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Americans prefer shock therapy, suicide and school shootings to the use of drugs that can help bring the world together. End the drug war today, which has distorted American priorities by...
censoring academia, refusing to teach safe use, forcing hospice patients to go without proper pain relief, corrupting the drug supply, setting a trap for the poor by luring them into the dealing of wildly lucrative substances, turning local police forces into stormtroopers, preventing life-saving research on autism and Alzheimer's disease, outlawing drugs that have inspired entire religions, Nazifying the English language, turning inner cities into shooting galleries, destroying the rule of law in Latin America, throwing millions of minorities in jail, turning habituation into addiction by government fiat, handing otherwise close elections to racists and insurrectionists, creating a multibillion dollar bureaucracy whose goal is to prevent the expansion and improvement of the American mind, destroying the First and Fourth Amendments of the U.S. Constitution, turning citizens against citizens, and outlawing Mother Nature in violation of the Natural Law upon which Thomas Jefferson founded America.
Enough. 100+ years of prohibition has told us over and over again that prohibition does not work -- nor should it work, unless America really wants to be a Christian Science dictatorship! In fact, it can be clearly shown that prohibition CAUSES all of the problems that it purports to solve, AND THEN SOME.

Essays against America's disgraceful drug war

Thank you for visiting the Drug War Philosopher at For more information about America's disgraceful drug war, which is anti-patient, anti-minority, anti-scientific, anti-mother nature, imperialistic, the establishment of the Christian Science religion, a violation of the natural law upon which America was founded, and a childish and counterproductive way of looking at the world, one which causes all of the problems that it purports to solve, and then some, visit the drug war philosopher, at (philosopher's bio; go to top of this page)