When I grow up, I wanna be a drug warrior and ruin people's lives.
Drug Laws as the Punishment of 'Pre-Crime'
stop wringing your hands about plant legalization -- the harm is being caused by the drug war, not by the plants
There's nothing complicated about it -- legalize Mother Nature's plants now!
Replace AA with Ayahuasca Churches
Replacing 12-Step Programs with Shamanic Healing
Uncle Sam Wants Your Urine
Eight Reasons to End Drug Testing
honorary oscar for richard nixon for creating the drug war movie genre
Why Hollywood Owes Richard Nixon an Oscar