How to solve the 'drug problem'

1) Re-legalize all plants and fungi, as they are the birth right of every Earthling, under the natural law upon which America was founded (thereby destroying the black market and the violence that it produces).

2) Replace the Drug Enforcement Agency with the Drug Education Agency, which will objectively inform Americans of the statistically verifiable dangers (and benefits!) of ALL substances, including alcohol, tobacco, and modern-day antidepressants.

3) Give researchers and doctors the freedom to use any naturally occurring substance on earth to treat psychological issues (rather than requiring them to use a handful of inadequate and addictive pills to benefit Big Pharma).

4) End the extrajudicial fishing expedition known as drug testing, which eliminates people from the job market merely for using natural substances that have never been proven to negatively affect work performance. Stop this enforcement of Christian Science Sharia and hire and fire people based on how they actually behave, not on the natural medicines that they decide to employ.

5) Let the police go back to the pre-1914 practice of arresting people for actual bad behavior, not for the fact that they have certain politically ostracized chemicals in their house or in their digestive system.

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