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How the Drug War Turns Kids' Lives into a Living Hell

Chomsky's Revenge

Boycott Singapore

Chomsky is Right

The Drug War and Armageddon

Heidegger on Drugs

Science Fiction and the Drug War

The Prozac Code

Punky Brewster's Shrooms

Drug Testing and the Christian Science Inquisition

The Mother of all Western Biases

The Invisible Mass Shootings

Spike Lee is Bamboozled by the Drug War

Attention American Screenwriters: please stop spreading Drug War propaganda

Elderly Victims of Drug War Ideology

Smart Uses for Opium and Coca

The Good Side of Methamphetamines

Have you been brainwashed by the drug war?

The Drug War as a Litmus Test for Philosophical Wisdom

Why DARE should stop telling kids to say no

Time to ACT UP about the racist drug war

Open Letter to Anthony Gottlieb

Twelve Reasons why the DEA should be abolished

Open Letter to Francis Fukuyama

Materialism and the Drug War

Why CBS 19 should stop supporting the Drug War

The Ketamine Mirage

Open Letter to Lisa Ling

Open Letter to Nathan at
Drug War T-Shirt for Baby. Because they're never too young to be indoctrinated into America's hateful war on godsend plant medicine.
Cradle to Grave with Drug War Propaganda
Picture of DEA space ship flying in front of the moon, under the title: DRUG TREK: The DEA is on a 5-year mission to outlaw godsend plant medicine throughout the solar system!
Purblind reductionist researchers do not see the obvious: namely that laughing gas (nitrous oxide) works for depression -- by definition!  Just ask the depressed.
Forbes Magazine's Laughable Article about Nitrous Oxide

America's Imperialist Christian Science War on Drugs

Connecticut Drug Warriors want to charge drug dealers with murder

The Dark Side of the Monticello Foundation
Office with loaded gun before police car saying: 'Looks like I got me some black heads to crack! Thank God for the Drug War'
All these Sons
Alice in Wonderland wandering into a Drug War Free Zone full of psychoactive mushrooms.
How the Drug War is a War on Creativity
Classroom chalkboard at Stanford, reading: 'Philosophy of Politically Correct Happiness' (credits can be applied to a degree in Christian Science)
Critique of the Philosophy of Happiness
man's urine flagged in bathroom for containing plant medicine of which politicians disapprove.
Top 10 Problems with the Drug War

How the Drug War Killed Amy Winehouse

Why Louis Theroux is Clueless about Addiction and Alcoholism
Scene from the racist drug-war movie called 'The Runner' by Jason Chase.
Black Lives Don't Matter
Greeks on vase figthing: 'Wait aminute, you haven't been drug tested yet!'
The Drug War as a Greek Tragedy

Christian Science Rehab

Jefferson Bashing on

America's Obsession with Fascist Drug War Movies

How Ecstasy could end mass shootings

Drugs: the great American scapegoat

Saying Yes to Drugs

Toddler Abuse in Drug War America
Man on horse out west saying, 'Drop that peyote cactus!' (Drug warrior ahead of his time)
El Chapo Crappo

Speaking Truth to Academia

Blowing Up Arkansas
Keyboard in the hands of cretin haters.
Reddit: the Home Page for Grade-Schoolers
Science News caves to the Drug War. Mag cover: More drug-war friendly ways to fight the virus!
The Drug War Cure for Covid
Man hanging from tree because he sold plants of which politicians disapprove.
Why the Drugs Reddit should not exist
Sign: Minorities this way (pointing to prison and whites that way (pointing to voting booths)
How the Drug War gave the 2016 election to Donald Trump
Variety magazine front page: DEA APPROVED MOVIE REVIEWS!
Open Letter to Variety Critic Owen Glieberman

How the Drug War Blinds us to Godsend Medicine
school sign: Drug Free Zone (except for coffee, nicotine, alcohol, cigarettes, SSRIs, sugar, chocolate, aspirin, Monster-Energy drinks...)
Join Philosophers Against the Drug War

Church of the Most Holy and Righteous Drug War
Warning: This cop show is full of implicit drug war propaganda. Watching may trigger hypocritical substance demonization in viewers.
Not Using is Always Safer?
Policy makers discussing the so-called Ecstasy Crisis: 'Multi-ethnic dancers are actually cuddling on the dance floor.' 'Gross!'
Open letter to Professor Troy Glover at Waterloo University

Another Academic Toes the Drug Warrior Line

Self-help nonsense in the age of the Drug War
Rodrigo Duterte, President of Philippines, announcing his 'final solution' to the 'drug problem': killing anyone who so much as speaks favorably about mother nature's psychoactive bounty.
Why the Drug War is far worse than a failure
Psychiatrist: 'Have you ever considered suicide?' Patient: 'Only when I think how the drug war has turned me into an eternal patient.'
How Psychiatry and the Drug War turned me into an eternal patient

Mario Cuomo: Drug War Man!
Tombstone reading: 'John Doe. Accomplished nothing but died sober!'  -- making Drug Warriors so happy, they pissed themselves.
America's Puritan Obsession with Sobriety
Emcee at Drug War Movie Awards: Now the award for the most effective demonization of Mother Nature's plant medicines.
Enough Drug War Propaganda Movies Already
Drug War: the Musical. 'We're the Drug War Generation, we pee to get employed, we gave up all our freedoms our forebears once enjoyed'
Taking the Drug War for Granted
WHy plant medicines are not crutches, but big pharma meds are
The Philosophical Idiocy of the Drug War
Prof teaching Drug War 101, teaching class how to demonize rather than to understand psychoactive botanicals.
America's Anti-scientific Standards for Psychotherapeutic Medicine
Ask your doctor if electroshock therapy is right for you.
Electroshock Therapy and the Drug War
hey, here's an idea: let psychiatrists use any plant medicine that works!
Using Opium to Fight Depression
Television Ad: Ask your doctor if Big Pharma's addictive brain-fogging anti-depressant effects aright for you
How the Atlantic Supports the Drug War
Drug War Nazi enforcing Christian Science Sharia
I asked 100 American philosophers what they thought about the Drug War
drug warriors in the wild west - ahead of their time
What You Can Do
drug warrior pornography on wheel of fortune: today's naughty words: cocaine, opium, and psychedelics!
The word 'drugs' is a political term
Anti-drug war blog
Drug Warriors Anonymous: you too can be cured and think straight again.  Addiction doesn't have to be a nightmare. Alcoholics can remake themselves with nature's godsend meds.
Psst! You have been bamboozled by America's Drug War
portest drug testing: the unconstitutional search for plant medicines of which politicians disapprove
whites not allowed in peyote churches per u.s. government
Dirty Minded Drug Warriors
double-slit experiment: drug warrior sees Big Pharma pills as blessed while plant medicines appear evil
The Philosophy of Drug Use
Drug War sci-fi: Fahrenheit 451: the burning of books; Fahrenheit 452: the burning of plants
How The Drug War Killed Andy Gibb
Kid falls off bike and cretin Drug Warrior Dad says: 'Don't worry, son. We're going to fight to outlaw bikes!'
How Logic-Challenged Journalists Support the Drug War
The Nazi Drug War arrests people for selling plant medicines of which corrupt politicians disapprove
Why the Holocaust Museum must denounce the Drug War

The Great Philosophical Problem of Our Time
Drug warriors obsessed about drugs, superstitiously turning them into boogeymen
Why America is Hung Up on Drugs
Caveman paints 'just say ug' on wall, illustrating the superstitious nature of America's drug war
Drug War Ideology:
the modern superstition

The Drug War Board Game
Letter to Erowid about a misleading drug-related article on the The Student Newspaper of Edinburgh
Open Letter to Erowid
Student Newspaper just doesn't get it about drugs. Karolina Zieba's article inspired by Drug War lies and propaganda.
Karolina Zieba just doesn't get it
Three Wise Men arrested on suspicion of opium possession
Heroin versus Alcohol
Plants are ours by natural law: we do not need science to approve of them first
What Obama got wrong about drugs

How the Drug War turned me into an eternal patient
Cocaine users before and after drug war propaganda: Freud versus scumbag
How Cocaine could have helped me

MDMA for Psychotherapy

Pissed off about Drug Testing
In 1987, the DEA stomped onto Monticello and confiscated Thomas Jefferson's poppy plants
How the Monticello Foundation betrayed Jefferson's Legacy in 1987

Open Letter to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime
drug warrior anonymous: woman realizes that she has fallen prey to drug warrior lies about chemical substances
Addicted to Addiction
Rave scene 1988, peace, love and understanding, 1998 gang warfare
How the Drug War killed Leah Betts

Grandmaster Flash: Drug War Collaborator
Drugs Reddit: Please, no posts  that force us to rethink our whole approach to drugs.
The Drugs Reddit just doesn't get it

Five Ways that the drug war causes the problems that it claims to solve
The Drug War Virus Hot Spots: the countries in red have abolished natural law in favor of demonizing natural psychoactive plant medicines in line with scheming American politicians
The Worst thing about the Drug War
Pompous Drug War ass from ancient Greece saying, 'Methinks we must say no to drugs.
The Drug War Virus at the Institute of Art and Ideas

Ten Reasons why the Drug War is Nonsense
Man speaking truth to cretin drug warriors: 'Here's an idea: let's allow psychiatrists to use any plant medicine that works!'
There is no drug problem
Protest signs of cretin drug warriors: Don't tread on me. That said, please keep telling me which plants I can use.
10 Idiots who helped spread drug war propaganda on Listverse
Psst! Prohibition causes violence. Pass it on! Silence equals deth in the drug war
Silence equals Death in America's Drug War
Cop chasing mycologist because he's investigating mushroom species of which politicians disapprove.
Bamboozled Botanists fall for drug war propaganda
The drug war represents a superstitious way of thinking about plant substances, that they are either good or bad, whereas substances a morally neutral
How the drug war promotes drug abuse
Honorary Drug War Oscar for Richard M. Nixon, for promoting fear, not facts, when it comes to Mother Nature's psychoactive bounty.
Cop shows as drug war propaganda
dea blocks even research on plant medicines that fight Alzheimer's, depression and cancer, yet poisons Americans with weed killer when they use marijuana
Open Letter to Congressman Ben Cline, asking him to abolish the criminal DEA
In the Drug War, the police enforce Christian Science Sharia, making Christian Science the state religion in the western world
Why the Drug War
is Christian Science Sharia
Telling kids to say not to drugs is Christian Science indoctrination against Mother Nature's plant medicines
What Liberals ALWAYS get wrong about the drug war
Cretin Drug Warrior sign in garden: Good plants this way, bad plants that way.
There are no such things as drugs
Defund the DEA, stop the war on plant medicine launched against blacks by the police
Defund the DEA

Cannabis Causes Birth Defects?
Family in theater enjoying moving, as mom says,
The Racist Drug War killed George Floyd
Cops telling kids to be good by turning in their parents for using plant medicine of which politicians disapprove.
Drug War Copaganda
Protestors with signs saying, 'Don't tread on me.  That said, please keep telling me which plants I can use.'
So, Your Faith Votes?
Psychiatry's highly addictive and expensive one-size-fits-all treatment for sadness.
Replacing Psychiatry with Pharmacologically Savvy Shamanism
Psychiatrist asks patient the $64,000 question about the hateful drug war and its impact on the depressed patient.
In Praise of Doctor Feelgood
Drug War morality ignores the real drug epidemic: 1 in 4 American females addicted to Big Pharma meds
Drug Warrior Lies on the Internet Movie Database
It's Drug War Day in DC, as Law Enforcement, the Corrections Industry, Big Liquor, Big Pharma, and the American Psychiatric Association come together to praise the continued crackdown on Mother Nature's psychoactive bounty.
End the Drug War Now
Feed a cold, starve a fever, shoot a drug dealer?
Six Reasons Why Americans Are Bamboozled by the Drug War
Psychiatrists blind to the biggest addiction in human history: the fact that 1 in 4 American women must take Big Pharma meds every day of their life.
The Whistle Blower who NOBODY wants to hear
Drug War virus closing down businesses for fear of spreading fascism.
Comedian Adderall Zoloft Riffs on the Drug War
Night of the Addicted Americans brought to you by the Drug War, Big Pharma, and the American Psychiatric Association
Unscientific American
Ghost of Refills Yet to Come points to the fact that 1 in 4 American women are chemically dependent on Big Pharma meds.
In the Realm of Hungry Drug Warriors
Poe's Tale of the Ragged Mountains tells us how drugs that we demonize can be used responsibly to bring about a deep appreciation of Mother Nature.
Man, you should have seen them kicking Edgar Allan Poe
Big Pharma thrives by selling addictive antidepressnts that treat human beings as machine a la the materialist paradigm, when outlawed drugs could run rings around antidepressants, therapeutically speaking
Without Philosophy, Science becomes Scientism
The Three Blind Mice of the Drug War -- blind to the fact that 1 in 4 American women are chemically dependent on LEGAL drugs.
America's Invisible Addiction Crisis
Thomas Jefferson & the Poppies 'Mine by Birth' on Monticello Records '76 RPM
Don't Worry, Be Satisfied
Mirror text: 'Warning, your beliefs about the drug war may be more naive than they seem.'
America's Blind Spot
television commercial: ask your doctor if big pharma's addictive brain-fogging anti-depressant effects are right for you
America's Great Anti-Depressant Scam
drug warriors fret about addiction of whites while causing violence around the world to non-whites and placing godsend psychoactive plant medicines out of reach to the suffering
How Fretting Drug Warriors Block Medical Progress
david bribed to let goliath dea win battle  so the agency can keep criminalizing godsend substances in america's anti-scientific drug war
A Goliath that even David is afraid of
Americans of all ethnicities protesting the war on plant medicine.
How to Unite Drug War Opponents of all Ethnicities
Got said, let there be a most righteous and holy drug war for my church and ban those evil plants that I made by mistake
The Church of the Most Holy and Righteous Drug War
America's Drug War conquistadors go overseas to eradicate time-honored plants in the interests of Big Liquor and Christian Science
The War on Plants
MAPS, the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Therapy, researchers fighitng pill-mill psychiatry and Big Pharma with the creative use of psychedelics
The Depressing Truth About SSRIs
Morally bankrupt tech searches for evil plant medicine in the urine of job-seeking American.
The Joy of Drug Testing
mock ad for DEA Chief John C. Lawn's Weed Killer Paraquat: extra-strength to kill dandelions and poison pot smokers, giving them Parkinson's disease as well
The DEA: Poisoning Americans since 1973
drug dealing psychiatrists get patients hooked and don't apologize -- empathic drug dealers can make withdrawal bearable and have drugs far less addictive than anti-depressants
In Praise of Drug Dealers
circular reasoning of drug warrior law enforcement: create black market, punish the violence it creates, and repeat
The Drug War as a Make-Work Program for Law Enforcement
Jeopardy answer: What is the triumph of common law over natural law and politics over science? The correct question: what is the drug war?
How the Drug War Punishes the Elderly
alzheimer's -- made possible by America's DEA and the drug war -- about which today's navel-obsessed philosophers have nothing to say
The DEA's War on Alzheimer's Research
Mushrooms used in Music Appreciation Class of 2120 -- when Americans finally stop demonizing mother nature's plant medicine.
The Educational Use of Psychoactive Plants
Drug War virus continues to spread with formerly free countries blocking access to Mother Nature's plants
Virus Update
House Un-American Activities Committee asks: 'Have you now or ever used plant medicine of which politicians disapprove?'
The Totally Unspoken Truth About Drugs
Christian Science law enforcement ahead: as Drug War cops check for outlawed plant medicines
Alternative Medicine as a Drug War Creation
Drug test! Use of Mother Nature's godsend plants is fine, but those testing positive for alcohol will be promptly expelled.
Surprise Drug Test!
Drug Warriors Anonymous: you too can be cured and think straight again.  Addiction doesn't have to be a nightmare. Alcoholics can remake themselves with nature's godsend meds rather than the racist administration of naltrexone.
Open Letter to Gabrielle Glaser
Nuclear bomb goes off as Drug Warrior Trump is raging about the dangers of plant medicine of which he disapproves.
Drug Warriors Fiddle while Rome Gets Nuked
Here, Mrs. Wilson, here's your addictive Big Pharma crap.  Cartoon spoofing psychiatry and anti-patient drug laws.
The Myth of the Addictive Personality
So-called doctor dumps addicts on cot and charges them $3,000 for precisely nothing.
Glenn Close but no cigar
authoritarianism on the rise while clueless philosophers ponder if morality really exists
Clueless Philosophers
rock star singing: American Stasi, I said get away, American Stasi, well, that's the DEA-A-A-A -- down with the DEA, the anti-nature drug war agency, America's own Stasi
The American Stasi
Epictetus comments about freedom, revised for Christian Science sensibilities in the age of the anti-nature Drug War
Calling All Philosophers
Drugs defined: substances of which politicans do not approve and for which profits do not accrue to big business. Today's drug user was yesterday's witch.  The self-transcendence that they achieve frightens us now as it did then in witch-haunted Salem.
What We Mean When We Say 'Drugs'
Church of the Rain Forest, closed by the DEA. Found not to be a genuine religion by pen-pushers in Washington, DC.
How the DEA determines if a religion is true
Ayatollah Trump vows to exeucte dealers who sell natural plants and fungi as the latest step to enforce Christian Science Sharia in America.
President Calls for Executing Drug Dealers
The three monkeys of modern psychology: they see no entheogens, hear no entheogens and prescribe no entheogens.
Addicted to Ignorance
Happy with the Drug War? Thank your friendly American author for that, who takes the Drug War as a given and never mentions it, just as they never mention their own character's need to urinate. That's Drug War self-censorship at work.
Self-Censorship in the Age of the Drug War
Man before legislature: 'Hey, here's an idea: let physicians use any plant medicine that works!'
Open Letter to the Virginia Legislature
Traveling? Your DEA reminds you to determine what form of Drug War Sharia is operative in the destination of your choice.  And remember: just say no to Mother Nature's godsend plant medicines!
American Sharia
US Capitol building renamed Christian Science Hall
Letter to Lamar Alexander
American's idiotic and criminal drug policy: hands off rain forest godsends, hands on addictive pharmaceutical
There is no such thing as DRUGS
Watch the DEA torture the man for using Mother Nature's godsend plants -- er, I mean drugs!
Is Rick Doblin Running with the Devil?
Militarized police crack down on human beings who attempt to relax and find meaning in life by using a drug other than liquor.
The Therapeutic Value of Anticipation
John Locke said: 'The earth, and all that is therein, is given to men for the support and comfort of their being.' Therefore the Drug War is a violation of natural law and usurps the US Constitution.
John Locke on Drugs
kids learn to identify the plants that they are not allowed to study
Decriminalizing Mother Nature: the end game
psilocybin mushrooms behind bars: found guilty of improving lives
Rationality Uber Alles
Christopher Columbus demands that natives join Facebook for surveillance purposes
Just Say No to Surveillance Capitalism
Socrates says the good is virtue, Eric Schmidt says the good is profit
Tune In, Turn On, Opt Out
Urine testers needed.  Must be willing and able to trample on the rights of Americans who would dare use mother nature's plant medicine.
Urine Testers Needed
National Science Foundation lecture: there is a specter haunting science: the specter of the Drug War
There is a Specter Haunting Science
professor teaching Torture 101 at DEA University
Torture 101 at DEA University
Drug War want-ad: Help the DEA double down on the drug war.  Must be willing and able to torture and shoot those who use plant medicine of which politicians disapprove.
Hypocritical America Embraces Drug War Fascism
campfire story about the drug war, live from Lake Rights-Be-Gone
Campfire Stories about America's Drug War
wanted: DEA drug scheduler: must be willing and able to ruin soldiers' lives
Depressed? Here's why.
let freedom ring, abolish the dea
The Drug War is a War on Patients
dea jobs: must be willing and able to ruin American lives
DEA Guilty of Crimes Against Humanity
forbidden plants
Speaking Truth to Big Pharma
UnScientific American: special patriotic edition, reminding scientists what plants and fungi they must ignore in the name of the Fatherland
Snoop Pearson's Muddle-Headed Take on Drugs
Drug Warrior boasting: 'I've given up my right to more of nature's godsends than you have!'
Lock 'em up! Lock 'em up!
The DEA Today: guest drinking vodka, host smoking cigarette
Tweet to Alex Adams
evolution of man: from ape to drug warrior
What if Arthur Schopenhauer Had Used DMT?
Patient gets bad news: modern healthcare can't give him plant medicine to fight his depression -- but it can give him a lethal drug if his depression gets to bad.
Euthanasia in the Age of the Drug War
Elon Musk depicted as robot in front of gorgeous waterfall, saying 'must maximize effiency - beep'
Unscientific American: the hypocritical materialism of Elon Musk
When I grow up, I wanna be a drug warrior and ruin people's lives.
Se Llama Mushrooms
protesting American Drug Warriors just say no to mind-improving plants
Let's burn some plants!
Nixonstein: you'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll give up you right to Mother Nature's plants
Six problems with Mike Wise's Anti-psychedelic Memoir of the Sixties
DEA blasting apart buildings where heretics have been improving their minds using Mother Nature's plants
In Praise of Augustus Bedloe
picture of stained glass windows of mushrooms at Second Church of the Eleusianian Mysteries
Plants Divine, All Plants Excelling
Wanted ad for DEA: Must be willing and able to separate Americans from the plants and fungi of which politicians disapprove.
Harold & Kumar Support the Drug War
DEA agents in films torture and murder suspects for using plant medicine -- and Variety critics ignore the anti-American message.
How Variety and its film critics support drug war fascism
Kid looking up movies that promote Drug War fascism yet still recommended by Common Sense.
Common Nonsense from Common Sense Media
mom takes her addictive pills, politician-approved, like a good little American, eschewing mother nature's godsends
Open Letter to Addiction Specialist Gabriel Maté
DEA office of Christian Science Law Enforcement
Running with the DEA -- er, I mean the Devil
trick or treater dressed as DEA agent
Review of When Plants Dream
Replace AA with Ayahuasca Churches
Time to Replace Psychiatrists with Shamans
Another sleepless night due to America's war on plant medicine.
The Politically Incorrect Cure for the Common Cold
When I grow up, I wanna be a drug warrior and ruin people's lives.
Drug Laws as the Punishment of 'Pre-Crime'
nixon wins a gold star on hollywood walk of fame for starting the drug war movie genre and contributing to TV show plots
Seven Ways that Liberals are Confused by the Drug War
stop wringing your hands about plant legalization -- the harm is being caused by the drug war, not by the plants
There's nothing complicated about it -- legalize Mother Nature's plants now!
Replace AA with Ayahuasca Churches
Replacing 12-Step Programs with Shamanic Healing
Uncle Sam Wants Your Urine
Eight Reasons to End Drug Testing
NeuralLink. Drug War Robot urges Americans to use implants -- not plants.
This is your brain on Neuralink
Doctors fry brains rather than using godsend plant medicines to cure the depressed, all thanks to America's anti-scientific drug war
This is your brain on Drug War propaganda
Come back here wit those mushroom samples!  Narc arresting mycologist for doing his job.
Mycologists as DEA Collaborators
This is your brain on anti-depressants. Giant flames out of frying pan.
This is your brain on Effexor
Sign in front of church: Today's sermon-- Peace and Love.  No whites by order of US Government.
Too White to Use Mushrooms
Authors tell you everything you need to know about creativity -- except how to achieve it, since the drug war will not let them speak openly about that
Fifty Years of Bogus Articles about Creativity

The Drug War as Religion

Americans have the right to pursue happiness but not to attain it
Mad scientist frying brains to treat depression thanks to the DEA's outlawing of psychoactive plant medicine.
The Drug War and Electroshock Therapy

Put the DEA on Trial

Puritanical Assumptions about Drug Use in the Entertainment Field
Drug War Oscar for Richard Nixon for single-handedly creating the drug-war movie genre
Why Hollywood Owes Richard Nixon an Oscar
Electroshock therapy: brought to you by the DEA and America's Drug War
Why American Drug Policy is Insane
Take 3 times a day to bolster Big Pharma's bottom line
In Praise of Thomas Szasz
Many anti-depressants are far more addictive than heroin
The real reason for depression in America
DEA confiscates Monticello as public nuisance
Screw You, Francis Burton Harrison
Cocaine users before and after drug war propaganda
Colorado plane crash caused by milk!
Drug War SWAT team pointing guns, shouting, 'Step away from the mushroom, granny!'
Dragnet meets the Drug War

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Piss Off the Drug Warriors in Your life! Give the Drug War Comic Book a prominent place on your coffee table! (Or better yet, buy THEM a copy!)

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Bone up on slam-dunk arguments against the drug war, starting with the fact that it was a violation of natural law to outlaw plant medicine in the first place. Check out the site menu for fun ways to learn more about the manifold injustice of the status quo, including many knock-down arguments never made before. Why? Because even the majority of drug-war opponents have been bamboozled by one or more of the absurd assumptions upon which that war is premised. See through the haze. Read on. Listen on. And Learn how tryants and worrywarts have despoiled American freedom, thereby killing millions around the world, totally unnecessarily, ever since the fateful day in 1914 when ignorant America first criminalized a mere plant -- and insisted that the rest of the world follow suit or else -- an act of colonialist folly unrivaled since the days of the genocidal Conquistadors.

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