Drug War Propaganda

from TV and Movies

A Thousand Words

starring Eddie Murphy


AARON: I once took acid in college, and I thought my hair had a heartbeat.
Even American movie comedies help support the Drug War by treating entheogenic substances with scorn, a scorn which is philosophically related to the scorn that the Conquistadors had for the plant-based rituals of the MesoAmerican cultures. American materialists support the drug war by implying, falsely, that the doors of perception hide only madness and folly, thereby giving the drug warrior a free pass for criminalizing therapeutic godsends.

House of Versace


Mamma, we all love you, but we can't keep watching you self-destruct.
Spoken by Allegra Versace during a family "intervention" scene designed to get her mother, Donatello, 'clean.' Although it's clear that Gianni's sister has been liberally swigging alcohol and popping prescription pills at will, the movie leaves little doubt that Donatello's real problem is cocaine, to which she appears to have been introduced by one of her photographers. In true drug war form, her first use of the substance is accompanied by a loud and discordant soundtrack, lest the viewer have any doubt that the substance she's indulging in is pure evil.

Yes, yes, folks can and do have problems with coke as they can and do have problems with any other substance that they overuse or misuse. The problem here is that zero movies -- that's a zero followed by endless zeroes -- ever portray a westerner's sane use of the medicine from the coca leaf. Instead, we have the usual western narrative of the coke addict as Christian Science heretic, sent to rehab where she can learn to renounce all of mother nature's psychoactive plants (like a Good Christian), so that she can be eventually welcomed back home into the family fold like the prodigal son or daughter.

Been there, done that.

How about a movie that shows Sigmund Freud responsibly using cocaine in order to achieve self-fulfillment in life by becoming massively prolific in his chosen field?

This docudrama about the Versace family gets out the message that the drug warrior wants us to believe: that there's this thing out there called drugs (i.e. mother nature's plant medicines) that we cannot be trusted with and that will necessarily take over our lives and ruin them if we dare have anything to do with them. So consider yourself an infant, let the government decide FOR you which plants you can use, and let the medical specialists decide for you what you need -- although even those specialists will need to limit themselves to providing only the addictive drugs of Big Pharma when it comes to psychoactive medicines.

But not to worry. If you become reliant on Big Pharma, that's not addiction, because Big Pharma produces "meds," not "drugs."

Republic of Doyle

Don't Gamble with City Hall


Jake's brother Christian, to Malachy, who has a bad back: Oh, you need some painkillers? I know a guy if you're lookin'.
Malachy and Jake respond to this facetious offer with goggle-eyed contempt, which can be loosely translated into English as: "What? You would dare infringe upon the holy monopoly of our esteemed medical profession to dispense with pain killers only as they see fit?"

Republic of Doyle

Don't Gamble with City Hall


Jake to Mayor: Yeah, you indulge in one little vice, what? Next thing you know you got a hooker in your lap and three grams of coke on your plate. It's a classic tale.
Yeah, a classic drug war propaganda tale, designed to associate the coca plant with all things evil, ignoring the fact that it was Freud's go-to medicine, not for partying but for accomplishing a prodigious amount of work -- and that the coca plant has been used responsibly for millennia by non-western cultures.

Republic of Doyle


She flipped on you because you are a piece of dog turd. (spoken by an inmate, Logan, who's been asked to help out with a kidnapping investigation. He's speaking to a suspected drug dealer.)
This is how Richard Nixon's drug war has caused folks to talk about suspected drug dealers. Nixon succeeded beyond his wildest dreams in forcing the world to take a jaundiced view of mother nature's plant medicines, to the point where we consider suspected "drug dealers" as non-human. Then we are startled by police murders of blacks -- when the police have been taught to demonize and dehumanize suspects -- and for bigoted officers, they're happy to extend that dehumanization to cases in which "drugs" are not involved.

Bone up on slam-dunk arguments against the drug war, starting with the fact that it was a violation of natural law to outlaw plant medicine in the first place. Check out the site menu for fun ways to learn more about the manifold injustice of the status quo, including many knock-down arguments never made before. Why? Because even the majority of drug-war opponents have been bamboozled by one or more of the absurd assumptions upon which that war is premised. See through the haze. Read on. Listen on. And Learn how tryants and worrywarts have despoiled American freedom, thereby killing millions around the world, totally unnecessarily, ever since the fateful day in 1914 when ignorant America first criminalized a mere plant -- and insisted that the rest of the world follow suit or else -- an act of colonialist folly unrivaled since the day of the genocidal Conquistadors.

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