How to solve the 'drug problem'

A manifesto for re-legalizing plants

1) Re-legalize all plants and fungi, as they are the birth right of every Earthling, under the natural law upon which America was founded (thereby destroying the black market and the violence that it produces).

2) Replace the Drug Enforcement Agency with the Drug Education Agency, which will objectively inform Americans of the statistically verifiable dangers (and benefits!) of ALL psychoactive substances, including alcohol, tobacco, and modern-day antidepressants.

3) Give researchers and doctors the freedom to use any naturally occurring substance on earth to treat psychological issues (rather than requiring them to use a handful of inadequate and addictive pills to benefit Big Pharma).

4) End the extrajudicial fishing expedition known as drug testing, which eliminates people from the job market merely for using natural substances that have never been proven to negatively affect work performance. Stop this enforcement of Christian Science Sharia and hire and fire people based on how they actually behave, not on the natural medicines that they decide to employ.

5) Let the police go back to the pre-1914 practice of arresting people for actual bad behavior, not for the fact that they have certain politically ostracized substances in their house or in their digestive system.

6) Start thinking about the use of psychoactive plants in the same way that we think about driving. We would never think of outlawing driving because there are car accidents, neither should we think of criminalizing plants because there is such a thing as substance abuse.

7) Always remember where plant criminalization got us. It resulted in so much violence that it created a whole new bullet-riddled movie genre about the drug war. It resulted in the creation of international drug cartels, inner-city shooting galleries, and law enforcement running roughshod over the natural law upon which America was founded. It stymied science when it came to investigating promising non-addictive cures for addiction, depression, anxiety and Alzheimer's disease. It sent our military overseas as drug war colonialists to burn plants that had been used responsibly by foreign cultures for millennia. Meanwhile it left the elderly and depressed languishing in nursing homes, addicted to ineffective medicines, all because the DEA callously outlawed even research on the plant medicines that could have given these sufferers a new lease on life.

8) End the drug warrior practice of speaking as if "drug use" is a synonym for "drug abuse." Whatever our private opinion may be about different substances, we must henceforth judge people on how they behave, not on what specific substances they may or may not have in their digestive systems.

Comments about this manfesto:

This new paradigm will help prevent drug addiction because it involves sharing the statistical facts about the actual use of all psychoactive substances, including pharmaceuticals, alcohol and tobacco: what do people like about them, what do people hate about them, how hard are they to quit, et cetera. The lack of such honesty in the past has resulted, not simply in the opioid crisis, but in the great silent addiction epidemic of our time, thanks to which 1 in 8 American males and 1 in 4 females are currently addicted to Big Pharma anti-depressants, some of them harder to kick than heroin. The silence of the drug warriors on this latter topic says all one needs to know about their hypocrisy, callousness and bad faith in arguing for plant criminalization.

Those addictions that occur under this new paradigm will be far less virulent than those seen in the current opioid crisis, not to mention those seen in the hushed-up anti-depressant addiction crisis mentioned above. Moreover, the therapeutic use of consciousness-growing psychedelics will help all addicts forswear all substances that do not conduce to their sense of fulfillment in life, an amazing step forward in addiction treatment considering the current barbaric system according to which addicts are left on a cot to go cold turkey and puke and groan for three days, for a price tag of about $3,000. (If you think that's bad, modern anti-depressants can take months to quit, with Effexor, for just one horrifying example, having a recidivism rate equal to that of heroin.) This cold turkey approach almost always fails, and why? Because a person’s goals have to change and become serious before they can give up a problematic “crutch,” and the evidence shows that only psychedelic therapy, the therapy that we have so far criminalized, stands a real chance of accomplishing this hitherto Herculean task of changing attitudes.

--Ballard Quass, founder of, last updated April 20, 2020.
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