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for ending the drug war

...which is anti-patient, anti-depressed, anti-elderly, anti-scientific, anti-minority, imperialistic, and a violation of natural law...

and re-legalizing Mother Nature

The Drug War taught cops to treat suspects like scumbags. No wonder that one of the accomplices in George Floyd's murder taunted the crowd by saying: 'just say no to drugs'.
from The Racist Drug War killed George Floyd
How many Drug Warriors do we have in the house? Let me see a show of dunce caps.
from Drug War Copaganda
We all look back in shock at the way the Church impeded scientific activity in Galileo's day; but we have yet to be shocked by the way that the Drug War impedes scientific activity in ours.
from Replacing Psychiatry with Pharmacologically Savvy Shamanism
"Addiction," it turns out, is really a pejorative epithet which we apply only to the habitual use of those drugs that we love to hate.
from Six Reasons Why Americans Are Bamboozled by the Drug War
Psychiatrist's question: Do you consider suicide? Answer: Only when I consider the fact that psychiatry has humiliated and disempowered me by turning me into an eternal patient.
from The Whistle Blower who NOBODY wants to hear
The fact is that the Drug War provides anti-scientific obstacles to research on many subjects about which Scientific American authors write, and I believe it's about time that SA started acknowledging that fact in the articles themselves, thereby shaming the Drug Warriors for impeding scientific progress in a supposed free country.
from Unscientific American
If we have the right to travel overseas in order to burn plants that we hold responsible for American addictions, then surely other countries have the right to come stateside to burn tobacco and grape vines.
from America's Blind Spot
"drugs" is really just a pejorative epithet for the medicinal bounty of Mother Nature.
from How Fretting Drug Warriors Block Medical Progress
About one in eight men and one in four women are addicted to Big Pharma antidepressants, according to psychiatrist Julie Holland. And now the pharmaceutical companies are going after the toddler market. This is a huge but silent scandal, especially when you consider Robert Whitaker’s finding that antidepressants actually CAUSE the chemical imbalances that they purport to fix.
from The Depressing Truth About SSRIs
This is the DEA Lounge, after all, where you're judged not by the color of your skin, but by the contents of your digestive system.
from The Joy of Drug Testing
Drug testing is as American as... as... as invading other countries to burn plants that other cultures have been using responsibly for thousands of years.
from The Joy of Drug Testing
The best thing that a modern therapist can tell an addict is that there's light at the end of a tunnel, but our drug dealer knows better: he (or she) knows how to light up the tunnel itself and make one's journey through it both bearable and therapeutic.
from In Praise of Drug Dealers
The opioid crisis results from the fact that we have outlawed all of the non-addictive substances that can powerfully affect mood, leaving those who seek self-transcendence with few choices except for the highly addictive ones offered by Big Pharma.
from How the Drug War Punishes the Elderly
The use of the word "drugs" these days is so loaded with false and dubious presuppositions that you'd think philosophers would have a field day ending the drug war, not with the usual statistical arguments, but by appealing to first principles, beginning with the absurdity of outlawing mother nature's plants.
from The DEA's War on Alzheimer's Research
There is, in fact, no rational reason why human beings should forego the benefits of Mother Nature's pharmacy.
from The Educational Use of Psychoactive Plants
Opium has been used in moderation by cultures for millennia. When the upstart US travels abroad to eradicate the opium poppy, they are simply forcing other countries to accept alcohol as the drug of choice.
from Surprise Drug Test!
There really are no experts on addiction treatment per se since the Drug War has essentially placed all the potentially valuable therapeutic substances off-limits, not merely to individuals but to addiction researchers as well. No surprise there. We'd have just as few aviation experts today if the only legally available planes were gliders.
from Open Letter to Gabrielle Glaser
Not content to destroy the poppy in the East (always against the will of the local people, who have no say in the matter), we now seek out a drug that will obviate the poppy's effects, thus ensuring the prosperity of American Big Liquor for centuries to come. This is fundamentally a racist and anti-scientific war on the poppy, one which dogmatically recognizes only evil in the plant, failing to acknowledge its role in providing human transcendence over the ages...
from Open Letter to Gabrielle Glaser
The "Drug War" is the philosophical problem par excellence of our time for it thrives on a series of misunderstandings and presumptions that only a true philosopher can hope to parse with nicety and expose in such a way as to make the need for reform obvious to the man or woman on the street - and thus to the man or woman in Congress.
from Calling All Philosophers
A doctor can legally addict my anxious 92-year-old mother to the benzodiazepine of his choice, but should I arrange for her to get miraculous, non-addictive relief from a mere plant, the source of that godsend can be strung up at high noon?...
from President Calls for Executing Drug Dealers
No one with pharmacological savvy has ever been free to use psychoactive plants in America, shaman-like, with a specific addict in mind. Who knows what would be possible if every psychoactive plant were at hand to be employed advisedly in improving the mental outlook and resilience of a specific individual?...
from Addicted to Ignorance
The drug war depends on the strategic use of words such that merely broaching them implies a politically correct viewpoint and thus the speaker's acceptance of a series of widely believed but fundamentally false premises.
from Addicted to Ignorance
Stop the anti-patient Drug War, this war on plants, that's depriving my suffering mother of natural and non-addictive godsends, shunting her off onto a handful of addictive drugs from Big Pharma doled out by today's psychiatric pill mill.
from Open Letter to the Virginia Legislature
When Americans aren't busy submitting sheepishly to drug tests, they are watching drug war propaganda movies in which the DEA tortures and murders South Americans who are suspected of selling Mother Nature's plants: especially those that American politicians have gone to such trouble to demonize.
from Is Rick Doblin Running with the Devil?
We conclude therefore that the DEA violates the rational dictates of natural law when it criminalizes naturally occurring plants, and that it is therefore not simply the right of Americans to protest this usurpation, but their duty.
from John Locke on Drugs
Become a urine tester and help kick nature lovers out of the job market by flagging urine that might contain any of Mother Nature's godsend medicines. Do you want to live in a world where everyone can freely improve their minds with the help of nature's bounty? Of course not. What fun would that be? So apply today and help us double down on America's most righteous and holy Drug War!...
from Urine Testers Needed
Now you too can dangle drug suspects from grappling hooks and shoot them in cold blood while they're sitting across from you, unsuspecting, at their very own kitchen table. Learn from the experts as they teach you how to subvert the US Constitution, consequence free, all in the name of our most righteous and holy drug war. (First 50 enrollees get free jackboots!)...
from Torture 101 at DEA University
When the DEA rates substances like psilocybin and MDMA as "schedule one," they are protecting their own jobs, not the American people. The overwhelming scientific evidence is that both medicines can be therapeutic godsends. But the DEA rating system is not about science, it's about preserving DEA jobs and the oppressive reign of the DEA itself.
from DEA Guilty of Crimes Against Humanity
Join the DEA today, start busting heads tomorrow. Help needed to keep godsend medications out of the hands of soldiers suffering from PTSD. Ideal candidate will be heartless and have a contempt for Mother Nature's pharmacy. Experience breaking down doors a plus. Jackboots will be provided.
from DEA Guilty of Crimes Against Humanity
Drug Warrior Boasting: "I've given up my right to more of nature's godsends than you have!"...
from Lock 'em up! Lock 'em up!
American Devolution: From Monkey to Drug Warrior: Darwin's theory suffered a blow today as researchers discovered that the modern-day Drug Warrior is genetically closer to Neanderthals than to Homo sapiens, or modern man. "He's definitely a different species," said renowned anthropologist Jane Badall. "His main obvious difference to us is his inability to reason properly about natural substances. He would rather superstitiously demonize Mother Nature's medicines than to actually use them."...
from What if Arthur Schopenhauer Had Used DMT?
Doctor to depressed elderly patient: "The bad news is, we can't give you psilocybin for your depression. The good news is, we can kill you if the depression gets too bad."...
from Euthanasia in the Age of the Drug War
Do you have what it takes to be a Drug Warrior? Only the most logic-challenged and nature-hating individuals need apply. Jackboots may be provided, however the ideal candidate will already be wearing jackboots as a matter of course.
from Se Llama Mushrooms
A hundred and fifty years ago, the mob was worried about Frankenstein. Today they're worried about devil plants. That's why millions around the globe have to go without Mother Nature's godsends, to cater to the superstitious and anti-scientific fears of the masses, dutifully propagandized by politicians and lobbyists for Big Liquor, the American Psychiatric Association, law enforcement, and the corrections industry.
from Let's burn some plants!
Poe didn't use drugs to "get high" -- he used drugs to truly appreciate the world around him. Freud didn't use cocaine to get high -- he used it to goad himself on to become prolific. Thomas De Quincey used opium to better enjoy the opera and Benjamin Franklin did so just because he wanted to -- but that was back at a time when people still judged other people for how they actually behaved, as opposed to what substances they happened to have ingested.
from In Praise of Augustus Bedloe
DEA Job Opening: Hit Man apprentice

Must be willing to not simply flout the US Constitution, but to heap scorn upon it along with its so-called legal protections for American citizens. (Hah!) Ideal candidate will have documented experience as a schoolyard bully.

from How Variety and its film critics support drug war fascism
The Common Sense website reviews movies for crude language and violence, but it fails to warn parents when a movie promotes murder and torture in the name of the Drug War. Reviews on Variety are just the same. They may warn viewers about the scene in which the DEA agent tortures a suspect, but only because the torture victim was wearing only Speedos, not because his torture represents a flagrant violation of American law and a repudiation of everything that the US supposedly stands for.
from Common Nonsense from Common Sense Media
According to psychiatrist Julie Holland, one in four American women are addicted to SSRI anti-depressants, many of which are harder to quit than heroin. Why? Because heroin rapidly leaves the system while SSRIs screw up one's brain chemistry for months if not years at a time -- by causing the very chemical imbalances that they purport to fix. (See Robert Whitaker's "Anatomy of an Epidemic" for more.) Yet our most addicted country demonizes non-addictive therapeutic godsends from Mother Nature.
from Open Letter to Addiction Specialist Gabriel Maté
Hello? This is the DEA. How may I ruin your life and destroy your human potential by deliberately withholding plant medicines that are well-known to provide insight and a fresh way of thinking about the world?...
from Running with the DEA -- er, I mean the Devil
The drug war is nothing but the enforcement of Christian Science with respect to mental states.
from A Drug Warrior in our Midst
You're never too young to oppress your fellow Americans. Tell your kids about the FDWA, Future Drug Warriors of America. In our summer camps, we teach them how to kick down doors and throw elderly citizens and children on the ground while shouting at them and calling them scumbags for using Mother Nature's plants to gain psychological healing and insight.
from Review of When Plants Dream
Only imagine: a new psychiatry that sees the "patient" as an actual individual and not one of an infinite set of human clones, all therapeutically susceptible to the same one addictive "miracle cure" that psychiatry claims to have on offer.
from Time to Replace Psychiatrists with Shamans
"The White Man goes into church and talks about Jesus. The Indian goes into his tipi and talks with Jesus." Likewise, the White Man goes to AA to talk about getting off alcohol. Someday, he will actually get off of alcohol by using any one of hundreds of godsend psychoactive plants that the government has unconstitutionally banned, even for research purposes. That's Drug War "morality" for you: thump your chest about the Drug War, and to hell with actual patients.
from Time to Replace Psychiatrists with Shamans
Opium is supposed to be pure evil -- even though it's been used responsibly for millennia overseas. Besides, it's a threat to Big Liquor so we have to burn it, whether the locals mind or not. That said, opium is on record as having effectively cured the common cold and all sorts of other irritations. So the next time someone asks, "Why isn't there a cure for the common cold?" You tell them, "There is, but anti-scientific drug warriors won't let us use it."...
from The Politically Incorrect Cure for the Common Cold
It's never too early to familiarize your child with the circumscribed freedoms of Drug War America. Be sure to make a big thing of their first drug test. Take plenty of photos and celebrate with a trip to the amusement park after they pass! They'll no doubt have plenty of other drug tests to come, but their first one will always be special for them. After all, it's the first time that they will fully renounce their rights to use Mother Nature's plants as they see fit.
from Drug Laws as the Punishment of 'Pre-Crime'
As for the old Drug War canard that drugs "fry your brain," psychedelics have been shown to actually grow new neurons. If any drugs fry the brain, it is modern antidepressants, which are increasingly implicated in causing anhedonia in long-term users.
from Marci Hamilton Equates Drug Use with Child Abuse
Research from the new psychedelic renaissance is proving that the guided use of Mother Nature's psychedelic bounty can increase mental resilience and clarity and help one think outside the box - which is the very definition of a psychotherapeutic godsend.
from Marci Hamilton Equates Drug Use with Child Abuse
I don't know which is worse, law-and-order conservatives who want to prevent people from improving their minds with psychoactive substances, or "compassionate" leftists who want to protect Americans from themselves. Do these liberals really believe that the drug-related body count would be anything close to what it is today if America hadn't started down the road of criminalizing Mother Nature's plants with the Harrison Narcotics Act of 1914? The Drug War itself is the problem, folks!...
from There's nothing complicated about it -- legalize Mother Nature's plants now!
You've got to love drug war morality: you can prove you're a good person merely by pissing. And your reward? Well, you may not do much with your life, but at least you can have a headstone that reads: "Passed every single drug test he ever took!" Well done, good and faithful! And if you want to be even MORE moral, you can always turn in your parents for smoking marijuana, maybe even get a photo opportunity with the appropriately titled Drug Czar. Ah! Isn't democracy swell?!...
from Eight Reasons to End Drug Testing
In 1975, a U.S. court ruled that the Church of the Awakening could not use "magic mushrooms" in its rituals because (get this...) the congregants were white. More proof that Americans will lie, cheat, and steal in order to keep the Drug War in place, and if it means blatantly enshrining bigotry into judicial case law, so be it.
from Too White to Use Mushrooms
The fact that we modern humans disdainfully refer to such profound experiences as “getting high” betrays our puritan distaste for improving our consciousness with the help of Mother Nature’s bounty.
from The Philosophy of Getting High
The Eleusinian mysteries were shut down in 392 c.e., not because they were a long-running fad that had finally run its course, but because the Christian emperor Theodosius saw the popular mysteries as a challenge to Christian orthodoxy – more proof that the modern Drug War represents the establishment of a de facto religion, albeit a materialist religion that takes a dim view of Mother Nature and of its potential role in improving human consciousness.
from The Philosophy of Getting High
The Drug War is not based on a rational concern for human welfare; it is just the modern-day expression of the know-nothing prudery of the 17th-century puritan, from whose misogynist and myopic mindset we have inherited today's illogical antipathy to Mother Nature's psychoactive medicines.
from Fifty Years of Bogus Articles about Creativity
The medical community remains largely silent, claiming that ECT is defensible on its own terms, when in reality it's a dangerous expedient that is only rendered necessary thanks to the fact that drug law in the U.S. has senselessly outlawed all the promising psychoactive alternatives.
from The Drug War and Electroshock Therapy
If Americans have any birthright, they surely have a right to the medicinal and nourishing output of Mother Nature and cannot be rightfully separated from that bounty by coercion.
from Put the DEA on Trial
Richard Nixon’s political assessment of such drugs remains on the books today, thanks to the fact that the self-dealing DEA, an agency that exists to “fight drugs,” is the same organization tasked with deciding the legal status of drugs. That’s the mother of all conflicts of interests, one that will continue to eat away at the democratic process until the DEA is excised from the body politic.
from Put the DEA on Trial
What's the cause of depression in America? The DEA. By denying Americans the medicines that have been shown to dramatically ease that malady.
from Put the DEA on Trial
Nixon single-handedly created a whole movie genre by outlawing psychoactive plant medicines. His ghost accepted the award as follows: "Frankly, all I was trying to do was to punish hippies, especially Timothy Leary. I'd like to say that I had a new movie genre in mind, but that was really just 'so much gravy.' My main goal was to stop people from thinking outside the box with the help of psychedelics. The fact that I also was able to cause so much exciting bloodshed is a real bonus, though."...
from Why Hollywood Owes Richard Nixon an Oscar
Doctors say that "shock therapy is a last resort," but what they really mean is, "shock therapy is a last resort once we rule out all the hundreds of godsend psychoactive plants that the DEA does not allow us to use or even study." Not only are doctors in denial about the DEA's role in making shock therapy necessary, but authors are as well. Few authors (apart from genius Thomas Szasz) see the connection between hideous psychiatric treatment and America's anti-scientific drug war.
from Why American Drug Policy is Insane
One in four American women are hooked on Big Pharma anti-depressants, many of which are more addictive than heroin. That's a nice tidy annuity for pharmaceutical executives, especially when you add in the one in eight males who are likewise addicted. No wonder there are so many lobbyists in DC asking Congress to "double down" on the Drug War. The Drug War is the goose that lays the golden egg, not just for Big Pharma but for psychiatrists, law enforcement and the corrections industry as well.
from In Praise of Thomas Szasz
Drug warriors are forever wringing their hands about addiction, both actual and potential. Funny they have so little to say about the great addiction of our time. One in four women and one in eight men are addicted to Big Pharma antidepressants and we hear not a peep of concern. Meanwhile the pharmaceutical companies are now targeting toddlers with their mind-fogging drugs, pills that are such a shabby replacement for the non-addictive godsends that we have banned.
from The real reason for depression in America
Jefferson was rolling over in his grave in the 1980s when the DEA stomped onto Monticello to steal the founding father's poppy plants. It's a wonder they didn't seize Monticello itself under the legal fiction that it was a public nuisance. Lord knows police departments have earned millions by such ploys in the past. Big Liquor must be thrilled at this war on the poppy, especially when America goes overseas and burns the plants in countries where it has been used responsibly for millennia.
from Screw You, Francis Burton Harrison
If you search the term "cocaine" on the site of a stock photo company such as Shutterstock, you'll be bombarded with photographs of white powder sprinkled around blood-covered money with a revolver lying nearby for good measure. This is all drug war propaganda designed to villainize a substance that posed a threat to Big Liquor. The fact is, Sigmund Freud achieved his success while regularly using cocaine, and he never used a gun nor sat around a table littered with bloody money.
from Colorado plane crash caused by milk!

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