Top 21 Reasons to Abolish the DEA

  1. They have lied about psychoactive drugs for almost half a century now, thereby denying life-changing medicines to millions of Americans, including the depressed elderly, terminal cancer patients, and soldiers suffering from PTSD.
  2. They have deprived Americans of their birthright, to freely access the medicinal bounty of Mother Nature.
  3. They have a blatant conflict of interest in "scheduling" drugs since their jobs depend on drugs being illegal.
  4. They force doctors to resort to brain-damaging shock therapy for severely depressed patients by interfering with researchers' attempts to use Mother Nature's plants as a non-damaging depression remedy instead.
  5. They have turned the United States into a prison colony and fomented civil war and violence overseas, using draconian drug laws as an excuse to intervene in foreign countries, thereby increasing anti-American sentiment abroad.
  6. They destroy the lives of Americans who are simply trying to improve their outlook on life with the help of Mother Nature's freely offered bounty.
  7. They foster a police state environment in which at least three American presidents have called on young Americans to "turn in their parents" for drug violations, a practice which Joseph Stalin may have admired, but Thomas Jefferson, not so much.
  8. Speaking of Jefferson, the DEA stomped onto his Monticello estate in 1987 to remove his poppy plants. (If only Americans had responded to that outrage in the way that Thomas Jefferson himself surely would have done!)
  9. Former DEA Chief John C. Lawn contaminated marijuana plants with Paraquat, a weed killer that has since been shown to cause Parkinson's Disease, thus punishing a misdemeanor drug offense by poisoning young offenders and giving them a catastrophic illness later in their life.
  10. The DEA was founded in 1973 by Richard Nixon, a president whose drug policy was intended to punish enemies, not to improve America's health.
  11. The DEA steals American elections for conservatives by arresting a million drug-war opponents every year and removing many of them from the voting rolls, thus ensuring the continued re-election of drug-war zealots, who cater to the financial interests of prison guards, sheriffs, Big Liquor, Psychiatry, Big Pharma, and dozens of other stealth stakeholders in the drug war status quo.
  12. Just as Prohibition created the Mafia, the drug war has created international drug cartels and turned inner cities into shooting galleries, thereby giving DEA agents job security at the cost of thousands of minority lives every year.
  13. The DEA schedules drugs according to the following imbecilic logic: if a drug could theoretically harm even a handful of people (even if the reports of harm turn out to be fabricated by drug war zealots), it must be withheld from everyone on earth and not even studied.
  14. The self-serving DEA is silent about the most deadly drugs in the world: alcohol and tobacco, nor do they care that 1 in 8 American males and 1 in 4 American females are hooked on Big Pharma antidepressants, many of which are harder to kick than heroin.
  15. The DEA ignored their own legal counsel in 1985 when he advocated making MDMA available to treat PTSD in soldiers, thereby allowing America's heroes to suffer unnecessarily for the last three decades.
  16. The DEA's Drug War is a War on the Depressed, denying them hundreds of godsend non-addictive plant medicines and shunting them off instead on a handful of highly addictive pharmaceuticals, many of which must be taken every single day for an entire lifetime, thereby severely disempowering the sufferer and turning them into an eternal patient and a ward of the health care state.
  17. The DEA has made detox programs a living hell by banning all the entheogenic plants that can facilitate withdrawal and change addict attitudes for the better.
  18. The Drug War manufactures violence out of thin air by creating a black market and then points to that violence as the justification for the Drug War's existence. This circular reasoning ensures endless work for the DEA as they seek to combat the very violence that the Drug War itself has created.
  19. The DEA practices drug-war colonialism by traveling overseas and burning poppy plants in a racist war against opium, a substance that has been used responsibly by non-Western cultures for millennia but which the US seeks to replace with the Christians' go-to drug known as alcohol. They fail to realize that if America can go overseas to burn poppy plants, then the Islamic world should be entitled to travel to the states and burn our grape vines.
  20. The DEA blocks mere research on plants that show promise for helping and perhaps even curing Alzheimer patients.
  21. The DEA criminalizes Mother Nature's plants and fungi in violation of the natural law upon which the United States was founded.
PS Believe it or not, there are many more reasons than this. Freud considered cocaine a godsend for improving his mental focus and allowing him to work the necessary number of hours to achieve his goals in life. Marcus Aurelius, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, etc. used opium to increase their creativity and affability. Plato himself used psychedelics at the Eleusinian Mysteries. Properly used, these substances are godsends that expand the mind and allow the user to improve themselves. By criminalizing such godsent plant medicines, the DEA is controlling not simply what we think, but how we think and how we are allowed to think. That is perhaps the worst tyranny of all in the long run (meanwhile shunting us off onto the highly addictive Big Pharma drugs that hypocritical drug warrior doctors tell us we have to take every day of our lives -- lest the Big Pharma execs run out of money to buy caviar).
--Ballard Quass, founder of, last updated April 20, 2020.
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